Spring is in the air, but what are in the plastic Easter eggs? Filling Easter eggs felt easier when kids were younger, not to fret though… I have the best idea for what to put in Easter eggs for teens!

To keep our teenagers engaged in the egg hunt at my house we fill our eggs with things they’ll actually be excited about finding. No pennies or small trinkets here… with these ideas your teens will be up hunting for eggs Sunday morning.

Easter egg hunt teens coupons for filing eggs for print.

Printable Easter Egg Filler Coupons

One of my favorite things to fill the eggs with for our Easter egg hunt is coupons!

Every year and my high schoolers can’t wait to search and find their coupon eggs on Easter morning and I’m so thrilled to be sharing our printable egg coupons for teens PDF with you today.

Print your own teen egg hunt filler coupons right here.

The printable coupons are beloved in my house. They include things like – a free coffee on mom, a sleep in during school morning, a free tank of gas, as well as a blank sheet that you can write in whatever it is your own teen will love the most. These egg filler coupons are one of their favorite Easter family traditions we do.

Easter egg fillers for teens, printable egg coupons fillers.

Once you print out the sheet, all that’s left to do is to cut out the coupons and stuff your eggs.

The great thing about teens is they tend to sleep later in the morning, so get up early and hide the eggs in the toughest spots you can find.

When they find out what’s inside each of them, they’ll happily spend a solid amount of time to find each and every one.

Pro Egg Hunt Tip: This year I wrote a teens initial and expiration day on the back of each coupon before putting them in the eggs. Last year we had a couple go “missing” and this is a way to ensure siblings don’t end up with coupons that aren’t theirs.

Easter Egg Hiding Ideas

I wrote an entire post on Easter egg hunt ideas, but this is more specific to hiding of the coupons if you use those.

You can do the coupon hunt a few different ways:

  1. You can stuff the coupons in eggs and whoever find which ones gets those coupons
  2. You can print out a sheet of coupons for each kid in the family and put them in a specific color egg. Say your boy finds all the orange ones and the other kid finds the green ones or something like that.
  3. You can have them hide the eggs for their siblings which can be even more fun (and bonus, less work for you)!

Get ready for a new tradition your big kids will never really want to give up. The coupons can change as they get older, but hopefully the magic of a fun tradition will stay the same.

Easter egg fillers for beauty and self-care including lip gloss, bath bombs, soap bars, nail polish, perfume and scrunchies.

What other Easter egg fillers will bring your teen joy?

Apart from the coupons, which are hands down my kids favorite… here are some other easy ideas they’ll enjoy.

Beauty Easter Eggs

Whether you have a teen son or daughter, promote the importance of self-care with these Easter egg fillers.

1. Lip Gloss

Soften those winter chapped lips with lip gloss.

2. Lip Balm

Always a win and you can find this at any checkout you might be using this week.

3. Bath Bombs

Bath bombs can be just as colorful as Easter eggs!

4. Shower Steamers

Love the amazing scent these give off in the shower.

5. Soap Bars

Hop away with these giant jelly bean soap bars.

6. Nail Polish

Teens love a variety of nail polish to match their mood, their outfit, or the holiday.

7. Mini Perfume/Cologne

Fill your teen’s eggs with mini decorative bottles of perfume or cologne.

8. Hair Clips, Hair Ties And Scrunchies

Just one of those purchases you seem to make for yourself regularly, but they disappear like candy…  Gift your teen girls with an assortment of hair bands that they’ll love to use!

Cash and gift cards to fill Easter eggs with for teens.

Gift Card Ideas For Easter Eggs

You can give gift cards for any occasion, including Easter. Teens just LOVE them, but then again, who doesn’t?

9. Cash

No brainer here, you can never disappoint your teen with cash.

10. Starbucks Gift Cards

11. Gift Cards For Gas

12. Amazon Gift Cards

13. Bath & Body Works Gift Cards

14. Gift Cards For Your Teens Fav Restaurants

15. Visa Gift Cards

16. Gift Cards For Movie Theaters

Popular Tech Fillers

There’s no such thing as too much tech!  Here are some great tech gifts to fill up those Easter eggs.

  • Earbuds
  • Chargers
  • USB Thumb Drives
  • Apple Air Tags
  • Air Tag Key Chains
  • Cleaning Clothes For Their Tech Devices

A variety of Pokemon cards, Easter charms, Mini Brands, jewelry, water stickers and little squishies to use as Easter egg fillers for teens.

Easter Egg Collection fillers

Help your teen expand their collection this Easter!

23. Magic The Gathering Cards

If you enthusiast is anything like mine, these decks aren’t cheap! Instead break them up and put a couple cards in each egg, like a hunt for the whole deck.

24. Baseball Cards

25. Charms For Bracelets

Taylor Swift friendship bracelets work so great here, but really any type will do.

26. Jewelry – Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings, Slap Bracelets

Who doesn’t like to have a full jewelry box after hunting for their eggs!

27. Mini Brands

My girl LOVES her nutella in mini-sizes, but try out whatever brand your teen loves most for this.

28. Water Bottle Stickers

There are so many cute and puffy water bottle stickers available! AND, aside from candy, they’re the cheapest teen egg filler!

29: Special Coins

This could be 50-cent coins, dollar coins, $2 bills, or even foreign coins

30. Stamps

31. Decks Of Cards

Whether they’re a future magician or just like to play cards, there’s a large variety of decks to suit their personality!

32: Popsockets

33. Video Game Figurines

Roblox and Minecraft remain among the popular video games!

34. Little Squishies

You’d think they’d age out of these, but even my 17-year-old is still obsessed!

35. Gemstone Rocks

These minerals or crystals can be displayed for their natural beauty or kept in your teen’s pocket for good luck! My superstitious teen daughter has been in competitive gymnastics since she was 6, and she brings a bag of ‘good luck rocks’ for every competition.

Egg filler ideas to cure teen boredom including pop its, hacky sacks, fidget spinners, mini rubix cube and squishy stress balls.

What To Put In A Teens Easter Egg To Cure Boredom

We’ve all heard a few times, realistically in the millions, how bored our kids are over breaks… Cure those moments of boredom with these fun fillers!

36. Pop It!

I mean c’mon, these Pop Its are fun for all ages.

37. Fidget Rings, Fidget Spinners And Fidget Poppers

They come in so many cool forms and even have Easter-themed fidget spinners.

38. Brain Teasers

39. Slime

40. Squishy Stress Balls

Squish the stress away.

41. Punch Balloons

Never too old for a punching balloon.

42. Scratch Art Ornaments

Your teen can be creative with these scratch art ornaments.

43. Mini Rubix Cube

44. Sticky Hands

45. Magnetic Marbles

46. Hacky Sack Balls

Reminder to self: if you played Hacky Sack back in your high school days, you may want to stretch before playing now.

Teen Easter egg filler ideas including video game socks, adorable mini erasers, temporary tattoo, credit card stickers and Jibbitz for Crocs.

Easy Egg Fillers You Can Pick Up Today

47. Jibbitz For Crocs

Personalize your Crocs with Jibbitz galore.

48. Video Game Socks

Video gamers will love these socks.

49. Crazy Socks

50. Fluffy Socks

51. Coin Purse

52. Cute Erasers

Some of the erasers they have out there, ADORABLE.

53. Air Fresheners

For those teen drivers!

54. Planting Seeds: Flowers Or Herbs

55. Temporary Tattoos

You can do Easter-themed or temporary tattoos.  Good opportunity to test out real tattoo ideas that your teen may want.

56. Candy or Peeps

Classics: Candy Bracelets, Ring Pop, Jelly Beans, Hershey Kisses, Cadbury Creme Egg, Whoppers Robin Eggs.

57. Gum And/Or Mints

58. Credit Card Stickers

Show your teen how well you know them by filling their Easter egg with a credit card sticker that you know they’ll love.

59. Mini Disco Ball Or Ornaments

Easter egg fillers including affirmations and bible verses for teens.

Easter Eggs Made With Love

Fill your teen’s Easter eggs with loving reminders or acts of love! Celebrate not only Easter but your young adults too with kind words and sweet thoughts, since that’s mostly what they really want anyway.

60. Add Notes For A Big Surprise

Did you find something for your teen that’s too large for an Easter Egg? You can fill an egg (or multiple) either revealing the gift itself or providing hints as to what their big gift is!

Or, you can make it into an Easter egg scavenger hunt leaving clues in each that will lead to where their big surprise is!

61.  Fill Your Egg With A Bible Verse

There are endless scriptures that can beautifully describe how precious your teen is. Not only are they unconditionally loved by you, but they are divinely loved by God!

62. Affirmations

You can write out or type up affirmations for your teen.  YOU ARE LOVED… BEAUTIFUL… WORTHY.  Or, I AM DESERVING… STRONG… COURAGEOUS.

What does your teen need most to be reminded of? I love this idea and if you want to make it even better try out shower stick affirmations for your teen.

63. Printable Egg Coupons

Find Momma Teen designed printable egg coupons here.

No need to give your teen a sugar high this Easter. Fill their Easter eggs with your time, thought, and effort and things they’ll actually like.

Now you know what to put in Easter eggs for teens and…

Pro Tip: Teens appreciate the small gestures of receiving a well-thought-out gift more than candy anyday!

A gift that shows them you truly listen, that you really do know them. Now that you have the ultimate list of Easter egg fillers for teens, personalize it.

Grab your baskets, fill those plastic Easter eggs. Tell me is there something you are filling your eggs with that I missed in this list? I’d love to know.