51 Board Games for Teens You Need On Hand

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Inside: Best board games for teens that you need in your home. In this modern world, connecting with our teenagers can be a challenge. You are battling for their attention from things like their phones, the tv, and video games. So how do you carve out some quality time without it feeling like a punishment? […]

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21 BEST Murder Mystery Party for Teens

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Inside: Top murder mystery party for teens: Kits and Boxes that will make their night memorable, the simple way. I think everyone goes through a murder mystery phase at some point in their life. Mine happened when I was a teenager, and it was WONDERFUL. I would get all of my friends together, and I […]

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26 Most Popular Apps for Teens & Their Uses

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Inside: Top popular apps for teens and why they use them. Let’s face it, these days, we cannot really separate our teens from their phones. This doesn’t have to be a terrible thing; phones can be very useful and insightful! But it is very important for parents to know what their teens are doing on […]

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43 Top Funny Prank Call Ideas To Try

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Inside: Top funny prank call ideas you have to try. CALLING ALL PRANKSTERS! I have the ultimate list of the top funny prank call ideas that you HAVE to try. So really, it’s more of a Pranksters-calling-all situation because as soon as you read these, you will be reaching for your phone. I know that […]

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21 Must Have Christmas Scavenger Hunt for Teenager

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Inside: Adorable Christmas Scavenger Hunt for Teenager Ideas. I am very happy to report that Christmas is around the corner. I know, I know, time flies…how did we get here so quickly? Well, what is important now is that you prepare to have the very best holiday that you can ever have! How do you […]

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Weekly Ideas For Teens You'll Use