Trendy Pixie Cuts For Teens That Look Effortless

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Inside: Cutest pixie cuts for teens that are on trend. When it comes to hairstyles, there is nothing as boldly feminine as a pixie cut. Society may tell us that long hair is equal to beauty, but society is wrong. Any hairstyle that makes the girl feel powerful and pretty is the definition of beautiful. […]

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35 Trendy Beach Bags for Teens

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Inside: Cutest beach bags for teens that are perfect for sandy days. Last weekend my family and I made our annual trip to the beach. When we got there, my little sister got out with her super expensive(and stainable) white bag that I had gotten her for Christmas. My first thought was, “Oh heck no.” […]

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35 Wackiest Ideas for Mismatch Day

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Inside: Wackiest ideas for mismatch day that will make you laugh until your sides ache. I think I may love High School spirit week more than anyone on this whole planet. Kind of an intense statement, I know, but it used to bring me such joy! I am only a few years out of High […]

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35 Wild Western Day Spirit Week Ideas

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Inside: Fun wild western day spirit week ideas you will love to wear. If you’re not new here, you know that I am a spirit week fanatic. I just love it! It was my favorite part of high school, and it brings up nothing but fond memories for me. Because of this, I like to […]

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What to Wear on a College Tour: 45 Outfit Ideas

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Inside: What to Wear on a College Tour: Best Outfit Ideas For Teens. Going to college is such an exciting thing, but the excitement doesn’t just start the day you walk onto campus. It begins long before that, when you turn in your college applications and when you go on your College tour. There are […]

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