53 Easy & Cute Braids for Teenagers

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Inside: 53 Easy & Cute Braid Ideas for Teens When it comes to expressing yourself, how you present yourself says a lot. An awesome way to achieve this is by doing your hair in styles that you not only love, but that make you feel confident and happy. Girls these days have SO many options […]

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53+ Creative Ideas Family Photos with Teens

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Inside: 53 Ideas for Family Photos with Teens So, get serious for a minute… Organizing a family photo shoot isn’t always a picnic. When my children were younger, taking family photos always resulted in heated debates over what to wear, tears (on everyone’s part), a lot of pleading and bribery to get the desired number […]

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57 Cute Hairstyles for Teens & Fun Accessories

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Inside: Our Favorite Cute Hairstyles for Teens + Fun Accessories. Young women today have it made. Unlike when we were young, today’s children and teens have a plethora of resources at their fingertips for achieving the cutest and most adorable and trendy hairdos. Teenage girls have their pick of countless hairdos, from loose waves and mess buns to […]

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Tinsel Hair Extensions – How To Get That 90’s Look Today!

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Inside: Get Colorful with Tinsel Hair Extensions. The ’90s trend of tinsel in one’s hair is making a comeback. Hair tinsel isn’t just for the performers or individuals with super cute hair; anyone can benefit from it. Your teen probably shares my sentiment that “more is more” when it involves fashion. Go wild and mix […]

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Feather Hair Extensions are Back 2022

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Inside: Feather Hair Extensions are Back 2022. Do you remember the craze of adding colorful feather hair extensions? Well, great news, it is making a comeback, and it’s going to be more popular than ever! When it comes to fashion, design trends will come and go just like any other aspect of the industry. Do […]

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