31 Thank You Cards for Teens + Easy DIY

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Inside: Adorable thank you cards for teens and a simple DIY. I don’t know about you, but I think that one of the best ways to say thank you is with a card. Sending thank you Cards for Teens is a dying art, one that I am going to personally try to keep alive. If […]

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41 Graduation Table Ideas To Make You Proud

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Inside: Sweetest graduation table ideas that will make your heart swell with pride. Seeing someone you love graduate high school can be such a heartwarming experience. Whether it be your child, your sibling, or even your best friend, this monumental occasion is bound to stir up some tears! When I graduated high school, I remember […]

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91 Epic Backyard Graduation Party Ideas

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Inside: Amazing backyard graduation party ideas that will show your little graduate how proud you are. Graduating High School was an achievement that I was so very proud of. I think a lot of the time; our society sells the idea that High School is the least a teen can do. So when they do […]

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What to Wear on a College Tour: 45 Outfit Ideas

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Inside: What to Wear on a College Tour: Best Outfit Ideas For Teens. Going to college is such an exciting thing, but the excitement doesn’t just start the day you walk onto campus. It begins long before that, when you turn in your college applications and when you go on your College tour. There are […]

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61+ Best High School Graduation Photoshoot Ideas

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Inside: Coolest high school graduation photoshoot ideas. Graduating is such a huge accomplishment, so first things first, I think some congratulations are in order: CONGRATS GRAD! YOU DID IT! Okay, okay, now that I got that out of the way, there is so much to discuss. When it comes to graduation, there are so many […]

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Average Age to Move Out of Parents House 2023

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Inside: What is the average age to move out of parents’ house in 2023? Having children is a learning experience that never ends. As soon as you think you got the hang of it, they get older, and a whole new can of worms opens up that you need to learn to navigate. It can […]

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Top Inspirational Quotes for High School Seniors

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Inside: The best Inspirational Quotes for High School Seniors. High School is a 4-year long experience that helps shape you into a person ready for adulthood. Even though four years may feel like a long time, it really isn’t. No matter how ready you feel you are for adulthood, it is still terrifying. So today, […]

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43+ Gorgeous Graduation Nail Designs

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Inside: The best graduation nail designs that will give you a gorgeous hand forward. Graduation day is around the corner, and there are so many things to do before the fated day gets here. Don’t worry, they’re fun things. After 4 years you deserve fun things. It’s time to pamper yourself a bit before you […]

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53 Beaded Graduation Cap Ideas

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Inside: 53 Beaded Grad Cap Ideas. With senior skip day over & Graduation season just around the corner, your minds might be drifting towards that exciting milestone that is about to be reached. Some questions you may be asking yourself might be: What will graduation day be like, what will I wear, what is it […]

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51 Simple + Cool Graduation Cakes for 2022

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Inside: 51 Simple and Cool Graduation Cakes for 2022 The graduation ceremony is often the most memorable event for both the graduate and his or her family, besides all the fun events like figuring out your prom proposal & senior ditch day plans that is. 😉 There is a lot to plan for in the […]

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