27+ Cool Art Supplies for Teens Next Big Project

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Inside: 27 Necessary Art Supplies for Your Teens Next Project. They have a lot of ideas out there¬†and if your teen is¬†overflowing with creativity, but they lack the resources to turn those ideas into reality. It’s a matter of finding the right projects! In order to help a young person hone their skills, you may […]

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27 Art Kits for Teens That They’ll Love

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Inside: Art Kits for Teens With Supplies That They’ll Love. Are you trying to encourage your teen’s artistic interests? I used to spend a lot of time as a teen thinking up and executing clever do-it-yourself projects. There are a lot of cool, modern art and craft kits available for teenagers to use their imaginations […]

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37 Great Fundraising Ideas for Teens (Profitable Ideas)

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Inside: 37 Great Fundraising Ideas for Teens (Profitable Ideas). Seeking creative suggestions for a youth fundraising event. We have just what you need! The costs of summer activities, like camps, events, and travel, as well as the additional funds needed for gas, can add up quickly if you aren’t saving. With any luck, the fundraising […]

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Riddles for Teens with Answers (Harder Than You Think)

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Inside: Fun Riddles for Teens with Answers (That Are Harder Than You Think). The arrogance with which teenagers approach knowledge is priceless, right? Try your hand at a little mental chess with these riddles; you’ll keep them guessing and may even throw them for a loop with a few of the answers. These teen riddles […]

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37 Cool Blog Ideas for Teens {Lifestyle + Teen Life}

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Inside: 37 Cool Blog Ideas for Teens {Lifestyle + Teen Life} If you have a teenager who is interested in blogging, it may be a good idea to help them find some fun, appropriate, unique blog topics for teenagers. There is often a lack of direction when it comes to expressing themselves through their writing, […]

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Top 10 Teen Travel Programs (Summer + Abroad)

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Inside: Top 10 Teen Travel Programs (Summer + Abroad). You’ve come to the right place if you’re in search of high-quality high school student abroad programs. You’re on the cusp of adulthood, which means that your responsibilities, even during school breaks, are piling up: summer school, work, and Netflix binges. Do not let the prospect […]

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Fun + Rewarding Teen Volunteer Programs

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Inside: Fun + Rewarding Teen Volunteer Programs To Help Those College Admissions. If you want to give your teen a leg up in life, encourage them to get involved in volunteer work. There are many benefits to encouraging your child to participate in community service, such as instilling in them the value of helping others […]

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57+ Healthy + Easy Lunch Box Ideas for Teens

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Inside: Healthy + Easy Lunch Box Ideas for Teens. Are you looking for some simple yet nutritious lunch ideas for your teen to take to school? We have just what you need. Your teenager will feel great all day because these suggestions are nutritious, quick to prepare, and delicious. Sending the same old lunchmeat sandwiches […]

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43 Fascinating Journal Prompts for Teens

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Inside: Journal Prompts for Teens – Gratitude, Short Story, + Creative Writing. Everyone can gain something from making journaling a regular practice. Writing in a journal is like confiding in a trusted friend who will keep your thoughts private while you work through difficult emotions and thoughts. Even though keeping a journal on a regular […]

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