Inside: Boredom Busting Things To Do with Friends (Teens + Tweens)

We’ve all heard it…”I’m booooored!” Oh yeah, it’s my least favorite line ever spoken by my kids. That and I had an accident, of course.

Most teens are usually doing school work, sports, extracurricular, or scrolling on their phones. I feel like most of their time is spent on their phones out of all of those. BUT, when they do get their off days and their TikTok page has nothing new to offer them, you might hear those famous “I’m bored” words. 

So, what do teenagers do for fun?

Well, that is a good question, I feel like that answer changes every day in our house. Am I the only one?  Of course, my teens have their hobbies and activities they love, but sometimes they just get bored. Don’t we all though?

Defeat their boredom with these enjoyable group activities. These activities, which range from staying in and watching a series while putting together a huge puzzle to arranging a huge football game with all their friends, are sure to put an end to their boredom.

Ideas for Bored Teens

Things To Do When Bored with Friends for Teens

So, your teen is bored. Here are a few things to with do with friends teens and tweens will love.

1. Handwrite letters to friends and family.

2. Try a new food you’ve never tasted before: Visit the store and each grab a new food you have never tried, then go back home and have a proper taste test and review your thoughts.

3. Make a vlog on YouTube: Youtube is so popular these days, along with Tiktok, so encourage your teen to make fun content with their friends that will keep them busy for hours.

4. Volunteer in the community: Give back to the community by volunteering at a homeless shelter, food band, dog pound, or church.

5. Go see a movie.

Things To do When Bored with Friends for Teens

6. Go to a skating rink.

7. Spend the day at the lake/ocean: Pack a cooler, sunscreen, a football, and some towels, then spend the day by the water with your BFFs.

8. Try a new restaurant.

9. Visit the pet shelter.

10. Play board games.

11. Go for a bike ride.

12. Play video games against one another: Battle your best friend to a tournament of the tech world. Create a tournament-style video game challenge and compete against all your friends.

Things To Do with a Group of Teenage Friends

Do you have a large group of teens looking for something fun to do? Then check out these fun ideas.

13. Go bowling.

14. Plan a huge cookout at the park.

15. Go to a museum.

16. Gather at a park and play kickball: Call up your friends and have them call up their friends, and create a dodgeball game at your local park. This is such a fun idea for teens to be active, meet new people, and stay off those screens.

Things to do with a Group of Teenage Friends

17. Plan a Road Trip.

18. Laser Tag.

19. Visit an arcade: Is there anything better than playing arcade games for tickets and then spending all those tickets of fun things like candy, poppers, and stuffies?

20. Play a round of put-put.

21. Have a group game night.

Fun Things To Do with Friends at Home Teens

Finding something fun to do at home can be tough at times, these ideas are unique and creative ways for teens and their friends to combat boredom.

22. Take a cooking class.

23. Pick some new songs to jam to.

24. Paint a self portrait or anything else you like.

25. Get some treats and watch a bunch of creepy movies!

26. Rearrange your room to give it a new look!

27. Throw together a salad with lots of yummy fruit.

Activities for Teenagers to do at home

28. Get creative and whip up a homemade pizza.

29. Make an ice cream float. You can use any flavor of soda and ice cream you like.

30. Play a complete game of Monopoly.

31. Start a journal.

32. Do a 1,000 piece puzzle: This is also a great activity to pair with a movie night or while binge-watching an awesome Netflix series.

33. Make your own popsicles.

34. Make a collage for your wall.

35. Experiment with origami.

Things To Do with Teenage Friends Outside

Getting teens outdoors these days is tough, here are a few fun things to do with friends teens and tweens will actually like.

36. Play your favorite sport or try a new one.

37. Find an open field and fly your kite.

38. Set up a hammock and relax for a while.

39. Plant some flowers or seeds to grow plants.

40. Go roller-blading.

41. Have a picnic in the park.

Outside Activities for Teenagers

42. Go fishing.

43. Go on a scavenger hunt.

44. Bring out their inner little kid with a classic water balloon fight.

45. Text your skills while holding your own version of the Olympics.

46. Take a stroll on your bike.

47. Host a potluck with friends.

48. Lay out a slick tarp and spray it with water and use it as a homemade slip and slide.

49. Play a game of football.

More Ideas Teens and Their Friends Will Love

If you like these cool things to do with friends teens and tweens, then check out a few more ideas that are perfect for combating boredom.

  • Snack Ideas for Teens – Your teens are sure to work up an appetite after all these activities and fun. Make sure you’re prepared for their large appetites (and their friends) with these yummy, nutritious, and filling snack ideas. From simple fruits and veggies to culinary creations that will keep all those kids coming back for you, we have the ultimate lists of tasty treats your teens will love.
  • Cute Hairstyles for Teens – Teen girls love trying out new hairstyles, even more so with their friends. When your teenagers complain they are bored or have nothing to do, send them this fun post about the cutest new hairstyles to try. They and their friends will have fun for hours creating their “new” look and trying styles they would never have thought of before. (Plus they will have tons of Snapchat content)
  • Business Ideas for Teenagers – What better way to combat bored them coming up with a stellar business idea that can make you some money! These creative, unique, and awesome business ideas are perfect for teens. They can try their hand at something they love, learn a new skill, and make a little weekend fun money.

Things to do with Friends Teens