Inside: Best prom corsages that will elevate your formal look.

I don’t know about you, but I thought about prom A LOT when I was younger. While other little kids were imagining their wedding day, I imagined prom.

That isn’t an exaggeration, either. 😉

Did I have my priorities twisted? Perhaps a little bit, but I loved it nonetheless.

I thought of everything, from my dress to my date, even to my corsage (which I ultimately didn’t get to pick). But… how I do wish these beautiful prom bouquets were a thing at my school.

So I wanted to share with you some of my extensive knowledge of prom-related things because nowadays, I have no prom to look forward to, and yet this information lives rent-free in my head.

Breathtaking prom corsages your date will love: Photo of white corsage

Since I want to be detailed with this, I am going to focus on one topic at a time so I can cover everything I need to. Today’s topic: Prom corsages. I have found some of the coolest modern prom corsages that your date will love.

What Is A Corsage?

I wanted to start off with this question. I know you probably already know what a corsage is, but for the people in the back, I will jog your memory and give you some background.

A corsage is a wrist decoration that is typically made with a fresh flower. A date would present this flower to their person when they pick them up for the event that they are attending together. But why is this done, and when did it begin? Great question, I would love to tell you.

According to an article about the history of corsages, “A gentleman would offer his date a corsage as a gift for attending a special event, such as a dance. He would show respect to his date’s parents by offering a bouquet of flowers and would usually pin a flower from the bouquet to the date’s dress. In this sense, corsages symbolized attachment to another person.”

So there you have it; pretty romantic, right?

Prom Corsages Your Date Will Love

I wanted to start this list off right. Admittedly, this is my form of a redemption arc because I never ended up going to prom. I got sick the week of the dance; go figures. So I want to help all the girls, guys, and everyone in between to have the best prom they possibly can. And I am sorry, but this involves a good corsage.

1. Teal Rose Corsage – The secret to choosing a good corsage is knowing the shade of the outfit your person is going to wear. This way, you can pick a color that reflects it.

2. Mauve Roses with Cute Details – I want you to think about which of these flowers is most like your date. If you can’t go for a matching look, go for a sentimental pick instead.

3. White Flower with Green Accents – If you have a loud dress, that’s great, just make sure you go for a subtle flower instead. It’ll bring the whole look into sophistication.

4. Beautiful Red Flower – I think going with a classic bold red flower is a very cool move; just make sure it goes with the dress or outfit.

3 different prom corsage example

5. Violet Flower Corsage – Violets are a flower that I am deeply obsessed with. When I was in High School, I would have swooned over being given this flower.

6. Succulent Idea – I think these are very modern and cool ideas. You can use a succulent flower instead of a regular one. This leads to a unique look and a super cute accent piece for your outfit.

7. Baby Blue Corsage Idea – I think that baby blue is such a classy color. It reminds me of Cinderella and her glass slipper, which makes the idea of prom that much more romantic. Maybe I wanted too many romances when I was growing up.

8. Light Purple/Pink Corsage – Remember, you don’t have to pick just one flower; you can pick a few! So you are not limited to one kind of color either.

9. Unique White Flower – If you love white but want something with something extra, this is the corsage for your prom. It’s one of those that make you swoon.

10. Eucalyptus Boho Wrist Flowers – I think that eucalyptus is one of those flowers that makes you just so happy and elegant. Take a look at this one to see what I mean by that.

11. Real Orchid Flowers – One of my favorite thing about orchids is how delicate and detailed they are. They would make a very special addition to anyone’s outfit.

12. Single Rose Idea – If you like the idea of keeping it simple, I don’t blame you. Take a look at this idea that uses one rose as the centerpiece.

13. Red Rose with Gemstone Wrist – If you want something with some classic flair, then this gemstone wristband corsage is the thing that has been waiting for you. Isn’t it something?

14. Simple Rose with White Ribbon Band – The reality of corsages is that they don’t need to come with just any old wristband; they can be extra classy with a ribbon band like this.

15. Pearl Corsage Idea – If you want something that isn’t based on flowers, check out this pearl corsage idea. It is so out of the box, I think you are going to love it.

Must see corsage ideas: Photo of group of people with hands in circle. All different corsages.

Must See Corsage Ideas

Lastly, I have this list of the corsages I just had to include in this list. Each is unique in its own way, and you will see what I mean when you start looking. Remember, if you are planning on making your own corsage, the best thing you can do is find a good reference photo.

16. Fern Wrist Idea – I love the idea of adding ferns to a corsage because it makes you feel like a woodland fairy.

17. Red Flower Wrist Idea – Red is one of those powerful colors.

18. Flower Corsage with Blue Beads – I have never seen a corsage that uses beads like this before. I was very excited to find this idea.

19. Orange Flower Corsage – Who said orange wasn’t a prom color?

20. Purple Pink and White – This corsage uses three colors, good luck choosing!

21. Black and White Idea – This is a simple one, perhaps for the Wednesday Addams of the group.

22. Light Pink Green Boho – Here, we have a sweet boho-themed wrist corsage.

23. Peacock Themed Corsage – Peacocks are so full of confidence and beauty I think we could all learn to be more like them.

24. Babies Breathe Idea – I am obsessed with babies’ breath.

25. Unique Green Corsage – This is a wonderful idea.

Prom corsages

26. This hot pink one is perfect

27. Peach in all the hues

Picking The Right Flower

I know that a prom corsage may seem like a little thing that you have to do, but I promise it will end up being the cherry on top of a wonderful night.

Just know when picking out the flower for a corsage, the best advice I can give is to pick a long lasting option that is big enough to make a statement, but not overwhelm your date. 🙂

There are so many other things to consider when we are talking about prom.

Check out some of my other ideas that I know you will benefit from. I may not be going back to prom, but I am ready to pass the torch on.

I hope you love these ideas and that if you are looking for prom corsages for your date, I wish you the best of luck. It can be hard trying to guess what a person likes.