Inside: Top Beach Day Spirit Week ideas that you’ll love.

There are so many different spirit day themes out there it is getting hard to keep count. But one of my all-time favorite ones stands out from the crowd, and that is Beach Day!

I love this because it gives you the opportunity to dress up in cute floral or beachwear clothes that you would normally never wear to school. For those of you who don’t know, Beach Day is a day when students show up to school wearing beach-themed attire.

If you have a beach day coming up but have no idea what to wear…I am here to help.

Cutest Beach Day Spirit Week Ideas

I have gathered some of the cutest Beach Day Spirit Week ideas for you to look through for inspiration. By the end of this list, you will know exactly what you are going to wear.

Best Beach Day Spirit Week Ideas

I know that you are supposed to save the best for last, but I really don’t think that applies when the entire list is this good. So yes, I am going to show you my favorite beach day spirit week ideas first because I want to get you excited for the other awesome ideas!

1. Funny Beach Outfits – I love this kind of look because it is funny and comfortable. Look, they even included some sunscreen on their nose. What a great touch!

2. Hawaiian Beach Holiday – You are going to be seeing a lot of Hawaiian ideas on this list. That is because Hawaii is known for having the best beaches, and therefore Hawaiians have the most iconic beach looks. Check this out to see what I mean.

3. Floral Large Beach Day Outfits – You can never go wrong with something that is floral on a beach day. They just scream ‘fun in the sun, don’t you think?

4. Simple and Cute Beach Day Fits – Sometimes, you can really kill it just by keeping it simple; I have a whole list dedicated to this kind of look below, so check it out if you like this.

5. Funny Grass Skirt – If you want to really send it, why not go for a grass skirt? These are always associated with the beach, so they are perfect for a beach-themed day.

6. Perfect Beach Outfit Ideas – Sometimes, a beach outfit is all about how you wear it. You have to be chill and relaxed, you know what I mean? Check these outfits out to get the full picture.

7. Cute Floral Lei Outfit – Adding a lei is another great way to add a special touch to your beach day outfit. Leis are a common type of necklace made of flowers that are native to Hawaii. They’re beautiful when handmade, but these will do.

8. Beach Makeup Ideas – Each of these girls have light and glowy makeup on, which would be perfect for the beach. If you want to do your makeup, you have to see this for inspo.

9. Funny Bucket Hat Group – Bucket hats are so cute; you really cannot go wrong with wearing one. Unless you are in wintertime…pick a season.

10. Real Grass Skirt – These are real grass skirts, which might be hard to get your hands on here on the mainland, but if you want to really go for it…I bet you can find one!

11. Cute Grass Skirt with Headband – The headband combined with the grass skirt is such a great touch. I think this girl is winning!

Simple and Sweet Ideas

Simple and Sweet Ideas

Next up, I thought I would include some sweet and simple ideas that you can go with. I know for a fact that these will be a winner, regardless of which one you choose. Sometimes the best way to win at spirit sweet is by keeping it simple. So check out these ideas and see which ones you like the best.

12. Skirt with Flip Flops – Skirts are probably one of my favorite looks because it’s not very often that you have the excuse to wear a summer skirt to school. Make sure the weather is warm enough, though!

13. Lilo and Stitch Outfits – This one falls into the sweet category. How cute is this? Lilo and stitch on a beach day, it couldn’t be more fitting. If you want an outfit that stands out, this is the idea for you.

14. Simple and Sweet Hawaiian Fits – I told you you would see a lot of Hawaiian ideas. They are very popular for this themed day. I think that they look adorable.

15. Cute Simple Lilo Outfits with Stitch Cups – If you don’t have a stitch to dress up with you, then you may need to just use a prop as this girl did.

16. Beach Tourist Outfits – Beach tourists are a funny spin on this themed day, so if humor is more the route that you want to take, then this is a great idea for you!

17. Funny Beach Dad – Being a beach dad is a great way to get some laughs from your classmates. What do you think? These look pretty great to me.

18. Cute Goofy Beach Outfits – I love it when people dress up goofy these days because you shouldn’t take yourself too seriously!

19. Floral Over Shirt Trio – These friends all dressed up together; isn’t this cute?

20. Silly Beach Newcomer These girls dressed up as beach tourists, and they are really selling it in these photos.

21. Casual Hawaiian Shirt – I think if you want to put in minimal effort but still look like you are participating, the simple Hawaiian shirt is the way to go. What do you think?

22. Full Beach Day Outfit – Now, this is a full beach day outfit if I have ever seen one.

More Beach Day Spirit Week Ideas

More Beach Day Spirit Week Ideas

And lastly, these are the ideas that I just could not leave out. They are each so cute and perfect for any beach day, so I had to include them. I would have been doing you a disservice if I didn’t.

I especially love the Hawaiian shirts that are included in some of these ideas. They are comfy, cozy, and ready to hit the waves!

23. Sweet Beach Friends

24. Floral Red Dresses

25. Colorful Lays

26. Hawaiian Night Friends

27. Beach Tourist Ideas

28. Funny Friends with Beach Outfits On

29. Green Floral Baggy Shirts

30. Perfect Beach Day Ideas

31. Hawaiian Friends Having Fun

Beach Day Spirit Week

So…do you know what you are going to wear for your beach day spirit week? I bet you do! How could you not after all of these great ideas? There are so many different directions you can take it in.

You could go with a classic beach look, a Hawaiian look, a funny look…it is really up to you and what you want to do on your beach day. If you want some more fun ideas for the other four days of your spirit week, you can start here. I have so many awesome ideas for you; you are going to go crazy!

Spirit week gives students the chance to let loose a little in the middle of the school year when classes can start to feel monotonous. So go big for your beach day spirit week!