71 Fun Things To Do In Phoenix with a Teenager

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Inside: Top fun things to do in phoenix with a teenager: ideas to make your next vaca more fun. I think that one of the best things you can do for your teenager is travel with them. Let them see the world, go exploring, and show them what is out there. This is not only […]

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How to Start a Business as a Teen: Ultimate Guide

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Inside: How to start a business as a Teen: Tips and Tricks to get you moving forward. As a teen, I don’t think you realize how much potential you truly have. You have so many years ahead of you, and time is opportunity. Good things take time, after all. Imagine what five years from now […]

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41 Best 14 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

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Inside: Top 14 year old birthday party ideas your teen will love. So… your teen is turning 14; how fun! My twins just turned this age and although my son was over parties and just wanted to go to 6 Flags with his buddy, my daughter was still very into the idea. This may not […]

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81 Trendy Valentines Gifts for Teens + Tweens (Sweet Trends)

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Inside: 47 Sweet Valentines Gifts for Teens + Tweens While the practice of handing out Valentine’s Day cards and treats in school has likely died out, that hasn’t stopped our “almost-grown” teenagers from wanting to celebrate the sweetest day of the year with their friends. Here are 47 of the most thoughtful and romantic presents […]

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33 Valentines Spirit Week Ideas

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Inside: Best Valentines Spirit Week ideas you need to put into play.  I know that you have heard of spirit week when it comes to high school, but have you heard of Valentine’s spirit week? Valentine’s Spirit Week was one of my all-time favorite weeks during high school. It wasn’t about the chocolates or the […]

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67 Achievable Short Term Goals for High School Students

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Inside: Best short term goals for high school students. Setting short-term goals can be a very fun and beneficial task to undertake, especially when you are in High School. Starting to set your own goals at a young age will help you stick through with things as you get older, plus it teaches you how […]

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113+ Motivational Bulletin Board Ideas for High School

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Inside: Best motivational bulletin board ideas for High School. Motivation can be a powerful thing, especially when you are young. Believe it or not, High Schoolers have a lot of things that they require motivation for. Things like keeping up their grades, maintaining good self-esteem, and applying to colleges. Teachers’ words can only do so […]

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Best Budgeting Project for High School Students

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Inside: Top budgeting project for high school students to help them learn how to handle money. Money, it’s one of the world’s dirtiest topics, but I don’t think it should be. Money makes the world go around, even if we don’t want to admit it. It gives you the ability to put a roof over […]

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43 Top Funny Prank Call Ideas To Try

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Inside: Top funny prank call ideas you have to try. CALLING ALL PRANKSTERS! I have the ultimate list of the top funny prank call ideas that you HAVE to try. So really, it’s more of a Pranksters-calling-all situation because as soon as you read these, you will be reaching for your phone. I know that […]

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