Inside: 45 Inexpensive + Cute Date Ideas for Teens.

We know how challenging it can be to navigate the dating scene as a teenager. Whether you can drive or not, we have some awesome date ideas that are appropriate for teens.

Depending on one’s circumstances, it can be challenging to find meaningful activities to engage in outside of school. On the other hand, with a little imagination, you can plan some fantastic dates that will keep you both from getting bored.

And you don’t even have to break the bank either! Your teen can go on some simple dates that leave a lasting impression without spending tons of money. Check out these 45 cute date ideas for teens!

Cute Date ideas for Teens

Cute Date Ideas for Teens

Dating doesn’t mean you can only go to a restaurant or a movie. Those ideas should be on your list, but also try to do some other fun things as well!

1. Go out for ice cream or buy supplies and make ice cream sundaes.

2. Create some TikToks or a YouTube video for fun.

3. Head to your local fair or festive.

Cute Things To Do In A Date For Teens

4. Grab a basketball and shoot some hoops! Or play any other kind of sport you enjoy.

5. Start a fire and make a batch of s’mores.

6. Head to a fruit orchard and pick some apples, strawberries, or peaches!

7. Break out the board games. Games are great ice breakers and are sure to get some laughs out of both of you.

8. Head to your local bowling alley or mini-golf course.

9. Grab your fishing gear and head to a local lake or pond for some fishing. 

10. Do the thrift store challenge, where you pick outfits for each other to wear. It’s hilarious!

Teenager Activities For Dates

11. Head to the pool or go to the beach and swim!

12. Play with puppies and cats at an animal shelter.

13. Take a trip to a museum.

14. Play games at an arcade. 

15. Put together a picnic and go to the park. 

Things to Do on a Date for Teens

16. Go to the movies or spend the day binge-watching movies at home.

17. Go go-cart racing.

18. Play laser tag.

19. Have a water balloon fight.

20. Take your dog on a walk.

21. Sing some of your favorite songs while doing karaoke.

Bike Date Ideas Teenagers

22. Take a relaxing bike ride through town or on a bike trail.

Cool Teen Date Ideas

23. Bake brownies or your favorite dessert.

25. Head out to a hiking trail. Don’t forget to take lots of water and some snacks!

26. Get some large kites and spend the day flying a kite.

27. Relax in a hammock.

28. Take a dance lesson class and break out some new moves!

Cool Teen Date Ideas

29. Go to a pumpkin patch.

30. Go on a scavenger hunt.

31. Cheer on your favorite team on TV or go to a game.

32. If you are near the ocean, take surfing lessons.

33. Go to a concert and sing and dance the night away.

34. Spend some time geocaching.

35. Get your friends together and make a flash mob.

Cute Stay at Home Date Ideas for Teenagers

36. Paint portraits of each other. Don’t worry, you don’t even have to be artistic! Just have fun!

37. Put together a puzzle.

38. Do a Chopped type cooking challenge with each other! Put 3 weird ingredients in a basket and see what you can cook with them.

39. Stargaze

40. Place a blanket on the grass and sit and watch the sunset together.

Cute Stay at Home Date Ideas for Teenagers

41. Have a food fight. 

42. Create a new smoothie without a recipe.

43. Do an online escape room.

44. Have an indoor or outdoor snowball fight. You can make fake snowballs out of yarn for indoors and use real snow for outdoors!

45. Tie-Dye T-shirts

Cute Teen Date Ideas

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