55 Elegant Sweet 16 Hair Styles

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Inside: Beautiful sweet 16 hair styles that your teen is going to love. So… you are turning 16, how exciting! My 16th birthday is still one of my favorite memories to this day. I got to get all dressed up, in a fancy gown with my makeup and hair done, and I danced the night […]

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21 Tips for How to Help Your Teen Not Be Left Out

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Inside: How to help your teen not be left out at home or at school or during summer plans. When I was a child, I was very sensitive. I carried this sensitivity with will all throughout my childhood and into my teen years. Admittedly, it definitely made my life a little bit harder. But my […]

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51 Board Games for Teens You Need On Hand

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Inside: Best board games for teens that you need in your home. In this modern world, connecting with our teenagers can be a challenge. You are battling for their attention from things like their phones, the tv, and video games. So how do you carve out some quality time without it feeling like a punishment? […]

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Trendy Pixie Cuts For Teens That Look Effortless

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Inside: Cutest pixie cuts for teens that are on trend. When it comes to hairstyles, there is nothing as boldly feminine as a pixie cut. Society may tell us that long hair is equal to beauty, but society is wrong. Any hairstyle that makes the girl feel powerful and pretty is the definition of beautiful. […]

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Weekly Ideas For Teens You'll Use