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49 Teen Camp Activities for Fun in the Sun

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Inside: The coolest teen camp activities to create memories. Going camping with the family is already one big way to make memories. But if you get to the campsite, set up the tent, and then look around going, “okay, now what?” Then this is the article for you. I have been there before. Too many […]

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8 Benefits of Dance Classes for Teens

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Inside: Why dance classes for teens are important & the benefits you’ll get for hoing. When I was in High School, I was a pretty anxious person. And I was not alone on this, a larger percentage of High Schoolers deal with anxiety than you might think. It’s a period in your life that is filled […]

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Life Changing Netflix Documentaries to Watch with Teens

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Inside: Netflix documentaries to watch with teens that will leave you thinking. I don’t know about you, but very little in this life leaves me feeling as inspired as a documentary does. I wish I had watched more of them as I was growing up because they are so informational and entertaining at the same […]

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27 BREATHTAKING Prom Corsages Your Date Will Love

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Inside: Best prom corsages that will elevate your formal look. I don’t know about you, but I thought about prom A LOT when I was younger. While other little kids were imagining their wedding day, I imagined prom. That isn’t an exaggeration, either. 😉 Did I have my priorities twisted? Perhaps a little bit, but […]

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