31 Mom Teaching Teens Life Skills to Learn

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Inside: Life skills that mom teaching teens without even realizing it. Moms truly make the world go round. I am not just saying that. I was going through some reflection today about my mom and all of the things she has taught me throughout my life. The lessons may not have been as obvious as […]

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Average Age to Move Out of Parents House 2023

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Inside: What is the average age to move out of parents’ house in 2023? Having children is a learning experience that never ends. As soon as you think you got the hang of it, they get older, and a whole new can of worms opens up that you need to learn to navigate. It can […]

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27 Teen Dating Advice for Parents: Dos & Don’ts

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Inside: Must-Have teen dating advice for parents to share a little wisdom without being overbearing.  Raising a child comes with so many learning curves. It feels like just as you are starting to understand them, they go and change on you, and you have to start at square one. I think one of the most […]

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36 Powerful Self Esteem Activities for Teen Girls

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Inside: Powerful self esteem activities for teen girls that will help rebuild confidence. Self Esteem is one of the most important things we have. That might sound crazy, but it truly helps us as we go through our day-to-day lives. It helps us to try new things, feel good about ourselves, and it helps us […]

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Weekly Ideas For Teens You'll Use