47 Epic 16th Birthday Party Ideas for A Good Time

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Inside: Amazing 16th birthday party ideas that will make your teen have the time of their life. I am such a sucker for planning sweet 16 parties. When I was young, my parents threw me such an amazing sweet 16 that I have had a sweet spot for them ever since. My younger sister has […]

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Top Birthday Party Ideas for Teens

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Inside: Best birthday party ideas for teens: Ideas for every milestone. Having a teenager in the house comes with its own sets of challenges, but overall it is just so much fun. Being a teen is a very transitional time for my children, and by celebrating it for each birthday, you are turning something that […]

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Best Party Themes for Teens: Trendy & Cool

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Inside: Best party themes for teens that are both trendy and cool for your summer bashes. Parties are the root of all existence. Okay, sorry, it’s too early to get that existential with you. But I will say that parties are very important to me. I think that they give you the opportunity to let […]

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43 BEST Water Games for Teenager Fun

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Inside: Top water games for teenager fun in the sun Warmer days are upon us, and I for one could not be more excited. I have said it before, but I have an appreciation for every single season, and yet, whenever summer comes around, it becomes apparent to me that it’s my absolute favorite. The […]

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53 Funnest 18th Birthday Ideas for Guys

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Inside: 18th birthday ideas for guys that are a blast. My little brother turned 18 last month, and needless to say, I went pretty overboard for it. Turning 18 is one of the biggest birthdays that you will ever have! Next to 21, of course, but we will get into planning those parties when the […]

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55 Elegant Sweet 16 Hair Styles

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Inside: Beautiful sweet 16 hair styles that your teen is going to love. So… you are turning 16, how exciting! My 16th birthday is still one of my favorite memories to this day. I got to get all dressed up, in a fancy gown with my makeup and hair done, and I danced the night […]

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Best Ways To Wish Your Teen A Happy 17th Birthday!

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Inside: Happy 17th Birthday! The ultimate guide to wishing your teen a happy birthday. I pride myself on how special I always make people feel on their birthdays. It’s one day a year that you can truly show a person just how happy you are that they are alive and on this planet. I think […]

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21 BEST Murder Mystery Party for Teens

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Inside: Top murder mystery party for teens: Kits and Boxes that will make their night memorable, the simple way. I think everyone goes through a murder mystery phase at some point in their life. Mine happened when I was a teenager, and it was WONDERFUL. I would get all of my friends together, and I […]

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21 Fun Daughter First Period Celebration Ideas

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Inside: The sweetest Daughter first period celebration ideas to welcome in womanhood. When I first got my period, I was actually excited rather than filled with dread. I owe this completely to my mom, who always kept me well-informed. I knew what I was expecting, and I also knew what I could look forward to […]

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41 Graduation Table Ideas To Make You Proud

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Inside: Sweetest graduation table ideas that will make your heart swell with pride. Seeing someone you love graduate high school can be such a heartwarming experience. Whether it be your child, your sibling, or even your best friend, this monumental occasion is bound to stir up some tears! When I graduated high school, I remember […]

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