53 Beaded Graduation Cap Ideas

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Inside: 53 Beaded Grad Cap Ideas. With senior skip day over & Graduation season just around the corner, your minds might be drifting towards that exciting milestone that is about to be reached. Some questions you may be asking yourself might be: What will graduation day be like, what will I wear, what is it […]

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53 Cute Tattoo Ideas for Teens

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Inside: 53 Cute Tattoo Ideas for Teens. Chances are, for most teens, this is your first tattoo. Tattoos are a unique method of self-expression. And if your teen is eager to get inked with words or pictures that might or might not have any deep significance, you may want to give them some time to […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Hydro Dipping

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Hydro dipping, also known as immersion printing and water transfer printing, is an industrial process that applies printed patterns to three-dimensional surfaces. It is typically used on consumer goods like cell phone cases, laptops, and other electronic accessories, but it can also be applied to many other home items including light switch plates, signs, furniture, […]

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Teenage Girl Photoshoot Ideas (+ Senior Session Tips)

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Inside: Cute Teenage Girl Photoshoot Ideas (+ Senior Session Tips) Say CHEEEEEESE! The majority of our teen¬†females enjoy being in the spotlight. In today’s age of Instagram and selfies, it’s no surprise that the trend has gained popularity. It seems like there is always a camera clicking around my teens, what with all the selfies, […]

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21 Teen Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas + Inspiration

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Inside: Teen Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas + Inspiration. The hilarious sweaters that guests wear at an ugly sweater party are a major highlight. Sadly, it can be difficult to find a traditional, classic ugly Christmas sweater due to the trend’s rising popularity. Not that you should let that stop you! You can easily make your […]

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Festive Teen Christmas Pajamas (Guys + Girls)

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Inside: Festive Teen Christmas Pajamas (Guys + Girls) While you may attend many parties during the holiday season, you may also find yourself with more free time than usual. And there’s nothing like sipping on a mug of hot chocolate while snuggling up with your loved ones in front of a Christmas movie as the […]

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Trendy Thanksgiving Outfits for Teens

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Inside: Trendy Thanksgiving Outfits for Teens. A lot happens during the week of Thanksgiving. You have a houseful of relatives and no less than a dozen holiday celebrations to attend, each of which calls for a suitably festive ensemble. However, it is common knowledge that wearing a pair of too-tight skinny jeans to your annual […]

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53+ Creative Ideas Family Photos with Teens

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Inside: 53 Ideas for Family Photos with Teens So, get serious for a minute… Organizing a family photo shoot isn’t always a picnic. When my children were younger, taking family photos always resulted in heated debates over what to wear, tears (on everyone’s part), a lot of pleading and bribery to get the desired number […]

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43+ Teen Group Halloween Costumes

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Inside: Our Favorite 43 Teen Group Halloween Costumes. Soon, it will be Halloween. Have you decided on a costume? If not, it might be a good idea to think about a group costume with your friends or family for Halloween. For Halloween, dressing up with¬†a group allows for far more imagination than going as an […]

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