Baptism Gifts for Teenager That Honor the Occasion

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Inside: Top baptism gifts for teenager that they will adore. Becoming baptized is such a powerful moment in a teen’s life. It is the moment when they are fully giving themselves to god; they enter the water with their problems and leave it with a protector. I think this beautiful moment needs to be rewarded […]

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17 Best Bible Options for A Teenager

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Inside: The best bible options for a teenager with tips and tricks for studying. When it comes to creating a strong relationship with God, the earlier you start the better. We teach our youth about the powers that be and the amazing benefits that come from our connection with him, but this must carry on […]

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47 Important Prayers for Teenagers

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Inside: The best prayers for teenagers to help ensure they are guided. Being a teenager is a very confusing time in our lives. As adults, we know what it was like and how hard it was. Now as our children get older, we have to watch from the outside just as our parents before us […]

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27+ Devotionals For Teen Girl Printables & Books

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Inside: Devotions for teen girls that they can print at home, download or buy today. One thing I have learned from my own experience, dedicating time to what you care about each day is the best way to maintain good mental health. There are many things you can do this with depending on your religion, […]

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Weekly Ideas For Teens You'll Use