Inside: 43 Fun & Creative Ways to Give Money to a Teenager.

Do you want to know how to give money as a gift in a unique and interesting way?

We often wonder how to gift cash without coming across as inconsiderate, whether it’s for a teen’s birthday, holidays, or just because!

There is a plethora of creative approaches to giving money without coming off as unmotivated. In addition, I assure you that the process won’t consume too much of your time. The time and effort spent trying to come up with a suitable present will be saved by doing so.

Here are some of the best and most original ways to give a teenager money for any event!

How to Give Cash as a Gift

Creative Ways to Give  Money to a Teenager

1. Piggy Bank or Money Jar: Now before you think piggy banks are too juvenile for teens, check out this cute jar that takes up the classic piggy bank to your teen’s style. It’s a cute little decorative piece that also works as a safe stash area for all their cash.

2. A Tin Full of Money

3. Money Crown: I love this idea for a graduation party or big event.

4. Sneak Inside a Starbucks Tumbler: You could sneak some cash into any coffee mug or cup and fill it with some candy or other goodies.

5. Pizza Box Filled with ‘Dough’

6. DIY Money Necklace

Creative Ways to Give Money to Young Adults

7. Money Umbrella: This is a cute little surprise. When they open up the umbrella money comes dangling out!

8. Bow Made of Money on top of a Gift

9. Tissue Box Full: Another fun ‘pull out a string of money’ gag.

10. Candy Wrapped with Money: I mean, what is better than candy and money?

Fun Ways to Give Money

11. Money Wreath: This one shown is for a Graduation, but it could work for any occasion.

12. Mini Origami Money Graduation Caps

13. Funny Zip Tie Challenge: Now if you really want to give your teen a run for their money then this playful zip tie wrapped gift is a funny way to give teens a good laugh and a hard time.

14. Folded Up in a Box of Chocolates

15. Folded Wrench Origami

16. “Cash Fries”: I love this! This is wrapped bills to look like french fries in a Mcdonald’s carton.

17. Origami Potted Money Flowers

18. DIY Money Necklace

19. Confetti Cash Balloon: Pop the confetti balloon and get some cash!

20. A Tin Full of Money

Creative Ways to Give Money for Birthday

21. Money Created Car: This is a cute way to give some gas money to your new driver on their 16th Birthday.

22. DIY Money Birthday Candle Card: This is such a cute card! The little accent of cash in a fun way

23. Confetti Cash Balloon

Birthday Money Gift Ideas for Teens

24. DIY 3D Birthday Cake with Cash Candles: Build out a cake with scrap materials like cardboard or paper, then decorate in a colorful and fun way. Top with rolled bills to look like birthday candles.

25. Gift Box Filled with Individually Tied Cash Bills

26. Sweet 16 Money Cake

Money Gift Ideas for Teens

27. Accordion Fold of Money in Box

28. Money Crown/Hat

29. Food Pun with Money in Pizza Box

30. Money Necklace: This is a cute and fun idea for a graduation or birthday party.

31. Money Falling Out of Umbrella

32. Bow Made of Money on top of a Gift: Add an extra special touch to a give with a money bow.

33. Tissue Box Full Cash: This makes me laugh because you know teens will be so confused by receiving a box of tissues, but little do they know there is some cash in there.

34. Money Wrapped Candy Bars

35. Buried in a Yarn Ball

36. Hanging from Balloon String

37. Money Filled Envelope

Creative  Ways to Give Money to Teenagers for Christmas

38. DIY Mini Money Trees

39. Hidden in a Toilet Paper Roll: It’s better than you think! Don’t get the toilet paper roll throw you off. This cute pulling prank lets the teen pull out all their cash in a fun and creative way.

Creative Ways to Give Money to Teenagers for Christmas

40. Ho, Ho, Ho. Heres some Holiday Dough!

41. Hidden in a Candy Jar

42. Money Filled Ornament

43. Tree Lot Full of Money: This might be one of my favorite Christmas-themed money gift ideas.

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Creative Ways to Give Money to a Teenager