Tips for the Locker Room Teens Will Benefit From

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Inside: Top tips for surviving the locker room teens will surely benefit from. Okay, I think we can be real here…this is a safe space. The first few weeks of using the locker room in High School is HORRIBLE. You feel uncomfortable, don’t fully know what kind of boundaries there are, and overall…you just want […]

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How Long Is a High School Soccer Game + Tips

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Inside: How long is a high school soccer game +Tips for Cheering at one Okay, so you are going to attend a High School Soccer match…how exciting! Soccer is so entertaining for people of all ages, but it’s even more fun when you are watching someone you know play. Showing up to your friend’s matches […]

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Sports Day Spirit Week Ideas to Boost Team Spirit

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Inside: Best Ideas for sports day spirit week to cheer on the home team. Everyone has heard of spirit week. It’s the most fun five days out of the entire school year; I used to look forward to them more than summer vacation. Okay, maybe that was a bit of an exaggeration, but you know […]

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8 Benefits of Dance Classes for Teens

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Inside: Why dance classes for teens are important & the benefits you’ll get for hoing. When I was in High School, I was a pretty anxious person. And I was not alone on this, a larger percentage of High Schoolers deal with anxiety than you might think. It’s a period in your life that is filled […]

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51 Coolest Student Section Themes For Big Game Fun

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Inside: Coolest student section themes ideas that will rock the game. I remember the first time I got to participate in my own student section. I was so excited that I got dressed for it that day! At that time, we all went wearing neon and holding glow sticks. The sense of friendship and camaraderie […]

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37 Fun Team Building Activities for Teenage Athletes

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Inside: The best team-building activities for teenage athletes.  Being a part of a team is such a wonderful experience. I remember when I was a teen, my team was like my family. It’s so funny to think that those girls were ever strangers to me. I know how hard it can be to bond with […]

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How Long is a High School Lacrosse Game

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Inside: How Long Is A High School Lacrosse Game? So, are you or someone you know signing up for your high school’s lacrosse team? How exciting! There must be a million things you want to learn before the season officially begins. Sports are so important for teens because they teach so many valuable lessons. Things […]

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37+ Outdoor Gifts Ideas for Teens

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Inside: Outdoor gift ideas your teens will adore.  The weather is getting warmer and the days are getting longer, you know what this means… Summer is coming! I’m hoping you read that with the game of thrones theme song playing in the background. No, but seriously, this is one of my absolute favorite times of […]

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