Inside: Teen Birthday Party Places + Ideas.

They still want to have a party in honor of their birthday, despite the fact that they’ve reached the dreaded double digits. The location should be hip and exciting.

There are numerous options for unique and enjoyable birthday party locations that are suitable for teenagers. An outdoor activity that gets preteens and teenagers moving and offers something unique is preferable to a congested house party or sleepover.

Party Ideas for Young Adults

Teen Birthday Party Places

Ice Skating Rink

Tweens and teens will have a blast celebrating a birthday at a roller skating rink any time of year. For a change of scenery during the warmer months, you can always visit one of the many indoor rinks that are open year-round.

Rent a Movie Theater

Did you realize you can rent out a movie theater? Trust me, it’s a BLAST! Teens (and adults) will love having the place to themselves. Enjoy some popcorn, candy, drinks and kick back and watch a new movie.

Party Places

Night at the Museum

Something about exploring a museum after hours raises the adrenaline level. Evening themed events can be found at a wide variety of museums, both large and small. One of these would be a fun birthday outing. While some museums reserve their after-hours events for adults only, others welcome families.

Cool Places for Teenage Birthday Parties

Escape Room

Seriously, everyone loves a good challenge! That’s what makes an escape room so exciting. The teens can challenge themselves to see if they have the chops to get out of the room within the set time limit!

Indoor Go Cart Racing

All the kids will be laughing and smiling when riding go carts. They are a great way to burn some energy, boost adrenaline and have a downright good time.

Teenage Birthday Parties


Paintball events are typically held in the open air, which is a huge plus. So get everyone gathered up and be prepared to have a great time!

Birthday Places for Teens

Skating Rink Party

Not only will they get some exercise in, but they can also load up on snacks, drinks, and laughs. Plus, the music is usually pretty great too.

Amusement Park

An amusement park has everything your teen could want. Fun rides that give them a burst of adrenaline, all the tasty food you can imagine, and lots to see and do. There is about a zero percent chance your teen could get bored.

Birthday Places for Teens

Visit the Beach

A beach party is a fun option for a tween or teen’s birthday celebration in the summer. Plan for inclement weather by setting a backup date for the beach party and writing it on the invitations. Children can spread out and do whatever they like at their beach birthday party, whether that’s paddling, swimming, surfing, beach volleyball, or anything else they like. Young adults who would rather relax in peace can do so on their towels, soaking up the sun. Bring plenty of water and a selection of sandwiches or other snacks.

Fun Places to go for a Teenage Birthday Party

Pro or College Sporting Event

Live near a sports stadium??? Well, why not call and see about getting a bunch of tickets for your teen’s party? Oftentimes they have spaces to rent out for parties and events too. Plus, you will save some money buying bulk tickets in a lot of cases.

Neighborhood Pool Party

If you live in the area, you can probably use the community pool for free or a small fee, making it a great place to host a party.

Fun Places to go for a Teenage Birthday Party

Theme Park or Water Park Party

If you happen to live near either a large or small amusement park, you could throw a party there for the day. Tickets can be pricey, so you might not be able to take your kid’s entire baseball team, but you could still have a memorable day out with some close friends.

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Teen Birthday Party Places