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83 Trivia Questions for Teens (WITH ANSWERS)

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Inside: The master list of trivia questions for teens with answers included Trivia games are a great way to incorporate learning and teamwork into something fun and fresh. You can play these at school, at birthday parties, or even on long road trips. The hardest part about playing trivia games is finding the questions. Lucky […]

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63+ Halloween Crafts for Teens & Tweens

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Inside: The best halloween crafts for teens to give them something fun to do.  Halloween is a special holiday, but it is also a holiday with a null period. Between the ages of 14-21, this holiday because a grey area of uncertainty. Are you too old to dress up? Too old to trick or treat? […]

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Printable Never Have I Ever Questions Teen Games

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Inside: The best never have I ever questions teen edition. If you are a young person in this world, chances are you have been to a party. At that party, you have probably played your fair share of games. One of my all- time favorite games to play when I was a teen had to […]

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Do Middle Schools Have Dances & How to Survive Them

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Inside: Do middle schools have dances and tips on how to survive them!  Do middle schools have dances? The short answer is yes, at least 1 to 2 a year.  I understand this can be confusing since people mainly speak about high school dances, so I am here to clarify some things! Middle school dances […]

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Hilariously Good Would You Rather Questions for Teens

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Inside: Hilarious would you rather questions that are perfect for teens When it comes to party games, there is one that sits out above the rest. It’s simple, illuminating, and oh so fun. You know what I am talking about… queue Would You Rather! Anyone can play this game at any age(as long as they […]

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