Inside: 37 Great Fundraising Ideas for Teens (Profitable Ideas).

Need some ideas for youth fundraising?

Well, I’ve got them!

Those summer camps, tickets, trips and extra gas money can bring a big price tag, especially when you’re not prepared for them.

We’ve put together a list of fundraising ideas that could help you offset those extra costs and have a little fun while you’re at it.

Since most of these youth fundraising ideas for teens can be done at any time of the year, you can be raising money all year long!

So don’t let this list of creative fundraising ideas for teens make it seem like raising money can be daunting, it’s just going to be a chore picking the best one you like!

So let’s get busy putting them to work to raise their own money this year!

Camp Money Ideas for Teenagers

Ways to Motivate Your Teen

Offer them something (that’s not monetary)

For example, offer your own teen a reward for getting involved with a fundraiser. This could be extending their curfew, giving them car privileges or letting them sleep in on the weekend. If you’re engaging teen volunteers, make sure they get something of value to them out of the experience.

Ask them for social media help

Teens know how to promote and spread a message in a way that few others can manage! Ask them for their own ideas on how to help promote your fundraiser through social media.

Give them responsibilities

Give them responsibility for the project, or part of the project. They can handle it. In doing this, you’re helping them develop their skills around leadership, organizing, and team-building. These are core competencies and learning experiences they can take into the next chapter of their lives.

Meet them where they are

Online and looking at screens. Reach out to teens directly, not through their parents or teachers. Rather than email/phone try to communicate via text or on Instagram or whatever is their favorite social media platform. Ask them how they like to be reached.

Make it fun

Teens just want to have fun! Your most successful fundraising efforts with teens will come from choosing an idea that they can get excited about and have serious fun doing. When choosing an idea, think about your teens’ favorite activities and passions — and how they can be leveraged to do good. If teens get involved in a fundraiser they think is awesome, they will want to do it again year after year.

Fundraising Ideas for Teens

1. Crazy Car Wash: Vehicles always need to be washed. Car washes are classic for good reason. Make yours unique by having teen volunteers dress up in crazy outfits or outfits with a theme, like superheroes or your local sports team.

2. Gift Wrapping Service: Teens can offer to wrap gifts around the holidays in return for a charitable donation. You can offer this at your church or school.

3. Sock Fundraiser: Another opportunity that is a big hit with teens is a custom sock fundraiser. Using the Elite Sport Socks Fundraiser Playbook, schools and other organizations can sell uniquely customized socks to raise needed funds.

4. Fashion Show: Teens will enjoy strutting their stuff on the catwalk in front of a crowd!

Youth Camp Fundraiser Ideas

5. Bake Sale: Bake sales have long been one of the most popular ways of raising funds for schools, religious organizations and social clubs. They can be great moneymakers because there is little or no actual capital required.

6. Flowers: Sell preorders for Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day!

7. Recycling: Ink Cartridges, Cell Phones, Aluminum Cans. Send out a flyer in your neighborhood offering to pick up these “trash” items on a certain day. Neighbors can simply put them out at the mailbox and you can walk around and collect the items.

Youth Group Fundraiser Ideas

8. Battle of the Bands: Host a contest for the talented young musicians in your community. You could include solo singers as well. Bands will be happy to donate their time to a contest that showcases them. A prize for the winner will incentivize them even further to get involved.

9. Art Show: An art show is a different spin on the talent show. Artistically inclined teens get a chance to demonstrate their gifts in exchange for an entrance fee that’s donated to charity. If the show is held in a school, other students can participate in the opening event.

10. Cinnamon Rolls: Who can resist?! I can’t. Sell by the dozen and make some money.

11. Bowling Day: Together with the bowling alley venue settle on a specific flat fee for each of your attendees. This should be all-inclusive, covering shoe hire, the bowling itself, and any extra food or drinks you want to include. It’s up to you how much extra you add on to support your cause.

12. BBQ Dinners: Who can resist a BBQ dinner pre-made with no cooking involved? Me too! Add some sides and you’ll have yourself a winner, winner BBQ chicken dinner!

Fundraising Ideas for Teens

Youth Group Fundraiser Ideas

13. Digital Cookbook: Sell a cookbook of family favorite recipes. No need for printing and low overhead costs!

14. Craft Sale: Students make crafts to sell and then the money earned goes towards their event.

15. Christmas Trees/Wreaths: The holiday season offers lots of opportunities to sell seasonal products. You can order Christmas trees from a wholesaler or grower and run your own sales stand. Or, you can do an order-taker sale and offer various wreaths and different sizes of trees.

16. Yankee Candle: Sell good-smelling candles and make a 40% Profit. Orders can be taken in person by using a catalog or customers can easily order online.

17. Scrip Gift Cards: Earn 15% profit by purchasing gift cards at a 15% discount and selling them at face value. Your supporters choose from nearly 400 national retail stores where they already shop. You purchase those gift cards at up to a 15% discount, therefore making the difference. Easy!

18. Host a Video Game Tournament: Everyone loves video games, and you can have a simple fundraiser that involves this fun hobby. Set up teams of kids to play and have community members sponsor each team. Then hold an online tournament to see who wins. No matter which team comes out ahead, your charitable organization will be the winner.

Youth Auction Ideas

19. Yard Sale: Not only will be selling your own stuff to raise money, but you can also ask for friends and families to donate their “treasures” for you to sell in order to make a 100% profit.

20. Thanksgiving Turkeys: Selling turkeys for Thanksgiving is an easy way to raise funds. Line up a wholesale source, put together an order form and brochure, then start taking orders.

21. Host a Special Speaker: If you can partner with a local celebrity to speak at your event, you can keep the set-up costs to almost nothing. Sell tickets with assigned seats, making the best seats more expensive. Then publicize the event and the school or charity you’re supporting.

22. Family Picture Day: It can be a real hassle to take a good picture of the entire family. Between kids squirming and finding someone to take the picture, most families do without it. Hosting a family picture day will give families these keepsake photos while raising money for a great cause! Offer a professional photoshoot for your supporters to come and get a group or individual picture. You can then sell these pictures to them in the form of framed or wallet-sized photos, custom mugs, or any other personalized item.

Auction Ideas for Youth Groups

23. Art Auction: Students create works of art to be auctioned off at a dinner or other function.

24. Pie in the Eye: Sell chances to be the one who hits your youth leader with a pie.

25. Bingo: It’s not just for the retirees! Make it a family night.

26. Arrested for a Cause: Someone hosts a BBQ and invites attendees to be ‘arrested’ for the cause. Attendees set their own bail, then call contacts for donations towards their bail.

27. Adopt-A-Mile: Figure out the mileage for the mission trip and how much each mile should cost, then have donors pay for the trip by a mile.

28. Soup and Sandwich Luncheon: Church members donate homemade soups and desserts and you provide the sandwiches. Auction off the desserts while church members are eating lunch.

29. Basket Auction: Get different products from businesses in the area such as paint, makeup, gift cards, Y membership, etc. Put a mixture of things in baskets and then auction each basket mixture.

Charity Ideas for Teenagers

30. Community Cleanup: This is a great project for a youth group. The workers get pledges of so much per pound of trash collected and hauled away.

31. Holiday Help: Sell your time to decorate for the holidays inside the home and outside. Help set up lights, outdoor decorations, etc.

32. Newspaper Recycling: This is a great no-cost fundraising option for churches to utilize. Contact Suburban Waste Services to learn more.

Fundraising Ideas for Teens

33. Used Book Sale: How many required reading books do kids purchase, read, and then never touch again? A used book sale is a perfect fundraising idea for kids that will repurpose this old reading material for other children to enjoy. Encourage kids to donate the old books that they may have outgrown or don’t read anymore. Then, resell these books to other kids. The donation pile is bound to be full of fun books or future required readings that other parents can get cheaply.

34. Dough for Dough: Make two or three types of cookie dough to sell. Now you’ve made it easy to have fresh cookies any time of year.

35. Basic Raffle: 50/50 is the easiest. The winner gets half and your group keeps the other half.

36. Opportunity Drawing Basket: Create several baskets and sell tickets for people to win baskets.

37. Ornament Sale: Have your group design just one special ornament to sell each year.

More Ideas for Teens + Tweens

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Fundraising Ideas for Teens