57+ Festive Teen Christmas Party Ideas

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Inside: 57 Festive Teen Christmas Party Ideas. Holidays mean parties and parties mean games, food, and a whole lot of fun! Christmas is no exception. Here are some of the most fun and festive Christmas party games, decorations, and food ideas for teens. Allowing teens to get together with their best buddies and celebrate together […]

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The Best Young Teen Facial Products + Routine

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Inside: The Best Young Teen Facial Products + Routine. Like pretty much everything in your early teens—your first crush, your first period, your first bra purchase—navigating your first skin-care routine can be particularly confusing. It’s as if all of a sudden, your hormones have all teamed up and decided to hit you with a one-two punch of […]

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Festive Teen Christmas Pajamas (Guys + Girls)

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Inside: Festive Teen Christmas Pajamas (Guys + Girls) The holiday season might be filled with festive parties, but it also brings more downtime than you may be used to. And there’s nothing quite like watching falling snow from inside your home, hot chocolate in hand while watching your favorite holiday movie and cuddling with your […]

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179+ Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Teens

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Inside: So many Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Teens That They’ll Love & You’ll Be Done Shopping! Teens get a bad rap when it comes to present-buying, and they also have a reputation for wanting really expensive tech gear. While we’re sure a new phone or tablet would put a gleam in their eyes, we’ve found […]

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