41 Great Icebreakers Activities for High School Students

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Inside: Best Icebreakers activities for High School Students. We have all been there… you know it well. That first day of a new club or group, we show up and awkwardly stand around waiting for the meeting to start, only to have it begin with the teacher announcing that for the first day, we are […]

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61 Best Things To Do In San Francisco For Teens

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Inside: Top things to do in San Francisco for Teens. So… you are planning a trip to San Francisco? That is so exciting! San Fran is one of my all-time favorite cities that I visited all the time growing up, and one that I regularly take my teen twins to often. We only live a […]

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Top Persuasive Speech Topics for High School Students

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Inside: Best persuasive speech topics for high school students to ace that final! One of my favorite classes in High School was English. I loved learning about all of the different ways to write essays, but admittedly when I first took the class, I thought I would be taught about novels and how to write […]

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