57+ Funny Elf on the Shelf Ideas for Teens

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New funny Elf on the Shelf ideas for teens, hilarious jokes and trendy poses that are sure to elicit laughs from your favorite high schoolers. The elf on the shelf is one of my favorite traditions we’ve ever celebrated as a family, and that won’t change no matter how old we get! Years ago, when […]

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Teen Game Night Ideas for Families To Play

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Inside: Top game ideas for families with teens that you need to add to your holiday family time list. Navigating the world of teenagers can often feel like walking through a maze with a blindfold, right!? Especially when it comes to planning a family game night that doesn’t include eye-rolls and ‘too cool for this’ […]

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43 BEST Water Games for Teenager Fun

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Inside: Top water games for teenager fun in the sun Warmer days are upon us, and I for one could not be more excited. I have said it before, but I have an appreciation for every single season, and yet, whenever summer comes around, it becomes apparent to me that it’s my absolute favorite. The […]

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51 Board Games for Teens You Need On Hand

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Inside: Best board games for teens that you need in your home. In this modern world, connecting with our teenagers can be a challenge. You are battling for their attention from things like their phones, the tv, and video games. So how do you carve out some quality time without it feeling like a punishment? […]

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21 BEST Murder Mystery Party for Teens

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Inside: Top murder mystery party for teens: Kits and Boxes that will make their night memorable, the simple way. I think everyone goes through a murder mystery phase at some point in their life. Mine happened when I was a teenager, and it was WONDERFUL. I would get all of my friends together, and I […]

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26 Most Popular Apps for Teens & Their Uses

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Inside: Top popular apps for teens and why they use them. Let’s face it, these days, we cannot really separate our teens from their phones. This doesn’t have to be a terrible thing; phones can be very useful and insightful! But it is very important for parents to know what their teens are doing on […]

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43 Top Funny Prank Call Ideas To Try

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Inside: Top funny prank call ideas you have to try. CALLING ALL PRANKSTERS! I have the ultimate list of the top funny prank call ideas that you HAVE to try. So really, it’s more of a Pranksters-calling-all situation because as soon as you read these, you will be reaching for your phone. I know that […]

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21 Must Have Christmas Scavenger Hunt for Teenager

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Inside: Adorable Christmas Scavenger Hunt for Teenager Ideas. I am very happy to report that Christmas is around the corner. I know, I know, time flies…how did we get here so quickly? Well, what is important now is that you prepare to have the very best holiday that you can ever have! How do you […]

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Top Trivia Questions for High School Students

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Inside: The best trivia questions for High School Students that will stump them every time. High School is a place where you go to learn the fundamentals that you get to build upon as you get older. It is also the place where you go to learn a bunch of useless(but cool) facts. If you […]

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How To Win The Number Questions Game – 10 Tips

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Inside: Ultimate guide to the number questions game. If you are looking for a fun icebreaker that will help you get to know the people you hang around with a little better, then look no further than the number questions game! This is a super simple game that you can play with just a pen, […]

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53 Spooky Halloween Games for Teenagers

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Inside: Spooky Halloween games for teenagers that will give them fond memories to look back on. Getting older can be so hard at times. I remember that first Halloween when I questioned whether or not I was too old to go trick or treating or if I should even dress up. It was stressful. I […]

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83 Trivia Questions for Teens (WITH ANSWERS)

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Inside: The master list of trivia questions for teens with answers included Trivia games are a great way to incorporate learning and teamwork into something fun and fresh. You can play these at school, at birthday parties, or even on long road trips. The hardest part about playing trivia games is finding the questions. Lucky […]

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Hilariously Good Would You Rather Questions for Teens

Would you ratherRead more

Inside: Hilarious would you rather questions that are perfect for teens When it comes to party games, there is one that sits out above the rest. It’s simple, illuminating, and oh so fun. You know what I am talking about… queue Would You Rather! Anyone can play this game at any age(as long as they […]

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63 Teenage Gamer Bedroom Ideas EASY to recreate

Teenage Gamer RoomRead more

Inside: Teenage gamer bedroom ideas for the dedicated gamers If you have a teenager in your house that likes to game, then naturally they are going to need their bedroom to be an epic gaming space that reflects their hobby. Sometimes it can be hard to get started, coming up with ideas and planning things […]

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53 Trampoline Sleepover Ideas for Teens & Tweens

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Inside: Best ideas for the aesthetically pleasing trampoline sleepover teens will love. So, you have two things: a trampoline and a teen who wants to through a slumber party. It’s a good thing those two things go hand in hand. Trampolines make for the perfect non-conventional twist to a pretty basic concept (a sleepover), with […]

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47+ Fun 13 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

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Inside: 40+ Fun Ideas for an unforgettable 13 Year Old Birthday Party. Happy birthday to your tween-now-teen! Help them have a birthday bash they’ll never forget with these unique 13 year old birthday party ideas. Whether you’re partying inside in the winter or outdoors in the summer, these activities, themes, and favors will help you […]

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39 Creative Journal Ideas For Teens

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Inside : 39 Creative Journal Ideas For Teens to get them to start writing today  We all know that being a teenager isn’t easy. We always talk about how this is the “best time of their lives,” but, really, they’re going through a lot. Between school, social, and emotional changes, teenagers often struggle with their […]

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43 Funny Jokes For Teens

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Teens can be a tough audience. They want to hear jokes that are funny, but they usually don’t have the patience for anything too long. These jokes for teens are short and sweet – perfect for anyone still learning how to tell a good joke. In this article, we have provided some of the best […]

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Fun Christmas Games for Teens + Tweens

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Inside: Fun Christmas Games for Teens + Tweens These holiday-themed game suggestions are sure to liven up your celebration of the season. For us, playing games is a great way to bond with our teenagers and have a good time together. Here are some fun Christmas games for you and your teen to enjoy together. […]

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Riddles for Teens with Answers (Harder Than You Think)

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Inside: Fun Riddles for Teens with Answers (That Are Harder Than You Think). The arrogance with which teenagers approach knowledge is priceless, right? Try your hand at a little mental chess with these riddles; you’ll keep them guessing and may even throw them for a loop with a few of the answers. These teen riddles […]

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Kickass Things To Do with Friends (Teens + Tweens)

Things to do with Friends TeensRead more

Inside: Boredom Busting Things To Do with Friends (Teens + Tweens) We’ve all heard it…”I’m booooored!” Oh yeah, it’s my least favorite line ever spoken by my kids. That and I had an accident, of course. Most teens are usually doing school work, sports, extracurricular, or scrolling on their phones. I feel like most of […]

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157+ Charades Ideas for Teens That Are Appropriately Funny

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Inside: 150+ Charades Ideas for Teens (Creative) The game of charades is incredibly popular around the world. The adults, the older children, and the younger children can all relax and enjoy themselves. Even though it’s designed with teenagers in mind, the whole family can enjoy this game. We’ve included more than 150 teen-specific sayings, actions, […]

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57 Teen Party Game Ideas That Are Actually Fun

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Inside: Fun Teen Party Game Ideas Everyone Will Love.  You’re about to celebrate a monumental teen birthday. It’s obligatory to throw a rowdy party for someone’s birthday, no matter what age they are. Things like food, entertainment, location, and (maybe) a theme are all important considerations when organizing a teen-friendly party. But one of my […]

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