1960s Teenage Fashion 19 Cute Outfit Ideas

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Inside: Cutest 1960s teenage fashion ideas to repurpose for today. Clothing has been around since the caveman era. Granted, back then, it was more for survival reasons than for style, but that is no longer the case. Many people use fashion as a way to express themselves. You get to show your individuality every single […]

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33 Trendy Japanese Teenage Room Ideas

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Inside: The coolest Japanese Teenage Room Ideas I love learning about all of the many popular decor styles from around the world. Each one brings something new and unique to the table, so I never really get tired of finding new ideas. I love to travel, and so I try and make my home reflect […]

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29 Helpful Printable Packing Lists for Teenage Girl

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Inside: Printable packing list for teenage girl to help simplify your vacation. Ah, family vacation. Doesn’t just the sound of it excite you? The new experiences, the break from your everyday life…who wouldn’t want that? But there are so many things to be done before you get to embark on your adventure. You have to […]

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31 Kookiest Crazy Socks Day Ideas

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Inside: Crazy socks day ideas that will drive you mad. I think that these spirit week themes just keep getting cooler and cooler. Though some are more simple, I think they all have such a special aura about them that just makes everyone happy and excited. There are a few themes that have especially stolen […]

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15 Top Things To Do in Dallas with Teens

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Inside: Best things to do in Dallas with teens So you are planning a trip to Dallas. I am so jealous! I love Dallas with my whole heart. I spent a lot of time there in my teens, so I wanted to share some of the best things to do in Dallas with Teens. It […]

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