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21 Fun Daughter First Period Celebration Ideas

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Inside: The sweetest Daughter first period celebration ideas to welcome in womanhood. When I first got my period, I was actually excited rather than filled with dread. I owe this completely to my mom, who always kept me well-informed. I knew what I was expecting, and I also knew what I could look forward to […]

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65 Sweet Easter Basket Ideas for Teen Girls

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Inside: Adorable easter basket ideas for teens girls that will make their day. I think one of the saddest moments of my life was the first easter my mom did not make a basket for me. Don’t get me wrong, I understood. I was 17! But it still made me sad because I realized that […]

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1960s Teenage Fashion 19 Cute Outfit Ideas

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Inside: Cutest 1960s teenage fashion ideas to repurpose for today. Clothing has been around since the caveman era. Granted, back then, it was more for survival reasons than for style, but that is no longer the case. Many people use fashion as a way to express themselves. You get to show your individuality every single […]

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71+ Crafts for Teen Girls for Creativity

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Inside: Adorable crafts for teen girls that are too cute not to make. Crafting is one of my favorite past times. I was lucky enough to find it as a young adult, but I have always wished I had come across it sooner. It has helped my mental health and given me a goal to […]

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33 Best 15th Birthday Ideas For Teen Girls

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Inside: Best 15th birthday idea for teen girls including games food & all the party fun. Turning 15 is a big deal. I understand it feels like such a weird middle birthday, like your 19th…but it isn’t. 15 is when you are finally turning into a real teenager! I mean, sure, the word teen has […]

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61 Cute Winter Outfits for Teenage Girl

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Inside: Cute winter outfits for teenage girl that are comfy and cozy. Winter is coming, and no, I am not quoting game of thrones when I say this…it is a fact. Okay, I may also be quoting Game of Thrones, but it doesn’t matter. What does matter, is finding some cute outfits to wear during […]

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83+ Cute Halloween Costumes for Teenage Girl

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Inside: Cute Halloween costumes for teenage girl that will get you in the Halloween spirit Halloween is right around the corner. The weather is starting to cool down, and the leaves are preparing for their annual color change before they fall. So what does this mean? Well, this means nothing to all of you non-holiday […]

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Take the Best Teenage Girl Profile Picture for Instagram

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Inside: Learn how to take the best teenage girl profile picture. When you are growing up in the 21st century, photo taking is a very important skill. So many things require it these days; Instagram, Facebook, etc. Not only is it helpful to know how to take a good photo, but it’s a necessity. That […]

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137 hobbies for teenage girls for summer fun

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Inside: Ultimate list of creative fun hobbies for teenage girls. Summer break is one of the best times of the year; the weather is warmer, you get to sleep in, and there is no school! It does come with a little bit of an adjustment though. After spending so much time at school, you make […]

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