51 Simple + Cool Graduation Cakes for 2022

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Inside: 51 Simple and Cool Graduation Cakes for 2022 Graduation commencement can be the highlight of any student and their parents, and when the graduation season hits, there are so many things to take into consideration. The graduation party, not to mention the fabulous outfit, and you CANNOT forget everyone’s favorite part of any party, […]

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63+ Rad Teen Cake Ideas( + Decorating Tips)

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Inside: Totally Rad Teen Cake Ideas ( + Decorating Tips) No matter if you’re planning on making a cake for your teen’s birthday on your own or ordering one online, we have the best teen cake ideas for your big day. I personally have always loved making cakes for any birthday celebration in our family. […]

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53 Snack Ideas for Teens {Healthy + Delicious}

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Inside: 53 Snack Ideas for Teens {Healthy + Delicious}. If you’re a parent of a teen then you are probably pretty familiar with an “always empty” refrigerator and a sky-high monthly grocery bill.  Which is all proof that your teen is shoveling food in their mouth faster than you can buy it. I mean, let’s […]

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43 Breakfast Ideas for Teens On the Go

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Inside: Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Teens {Perfect for On the Go Families}. They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and I would have to agree especially when it comes to teenagers. Teens are busy, between sports, school work, growing up, and just life in general. With these busy schedules, it’s important […]

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