Riddles for Teens with Answers (Harder Than You Think)

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Inside: Fun Riddles for Teens with Answers (That Are Harder Than You Think). The arrogance with which teenagers approach knowledge is priceless, right? Try your hand at a little mental chess with these riddles; you’ll keep them guessing and may even throw them for a loop with a few of the answers. These teen riddles […]

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57+ Festive Teen Christmas Party Ideas

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Inside: 57 Festive Teen Christmas Party Ideas. Holidays mean parties and parties mean games, food, and a whole lot of fun! Christmas is no exception. Here are some of the most fun and festive Christmas party games, decorations, and food ideas for teens. Allowing teens to get together with their best buddies and celebrate together […]

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The Best Young Teen Facial Products + Routine

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Inside: The Best Young Teen Facial Products + Routine. Learning how to take care of your skin for the first time can be as overwhelming as other firsts you may experience as a young adolescent, such as having a crush or getting your period. Suddenly, it’s as if your hormones have banded together to deliver oily […]

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Festive Teen Christmas Pajamas (Guys + Girls)

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Inside: Festive Teen Christmas Pajamas (Guys + Girls) While you may attend many parties during the holiday season, you may also find yourself with more free time than usual. And there’s nothing like sipping on a mug of hot chocolate while snuggling up with your loved ones in front of a Christmas movie as the […]

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Christmas Gifts for Boyfriend Teenagers Can Buy

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Inside: Christmas Gifts for Boyfriend Teenagers Can Buy. It may be SO challenging to choose the perfect present for the guy you’re dating when you’re in a committed relationship. It doesn’t matter how well you know your lover; as soon as the holidays roll around, it’s as if you have no idea what to do […]

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