27 Cool Posters for Teenage Rooms

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Inside: Posters for Teenage rooms to redecorate with decor you’ll love to look at. Honestly, one of the best parts about decorating your room is to be able to be surrounded by decor that reflects your personality. Your bedroom is your home base, your little safe haven, and a space to just be purely you. […]

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47+ Grey Teenage Girl Room Designs w/ Cozy Pink Touches

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Inside: Pink & grey teenage girl room design ideas. When it comes to decorating, choosing a theme is very important. Your theme can be very in your face, or very simple. You could decorate your place to be decked in video game decor, with silvers and black. Or you could go the Hello Kitty route, […]

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Creating A Teen Hangout Room – The Master Guide Of Ideas

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Inside: Teenage Hangout Room Ideas. Every cool group of teens have a designated space where they hang out, this is a fact. Think about it; That 70s Show had their basement, iCarly had their film room, Code Name:Kids Next Door had…well they had a whole secret base so they don’t really count. But my point […]

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51 iPhone Cute Wallpapers for Teenage Girl

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Inside: 51 iPhone Cute Wallpapers for Teenage Girl. Our phones have become an extension of ourselves, especially for the younger generation. They are a way for us to express ourselves, from the cases, accessories, and wallpapers. Because wallpapers are so subjective, we’ve provided several alternatives and methods to consider. It all comes down to personal […]

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37+ Cute Teen Wallpapers For Trendy Bedroom Aesthetic

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Inside: 37 Cute Teen Wallpapers for Trendy Rooms.  Wallpaper can be a worthwhile styling investment if you want to give your home and your teenager’s room a new lease on life in a way that a coat of paint cannot. We scoured the web for the coolest wallpaper for your teen’s room, so you don’t […]

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37+ Painting Ideas For Teens Because Art Therapy Works!

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Inside : Over 30 Great Painting Ideas For Teens  With today’s society becoming increasingly digitized, it’s not uncommon for teens to spend a majority of their time scrolling on their phone. Painting is a wonderful way to keep them from racking up their screen time while also tapping into their artistic side! Not to mention […]

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87+ Aesthetic Teen Bathroom Ideas

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Inside: 57 Teen Bathroom Ideas You’ll Love Keeping your space trendy, at least for a while, isn’t hard as long as you take into consideration several things. In our opinion, the key is to make something that successfully combines a sense of playfulness with a sense of maturity. One effective strategy is to combine practical […]

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