Best Chores for Teenagers + Tips for Creating Habits

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Inside: Chores for teenagers, favorite chore charts for teens & tips for creating habits Teens are all about freedom and independence, so being told what to do may not be their favorite thing. Expect some resistance and a bit of annoyance at first, especially if your teen didn’t grow up doing things around the house […]

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37 Winter Birthday Party Ideas Teens Will Love

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Inside: 37 Winter Birthday Party Ideas Teens Will Love. With the right winter birthday party themes, you can have just as much fun celebrating your teenager’s birthday in the dead of winter as you would in the height of summer. Some people would rather celebrate any age group’s birthday, including those of teenagers, in the […]

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Mission Trips for Teens + Young Adults

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Inside: How To Plan Mission Trips for Teens + Young Adults Service Travel Ideas. If you are the parent of a high school student, you may have received information about required community service or college application preferences. Many families are beginning to consider mission trips for their teenagers, despite the fact that local community service […]

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37 Great Fundraising Ideas for Teens (Profitable Ideas)

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Inside: 37 Great Fundraising Ideas for Teens (Profitable Ideas). Seeking creative suggestions for a youth fundraising event. We have just what you need! The costs of summer activities, like camps, events, and travel, as well as the additional funds needed for gas, can add up quickly if you aren’t saving. With any luck, the fundraising […]

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57+ Fun Things To Do in Maui with Teens

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Inside: Fun Things We Recently Did In Maui With Our Teens  It’s a lot of work to try to plan out each day in Maui, whether you live there or just plan to visit with your family. What are the best ways to find out which tour companies and service providers in Maui offer the […]

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Weekly Ideas For Teens You'll Use