29 Credit Tips for Teens To Build Credit Today

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Inside: Top credit tips for teens that will set them up for great credit. Now that I am an adult, there are many things I wished I started sooner. One of those being building my credit! The credit world can be a super tricky one, filled with confusing rules and long term lessons to learn […]

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11 Teenage Bedroom Cleaning Checklists to Print

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Inside: The best teenage bedroom cleaning checklists to get their space clean. We all have heard how important it is to keep a clean room, but we don’t really know WHY it’s so important. For the most part, the statement makes it seem like it’s strictly for appearance’s sake but in reality, it goes much […]

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Jaw Dropping 19th birthday photoshoot ideas

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Inside: Amazing 19th birthday photoshoot ideas that will make your jaw drop. We all know taking photos is one of the biggest things to do during a birthday. I mean…if you don’t what will you have to post? All jokes aside, having a photo shoot for a birthday is not only a super fun time […]

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How To Save My Teenage Memories – 7 Simple Ideas

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Inside: Best ways to save my teenage memories to keep them for years to come.  Ah, the teen years. Such a beautiful time for growth and transformation. You are learning how to be more independent, and that comes with so much more fun. And with that fun, come memories that you will want to hold […]

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63 Funny Teenage Quotes That Are As Crazy As

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Inside: Funny teenage quotes that will make you giggle. Having a teenager can be quite a funny experience. Being a teenager can also be quite a funny experience. This is a portion of time that is filled with many ups and downs, and LOTS of confusing new feelings. With so many hormones, I’m surprised teenagers can […]

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Best Bible Study Tips for Teenage Girls

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Bible study is very important for teenagers. It deepens their knowledge and their connection with God, as well as imparts wisdom that will be very useful as they go through life. As big of a task as it may sound, It doesn’t have to be a chore. In fact, it can be super fun! How […]

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17 Christian Podcasts for Teens

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Inside: 17 Christian podcasts for teens who could use helpful tips and stories from other like-minded teenagers, including the best Christian podcasts for teen girls  Your relationship with Christianity is one that evolves as you grow and that requires consistent work. The transition from childhood into adolescence is a period of immense change and learning […]

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13 Inspiring Documentaries for Teens

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Inside: 13 documentaries for teens that are educational and fun to watch.  Nowadays, teens are watching more television than ever. With the widespread implementation of various streaming services, movies and shows of all genres are more accessible than ever. While there is concern about children watching too much television or spending too much time looking […]

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53 Cute Tattoo Ideas for Teens

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Inside: 53 Cute Tattoo Ideas for Teens. Chances are, for most teens, this is your first tattoo. Tattoos are a unique method of self-expression. And if your teen is eager to get inked with words or pictures that might or might not have any deep significance, you may want to give them some time to […]

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23 Good Pets for Teenager to Consider

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Inside: 23 Good Pets for Teenager to Consider. Whether it was a family pet or one that I “owned,” I was never without a pet growing up. Having a small pet and caring for it throughout your childhood adds a special dimension to your development. There are a few things to think about before giving […]

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Educational Rights of 18 Year Old Students

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Inside: A look into the educational rights of the 18 year old student.  Your child just turned 18! That sure is scary for a lot of reasons. Your child is now technically an adult and has a brand new world before them. Something to consider when your 18 year old starts this new chapter of […]

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Teenage Girl Photoshoot Ideas (+ Senior Session Tips)

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Inside: Cute Teenage Girl Photoshoot Ideas (+ Senior Session Tips) Say CHEEEEEESE! The majority of our teen females enjoy being in the spotlight. In today’s age of Instagram and selfies, it’s no surprise that the trend has gained popularity. It seems like there is always a camera clicking around my teens, what with all the selfies, […]

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The Best Young Teen Facial Products + Routine

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Inside: The Best Young Teen Facial Products + Routine. Learning how to take care of your skin for the first time can be as overwhelming as other firsts you may experience as a young adolescent, such as having a crush or getting your period. Suddenly, it’s as if your hormones have banded together to deliver oily […]

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37 Cool Blog Ideas for Teens {Lifestyle + Teen Life}

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Inside: 37 Cool Blog Ideas for Teens {Lifestyle + Teen Life} If you have a teenager who is interested in blogging, it may be a good idea to help them find some fun, appropriate, unique blog topics for teenagers. There is often a lack of direction when it comes to expressing themselves through their writing, […]

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53+ Creative Ideas Family Photos with Teens

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Inside: 53 Ideas for Family Photos with Teens So, get serious for a minute… Organizing a family photo shoot isn’t always a picnic. When my children were younger, taking family photos always resulted in heated debates over what to wear, tears (on everyone’s part), a lot of pleading and bribery to get the desired number […]

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87+ Aesthetic Teen Bathroom Ideas

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Inside: 57 Teen Bathroom Ideas You’ll Love Keeping your space trendy, at least for a while, isn’t hard as long as you take into consideration several things. In our opinion, the key is to make something that successfully combines a sense of playfulness with a sense of maturity. One effective strategy is to combine practical […]

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Fun + Rewarding Teen Volunteer Programs

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Inside: Fun + Rewarding Teen Volunteer Programs To Help Those College Admissions. If you want to give your teen a leg up in life, encourage them to get involved in volunteer work. There are many benefits to encouraging your child to participate in community service, such as instilling in them the value of helping others […]

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27+ Fun First Date Ideas for Teens

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Inside: Find Fun First Date Ideas for Teens Who Might Be Nervous. When you first start dating someone, it can be awkward and difficult to come up with fun things to do. Honestly, this doesn’t change just because you get older, either! As a teen, it’s a little more difficult because they don’t tend to […]

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45 Cute Date Ideas for Teens You Can Afford

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Inside: 45 Inexpensive + Cute Date Ideas for Teens. We know how challenging it can be to navigate the dating scene as a teenager. Whether you can drive or not, we have some awesome date ideas that are appropriate for teens. Depending on one’s circumstances, it can be challenging to find meaningful activities to engage […]

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Summer Bucket List Ideas for Teens {FREE Printable PDF}

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Inside: Summer Bucket List Ideas for Teens 50+ Ideas, Instructions & FREE Printable PDF list. While just about everyone looks forward to summer, it can often become rather boring for teenagers. They often sit around watching TikToks or YouTube and don’t accomplish much else. Well, we want you and your teens to have the best […]

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