Inside: 47 Advent Calendar Ideas for Teens.

Choosing an advent calendar for the teen in your life may prove more challenging than getting them to look up from their phone at dinner. Teens can be tricky to buy for, their interests change in the blink of an eye and often it’s hard to even know what they’re interested in.

Not to mention, teens and tweens are often under-represented in our Christmas traditions. It is easy to find a gift, some gift wrap, or an advent calendar for little ones, but it can be tough to find advent calendars for tweens and teens.

Luckily there are companies that are looking to plug this gap in the market. Consequently, you can find advent calendars for teens and tweens with all types of interests and pastimes. Not only that there are plenty of fun, appealing, reusable advent calendars you can fill with your own surprises.

This list of teen Advent calendar ideas for teens should help you find something they’ll enjoy opening during the 25 days of Christmas.

Advent Ideas for Teenagers

What Is an Advent Calendar?

An Advent calendar helps countdown the days until Christmas, usually with a small item or devotional phrase that is revealed on each day. Traditional calendars are rectangular cards or boxes you can hang on the wall or sit on a table with small sealed doors or windows meant to be opened in order on each day of Advent. Depending on the type of calendar, you might find holiday sweets, Bible verses or devotions, small toys or gifts, or other surprises behind each window.

The modern version of the Advent calendar originated in the 1800s, evolving out of German Lutherans’ practice of making chalk marks on a wall or lighting a candle to tally up the days until Christmas. Since then, Advent calendars have become a common and popular holiday tradition. Today you can find everything from traditional religious calendars to ones with Santa or festive winter imagery, versions shaped like Christmas trees, sports or hobby-themed varieties, or even calendars featuring TV shows or cartoon characters.

When Do You Start the Advent Calendar?

Traditionally Advent begins on the fourth Sunday before Christmas, referred to as Advent Sunday (or the First Sunday of Advent). This means that depending on the year Advent could start any day between November 27 and December 3. Advent calendars that are custom made for a specific year may start on Advent Sunday in order to directly correspond to the liturgical calendar.

However, most common Advent calendars just start on December 1 and run through December 24 (or sometimes the 25th). This makes it convenient to start your calendar at the beginning of the month and count down the 24 (or 25) days until Christmas. It also means that if you choose to get a reusable Advent calendar, you can refill it with new goodies and fun surprises every holiday season!

Advent Calendar Ideas for Teens

These fun advent calendar ideas are perfect for your teen.

1. Hanging Christmas Bags Advent Idea

2. Neutral Colored Cloth Bags on Mantel

3. Printable Advent Calendar of Houses

4. Black Paper Bags with Stars

5. Small Felted Stockings Advent Calendar Idea

Gift Ideas

6. Advent Countdown Hanging from Door

7. Envelopes Filled for Advent Calendar

8. Simple Paper Bag Countdown

9. Paper Christmas Tree Advent Idea

10. Candy Cane Decorated Containers

Advent Calendar for Teenage Girl

11. Colorful DIY Advent Calendar

12. Hanging Gifts from Branch

13. Colorful Envelopes Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar for Teenage Girl

14. Bright Pink Gift Advent Countdown

15. Drawn Houses on Colorful Paper Countdown

16. Colorful Tree Forest Countdown

Advent Calendar Gift Ideas for Teenage Girl

If you don’t go with a specific themed advent calendar, here are a few filler ideas that are perfect for teenage girls.

17. Chapstick

18. Gift Cards

19. Make Up Goodies

20. Nail Polish

21. Hair Clips Or Scrunchies

22. Fuzzy Socks

23. Perfume

Teen Boy Advent Calendar Ideas

24. Craft Paper Houses

25. Tools and Chocolate

26. Simple Canvas Bags with Numbers

Teen Boy Advent Calendar Ideas

27. Creative Lego Advent Calendar Idea

28. Basketball Themed Advent Calendar

29. Hanging Gifts on Stairs

Teen Advent Calendar Gift Ideas for Boys

Again, if you haven’t chosen a specific themed advent, here are a few filler ideas for teen boys.

30. Cologne

31. Gift Cards

32. Candy/Snacks

33. Video Game

34. Sports Accessory

35. Waterbottle or Workout Gear

Christmas Countdown Ideas for Teens

These Christmas countdown ideas are great ways to skip out on daily gifts and focus on the excitement of Christmas approaching.

36. Christmas Poppers Countdown

37. Kindness Countdown to Christmas for Teens

38. Christmas Candy Countdown Chain

39. Book or Magazine Coundown for Teens

40. Mini Stocking Coundown Idea

41. Candy Countdown Idea for Teenagers

Christmas Countdown

42. Activity Countdown for Christmas

43. Personalized Wooden Tree Forrest Countdown

44. Hanging Goodie Bags

45. Simple Hanging Countdown to Christmas

46. Small Village Countdown

47. Stocking Coundown Idea

More Ideas for Teens You’ll Love

If you like these advent calendar ideas for teens then check out a few more of our favorite activities for teenagers.

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  • Business Ideas for Teens – So the holidays are coming up and your teen may be wanting to get gifts for their friends and family. Encourage them to try a hand at their own business. These ideas are great for young teens without a license to even older ones that are looking to make a little extra cash… You can add snow shoveling to that list too if you’re planning on having a white Christmas season.

Advent Calendar Ideas for Teens