Do you gift Christmas ornaments to your teenage girl? I always do and this year I’m excited to give her one that’s extra cute.

If this little way of making Christmas even more special sounds good to you, I have some great news.

I have put together a list full of the best Christmas ornaments for your teen that they’ll adore. Take a look through these to find one you like, and if you want to make it even more special, stick around for the DIY at the end! Want to see what I found?

Best Christmas Ornaments for Teenage Girl: + DIY

There are so many little ways to make this time of year special and an ornament gifting tradition is a great one to have.

  • They’re relatively inexpensive
  • She can collect them and take them with her one day when she has her own tree
  • It’s a fun way to inject a little personalized sweetness into the holiday

Simple Christmas Ornament Ideas

I figured the best way to start this list would be with the simplest ornaments. Just in case you prefer things on the simpler side, there is no use in overwhelming you with over-the-top ideas.

Any idea that you like, you can make even more personalized with our quick project below.

1. I can’t hear you ornament

A fun idea if your girl is into gaming & she could hang this one on her door afterwards.

2. Starbucks

A pink personalized Starbucks ornament is always a great idea

3. Cell Phone Themed Ornament

4. Best YouTuber Ever Ornament

5. My First Car Ornament 

DIY hand painted ornament for teen of childhood home

6. Hand painted heirloom

This hand painted ornament can be personalized to be any home, school photo you might want. It’ll be one they’ll treasure for a long time.

7. Tie Dye Ornament

8. A plate of macaroons! Yes please:)

9. Custom age bulb

This fun idea to get them their age every year on a cute tree bulb is great to continue on year after year

Cute Themed Christmas Ornaments Ideas

Cute Themed Christmas Ornament Ideas

Next up let’s get a little more personal and specific. I am talking about your favorite hobby, your favorite show, and maybe even your favorite animal!

In my house I obviously ordered the Taylor Swift custom concert ornament this year!

Taylor Swift ornament Eras tour personalized

But whatever your girl is into there’s an ornament you can find to match:

10. Baby Grogu Cute Ornament

11. Bunny Lover Ornament

12. Colorful Snowflake Idea

13. Harry Potter set

This beautiful ornament set will be treasured by any Hogwarts lover and would be a fun Advent calendar idea for your teen to include throughout the month.

14. Cute Claymation Taking a Selfie

15. A passport ornament with a note of your favorite travel memory on the back!

Cute stylish Christmas ornament for teen tree

16. Stained glass sign language name ornament that will make pretty rainbows hanging in their window long after the tree is gone.

17. A personalized map ornament of their favorite place traveled or maybe if they’re away at college home.

18. Volleyball-Themed Tree Hang

Best Christmas Ornaments for Teenage Girl

Trendy Teen Ornaments

Is your teen getting her own tree this year? Mine loves to have her own little version of our big family Christmas tree in her bedroom and these ornaments based around trends from this year will easily be a hit!

19. Personalized Driver’s License

20. Girlie Tree Shaped Ornament

21. This cute roller skate ornament is actually a keychain so your car driving girl can use it all year long on her keys once the tree is down.

22. A double bulb set that is filled with glitter and high school party fun! This set will bring her tree to life with flair.

Boho rainbow ornament for high school students

23. Boho Rainbow Christmas Idea

24. Scrabble Letter Name

25. TikTok Themed Phone Ornament

26. An adorable pet ornament for your girl who is truly one with her pup.

Affirmation Christmas ornament from mother to daughter

27. An affirmation ornament with kind words from her momma, which at the end of the day is all she really wants anyway.

Now that you have gotten some inspiration, it’s time to add a little DIY style.

Even if you aren’t planning on making one, I suggest you still look through this. It may be simpler (and more fun) than you could ever imagine. Plus, the end result is something personalized she might just decide to hold onto forever.

DIY Ornaments for Teen Girls

Like any great DIY, the first thing on our to-do list is to gather up our supplies. Lucky for us, the internet is a magical and ridiculously helpful place, and they already have full kits put together for Ornament making! Today’s personalized ornament with is adorable painted wood ornaments.


You’ll need a DIY Wood Ornament Kit. Here are two options that I love for this project:

  1. A more minimalist take with muted color scheme.
  2. These wood pieces where you can pick any paint color you want to go along with it.
  3. Or try your hand at embroidery instead of using paint for your DIY ornament.

Step One

The first actual step of your DIY is to set your space.

1. Clean off your workspace, light some holiday candles, and put on some Christmas music. I’m serious about this!

Expert mom tip: music, cookies and cozy will make your girl want to hang around crafting ornaments with you all night long & it makes it the moment much more special!

2. Lay out all of your crafting supplies neatly on the table and lay down a cover to ensure paint doesn’t get anywhere it’s not supposed to be. Paper plates work great for this as well.

This will help when you start the next step because you know where everything is when you need it.

Step Two

Next, gran your ornament bases and prepare to start decorating. I recommend lightly drawing on the face of the wood. This way, you can follow this outline when you are painting your design. By doing it this way, you are more likely to have a cleaner end result.

Cute DIY pet ornament

When I did this DIY, I had the kids do it with me. My girl made a simple Christmas Tree with her name on it, and then we made the dogs as well! I took inspiration for our pet ornaments from this cute painted dog option you can personalize.

If this sounds like something you want to do, then I will walk you through it.

  • Start by sketching out your tree onto the little wood circle.
  • Make sure you get the shape exactly how you like it, and remember to draw with a super light hand so that the pencil doesn’t leave dark marks.
  • At the top of your ornament, write your teen’s name in cute letters.
  • At the very bottom, write the year that you are making this.

Step Three

Next up comes the paint. Take your time painting your tree exactly how you want. You can add little colorful ornaments or maybe some popcorn garland… whatever you want.

I decided to go with a light green base for my tree and then added dark little elements to look like shading and different leaves.

For decorations, I went with a classic start topper and ribbon garland.

After this, let your ornament dry for at least a few hours, preferably longer, until it is fully dry. Then you can hang it up when it’s all finished.

Take a step back and look at this beautiful memory that you have created. Every year that you go to hang it, you’ll think back to that awesome day.

Christmas Ornaments for Teenage Girl

Whether you decide to buy or DIY, I hope you found an ornament to gift. I fell in love with half of these ideas, although spoiler… we went with the Taylor Swift one for this year. Just too good to pass up!

The Christmas season is one of the most magical times of the year. Everything just feels different in December and your teens are often more nostalgic and ready to make memories than any other time in the year. By adding little activities, traditions & decorations such as gifting ornaments – your Christmas is bound to be even more special than ever before. I know it sounds like a small thing, but trust me… the small things add up.