Inside: Do middle schools have dances and tips on how to survive them! 

Do middle schools have dances? The short answer is yes, at least 1 to 2 a year.  I understand this can be confusing since people mainly speak about high school dances, so I am here to clarify some things!

Middle school dances can be so much fun if you know how to survive them. Now I know that sounds like some dramatic statement at the beginning of a zombie movie or something, but I am being serious.

In this article, I discuss the tips and tricks that will help you have as much fun as possible with as little stress as possible. Because yes, middle school can be stressful.

Do Middle Schools Have Dance How to Survive Them

I even go into outfit ideas AND hairstyles to go along with them. So what are you waiting for? Take a look!

Tips for Surviving a Middle School Dance

First and foremost, eat beforehand.

There will be snacks there, but not a lot. There is nothing worse than being in the middle of a slow dance with your crush when BAM…your stomach starts to rumble. Plus, you want to be at your peak, happiest mood. I don’t know about you, but I am never happy when hungry.

Secondly, find a cute outfit to wear.

The more confident you feel, the more fun you will have. Plus, it can be so much fun to put together a fancier outfit than you normally get to wear. If you are confused about what to wear to a middle school dance, then read on. Below I have all of the outfit and hairstyle ideas you could need, so don’t miss out on those.

Lastly, plan on going with friends.

The whole point of middle school dances is to be able to connect with your friends outside of school. Typically, you are all stuck inside five days a week with short breaks. You get to let loose and be yourselves here.

So plan on going with your friends. If you can’t carpool, at least plan on meeting up with them once you get inside. You won’t be sorry.

So do middle schools have dances? Yes. So prepare your outfit below.

6th-Grade Dance Dresses

This first section is for all of you 6th graders out there. These dresses would be the perfect outfit for a middle school dance. Remember, you are going for a mix of confidence and comfort that will allow you to take all the cute photos but get down when Harry Styles comes on.

That is the fine line that we are walking (Harry Styles pun totally intended).

1. Navy Blue Lace Dress – This is a classic middle school dance dress. It has the perfect amount of cuteness and comfort. Check this out to see if it is your style!

2. Light Blue Halter Top – Halter tops are some of my favorite dresses. Take a look at it and tell me that I am wrong.

3. Pink Dress with Bedazzled Top

4. Floral Black Dress – You can never go wrong with a good floral black dress. Not only is it silky soft, but it’s super cute too!

5. Cute High Low Dress – This dress was made for twirling in the shiny lights of the middle school dance.

6. Laced Up Floral Dress

7. Light Orange Dress – This light orange dress is casual cuteness! You will be comfy and ready to hit the dance floor with this one.

8. Cute Fairy Dress – This dress would pair beautifully with the fairy hairstyle down below. Don’t you think?

9. Simple Peplum Dress

middle school dance hairstyles

Middle School Dance Hairstyles

When it comes to your hair, you must let your personality fly. Decide on if you want it up or pulled back. Braided or left loose. So many things to decide, it can be hard! But overall, feeling happy in your skin is most important.

Take a look through these and imagine yourself in them for a minute. Choose whichever one makes you feel happiest!

10. Mini PonyTails

11. 4 Crown Braids

12. Sweet Twisted Pony

13. Cute Curled Hair with Braided Crown

14. Cute Space Buns

15. High Pony Tail

16. Bubble Braid

17. Fairy Style Braids

18. Braided Hair Band

Middle school dance dresses for 8th graders

Middle School Dance Dresses 8th Grade

Lastly, this list is for you 8th graders. You are most likely looking for something a little more sophisticated but still fun.

This list definitely encompasses those statements. I have everything from colorful to casual.

All of which would look great with a pair of Converse or Air Force Ones. So take a look and only pick the ones that blow you away!

19. Halter Top Mauve Dress – Mauve is a beautiful color for a dress. I especially love the gemstone top. It just pushes it over the edge. Take a look and fall in love!

20. Turquoise Sparkly Dress – Turquoise is a classic color for a middle school dress. I have found that the brighter the color, the funnier it will be to look back on when you are older.

21. Long Black Fluffy Dress – This long dress has a sparkly top and a fluffy bottom that gives it a princess feel. It is a little over the top but in the best way.

22. Sparkly Sheer Blue Dress – I am in love with the sheer top of this one. The halter is made with a sheer mesh material at the very top of the dress. It’s too cute!

23. Light Blue Off the Shoulder Dress – If you are going for a simple princess look, this will definitely handle the task. It reminds me of a real-life casual Cinderella. I am in love!

24. Short Blue Dress – Blue is a wonderful color for a dress. They look best on those with blonde and brown hair according to the color wheel.

25. Long Champagne Dress – This is a more formal dress, but if you like it then I think it would be perfect for this occasion.

26. Light Purple Dress

27. Evergreen Long Sleeve Dress – Lastly, this evergreen number will knock your socks off. Which I suppose is a good thing considering you won’t be wearing any with dress shoes.

do middle schools have dances?

So there you have it, the answer to the age-old question of ‘do middle schools have dances?’: They sure do! And they can be fun too if you do them right. Stick with me, and you are bound to have the most fun you could ever imagine, and you’ve only just begun.

If you are more of a bookworm and don’t feel like going to a school dance, that’s okay too. There are plenty of adventures and romance to be had in books; who needs the real thing…*nudge nudge*.

Remember that you are only young once. I know; I hate to pull YOLO on you… but it’s true!

You need to live it up in as many ways as you can. And a middle school dance is one of the best ways to do that, believe it or not.