47+ Character Day for Spirit Week Dress Up Ideas

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Inside: Adorable character day for spirit week ideas to get you in the school spirit. Spirit week is one of the best weeks out of the entire school year, and you can’t prove me wrong. It’s full of themes, fun games, costumes, and loads more. It’s exactly what everyone needs in the middle of the […]

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47+ Cute Pajamas for Teenage Girls

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Inside: Check out these cute pajamas for teenage girls that will get you ready for sleep. Nothing says I’m ready for bed like a cute pair of pajamas. I’ve only recently discovered the power you feel when even the clothes you sleep in are in a matching set, and I highly recommend it. It really […]

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37 Dress Patterns for Teenage Girl & Free Sewing Designs

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Inside: Dress Pattern Ideas for Teens Making your own clothes is a dwindling art that keeps getting smaller and smaller because of our fast-paced society, and the cheapness of clothes at clothing stores. But there are so many amazing parts about making your own clothes that are lost when you just grab for the nearest […]

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Best Trendy Glasses for Teenage Girl 2022

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Inside: The best affordable & trendy glasses for teenage girl in 2022 They say that clothes are a form of expression. They are a way for you to display your uniqueness on your outside, and are often the first thing people will see about you. One of the best parts about fashion isn’t actually the […]

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21 Best Dress Up Games for Teenage Girls

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Inside: The best dress up game for teenage girls with ideas for teens that are as grown up as they are. For some reason, people seem to have it in their heads that Dress Up is only a kid’s game. Well, they are so wrong! Dress up can honestly be fun for all ages, but […]

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