63+ Halloween Crafts for Teens & Tweens

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Inside: The best halloween crafts for teens to give them something fun to do.  Halloween is a special holiday, but it is also a holiday with a null period. Between the ages of 14-21, this holiday because a grey area of uncertainty. Are you too old to dress up? Too old to trick or treat? […]

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Do Middle Schools Have Dances & How to Survive Them

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Inside: Do middle schools have dances and tips on how to survive them!  Do middle schools have dances? The short answer is yes, at least 1 to 2 a year.  I understand this can be confusing since people mainly speak about high school dances, so I am here to clarify some things! Middle school dances […]

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19 Helpful Tips For 7th Grade Girls

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Inside : Useful tips you can share with your 7th grade daughter Seventh grade is a year that can be both exhilarating and exhausting. I’m sure you remember your own experience back in the day—there are so many ups and downs that come with the transition into becoming a teenager, like getting one’s first locker, […]

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