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Fluorescent Frenzy: 37 Top Neon Day Spirit Ideas

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Inside: Amazingly bright ideas for neon day that are too perfect to ignore. Now that the school year has officially kicked off, I am already counting down the days until Spirit Week. If you are reading this during yours, know that you are VERY lucky! Spirit Week has to be my favorite week of the […]

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50+ Outfit Ideas for 50’s Dress Up Day

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Inside: The most fun outfit ideas for 50’s Dress Up Day that will make you look like you are from the 50s So, your High School is having a 50s Dress Up Day? That is so exciting! I love it when High schools go through decades days because it gives students the opportunity to go […]

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Stellar Throwback Day Outfits You Need To See

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Inside: Best throwback day outfits ideas that will make you fall in love with that era everyday. Our clothes are an extension of ourselves; they are how we present our personalities to the world. Even if we don’t realize it, this is the case. I think one of my all-time favorite things about clothing is […]

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Best Crazy Hat Day Ideas 2023

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Inside: Top crazy hat day ideas of this year. These spirit week themes just keep getting crazier and crazier; first, they have a crazy hair day, and now a crazy HAT day? When does this craziness end? I am not sure it does. But at least we are having fun! Though crazy hat day has […]

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Sports Day Spirit Week Ideas to Boost Team Spirit

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Inside: Best Ideas for sports day spirit week to cheer on the home team. Everyone has heard of spirit week. It’s the most fun five days out of the entire school year; I used to look forward to them more than summer vacation. Okay, maybe that was a bit of an exaggeration, but you know […]

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Iconic Celebrity Day Spirit Week Ideas

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Inside: Most iconic celebrity day spirit week ideas. I live for spirit week. And when I say I live for it, I mean vicariously through you because I am no longer in high school. But when I was there, I LOVED it. There are so many fun-themed days you get to participate in, and I […]

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61 Wacky Clothes Day Ideas That Are Hilarious

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Inside: Top Wacky Clothes Day ideas that will make you smile. High School can be a very overwhelming experience, with its extreme ups and downs. You really never know what you are going to get; between making friends and balancing work and school, your schedule is suddenly filled with serious things. That is why I […]

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Best Adam Sandler Spirit Day Ideas

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Inside: Top Adam Sandler spirit day ideas that will make you laugh. Okay…these spirit days just keep getting better and better. You read the title right; today, we are going to be talking about the best Adam Sandler Spirit Day Ideas. I honestly love this generation so much. They come up with the funniest ideas […]

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35 Wackiest Ideas for Mismatch Day

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Inside: Wackiest ideas for mismatch day that will make you laugh until your sides ache. I think I may love High School spirit week more than anyone on this whole planet. Kind of an intense statement, I know, but it used to bring me such joy! I am only a few years out of High […]

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31 Cutest Beach Day Spirit Week Ideas

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Inside: Top Beach Day Spirit Week ideas that you’ll love. There are so many different spirit day themes out there it is getting hard to keep count. But one of my all-time favorite ones stands out from the crowd, and that is Beach Day! I love this because it gives you the opportunity to dress […]

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Cutest Spring Spirit Week Ideas

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Inside: Adorable spring spirit week ideas for teens. Spring spirit week is nearly upon us, so you may be on the (egg) hunt for some spring day ideas. Well, I have you covered! When I was in High School, I looked forward to spirit week the way some people look forward to Christmas. I loved […]

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35 Wild Western Day Spirit Week Ideas

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Inside: Fun wild western day spirit week ideas you will love to wear. If you’re not new here, you know that I am a spirit week fanatic. I just love it! It was my favorite part of high school, and it brings up nothing but fond memories for me. Because of this, I like to […]

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61 Top Prom Poster Ideas + DIY

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Inside: Best prom poster ideas + easy diy. Everyone knows the fun of prom starts with asking your date. Promposals have been rising in popularity for the past 10 years, and it’s no secret as to why: They are super fun! It gives teens something to look forward to and get creative about during school. […]

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31 Kookiest Crazy Socks Day Ideas

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Inside: Crazy socks day ideas that will drive you mad. I think that these spirit week themes just keep getting cooler and cooler. Though some are more simple, I think they all have such a special aura about them that just makes everyone happy and excited. There are a few themes that have especially stolen […]

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51 Coolest Student Section Themes For Big Game Fun

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Inside: Coolest student section themes ideas that will rock the game. I remember the first time I got to participate in my own student section. I was so excited that I got dressed for it that day! At that time, we all went wearing neon and holding glow sticks. The sense of friendship and camaraderie […]

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What Is Inside Out Day? Outfit Ideas And More

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Inside: What is inside out day and how to dress for it during spirit week?  So we all have heard about the many different themed weeks that go on throughout the average school year, but there is a newer week that is being added to the schedule that I could not be more excited about: Mental […]

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71 Top Anything but a Backpack Day Ideas

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Inside: Anything But a Backpack Day Ideas that Will Make You Cackle Every year of my High School Experience, I looked forward to one week and one week only: Spirit week. I know I know, Spirit Week over the last week of school? Yep, I will take that week over the last one any year. […]

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What is Spirit Week? Benefits & Ideas

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Inside: What is Spirit Week? Everything you need to know about the week and fun times ahead! Spirit week is coming up, and I, for one, could not be more excited for all of the students in my area. Spirit week was something that I looked forward to all year long, and I’m just so […]

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33 Valentines Spirit Week Ideas

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Inside: Best Valentines Spirit Week ideas you need to put into play.  I know that you have heard of spirit week when it comes to high school, but have you heard of Valentine’s spirit week? Valentine’s Spirit Week was one of my all-time favorite weeks during high school. It wasn’t about the chocolates or the […]

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43 Cutest Christmas Spirit Week Ideas

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Inside: Best Christmas Spirit Week Ideas for holly, jolly fun! I am so excited that we are entering into Christmas season. So many amazing things happen during this time of year: The weather is changing, magic is in the air, and even school get’s more fun. Today we are going to focus on the latter […]

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27 Halloween Spirit Week Ideas

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Inside: The cutest Halloween spirit week ideas to get you in the spooky spirit Spirit week is one of the most fun times of the year. It is very needed, seeing as it helps to break up the monotonous nature of school and give the kids something to work towards. One of my favorite days […]

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53+ FUN High School Spirit Week Ideas

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Inside: Cool high school spirit week ideas that will help you steal the show. High school spirit week is normally held the week before homecoming, so it’s coming right up. If you are trying to find some awesome ideas to make this year extra special, you are in the right space. I have created a […]

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43 Cute Pajama Day At School Ideas

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Inside: Cute ideas that will help you ace pajama day at school  So, spirit week is coming into view, and you need help coming up with ideas for pajama day. I totally get it. Though pajama day may seem like one of the simpler themed days, it can still be so hard to come up […]

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27 Spirit week 90s day outfit ideas

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Inside: Spirit Week 90s day outfit ideas that will blow your mind. With spirit week coming up, you may be looking for some wisdom on how to kill the game. Well, lucky for you, I am well seasoned in all things spirit day, having totally killed it on my own. To recap, for those of […]

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13 Unique HOCO Theme Ideas (NEW for 2022!)

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Inside: Unique HOCO theme ideas that you will love in 2022. These HOCO themes just aren’t swinging it like they used to. It’s time to spice them up and make them relevant again. Today I list my favorite of the unique HOCO ideas to revamp this old tradition and make it new. Everything on this […]

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27 Decades Day Spirit Week Outfit Ideas

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Inside: Awesome outfit ideas for decades day spirit week. Spirit week is one of the most fun times of the entire school year. It helps to break up the monotonous nature of the school, which is proven to have better long-term effects on the student’s learning and cognitive abilities… crazy right? Who would have thought […]

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37 Tomboys Halloween Costumes for Teens

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Inside: A list of halloween costumes for tomboys teens that will work for whatever your style is. Halloween is coming up and now is the perfect time to start thinking about what you want to be. Teenage girls are often pressured into wearing very feminine costumes, but that just doesn’t work for everybody. Each of […]

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70+ Homecoming Proposal Ideas (NEW for 2023!)

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Inside: Homecoming proposal ideas that will guarantee you a date. Homecoming is a stape experience for teens when they attend high school. Along with this a few other rights of passage such as Prom, Senior skip day, and Graduation (of course). This will be one of the best dances of their high school careers, minus […]

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47+ Character Day for Spirit Week Dress Up Ideas

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Inside: Adorable character day for spirit week ideas to get you in the school spirit. Spirit week is one of the best weeks out of the entire school year, and you can’t prove me wrong. It’s full of themes, fun games, costumes, and loads more. It’s exactly what everyone needs in the middle of the […]

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