Inside: 45 Inexpensive + Cute Date Ideas for Teens.

We get it, dating as a teenager can be hard. And trying to come up with date ideas even more difficult. Most teens might not even drive yet, or have their own car… or have a lot of money to spend… and they are most likely still living at home.

Finding activities to do outside of school can be a bit difficult depending on the personal situation. But with some creativity, you can plan some really awesome dates together and never get sick of doing the same thing.

Whether your teen has been dating for a little while or heading out on their first date, these inexpensive and cute date ideas for teens are sure to be packed full of fun.

Cute Date ideas for Teens

Cute Date Ideas for Teens

1. Plan an Ice Cream Date

Dessert is never a bad idea. Go out and grab some ice cream together. It’s way cheaper than opting for a dinner date, but just as satisfying.

2. Find a DIY YouTube Tutorial to Try

3. Go to a Food Festival

Cute Things To Do In A Date For Teens

4. Play a Sport

5. Make S’mores

6. Go Fruit-Picking

7. Make a Time Capsule

8. Go Bowling

It sounds super cheesy, but bowling is a classic date for a reason. It’s not too expensive, you can show off your competitive side, and then you can celebrate a win with some fries and chicken fingers. Yum!

9. Go Fishing

10. Go Thrifting

Get some great deals and have some fun trying on vintage clothes with your date! Add a fun twist by picking out an outfit for your date at the thrift store. Then go change into those outfits and grab dinner together in your new get-up.

Teenager Activities For Dates

11. Go Swimming

12. Go to an Animal Shelter

Play with puppies for free! Seriously, have you ever heard of a better date?

13.  Visit a Museum

14. Go to an Arcade

Have some fun at an arcade with bae! Play video games and foosball all night long.

15. Go Mini Golfing

Things to Do on a Date for Teens

16. Do a Photo Scavenger Hunt

Come up with a list of photo subjects, like:

– Snap a pic of something that inspires you
– Take a picture of an animal
– Capture a color you really love
– Take a food photo
Then, set out with your date and try to snap as many pics as possible off the list. At the end of the date, sit down at a cafe and go through your photos.

17. Indoor Rock Climbing

18. Grab Bubble Tea

19. Go Skateboarding

20. Volunteer together

21. Go for a Bike Ride

It’s totally free to hop on the old bike that’s been in your garage forever. Bike around town, or find a scenic bike trail for a pretty view.

Bike Date Ideas Teenagers

22. Have a Picnic

Cool Teen Date Ideas

23. Enjoy Dessert

Everybody loves dessert so introduce your date to your favorite dessert spot and sweet treats. Whether you settle on waffles or a slice of pie, bonding over dessert is as adorable as it gets.

25. Go on a Hike

26. Try a Drive-in Movie

27. Set Up A Hammock In The Park

To elevate your next date, set up a floating hammock in the park! Grab a cooler, pack some sandwiches and find a vacant spot between two trees. Fix the hammock securely to the trees and you’re good to go.

28. Visit a Carnival

Cool Teen Date Ideas

29. Go Iceskating

30. Visit A Botanical Garden

Go and smell the roses at your nearest Botanical Garden. While you won’t be able to pick the flowers, you can make mental notes of your partner’s favorite blooms for future reference.

31. Go To A Sporting Event

32. Head to an Amusement Park

33. Feed The Ducks and Fish At The Park

34. Go Geocaching

Websites and apps will share coordinates in your area, and you and your date from there can hunt for and find fun surprises from other geocachers! Also, bring something to timestamp your date with a special someone.

35. Try Rollerblading

Cute Stay at Home Date Ideas for Teenagers

36. Paint Together

37. Do a Puzzle

38. Have a Game Night

Stay in and play a fun card game, or break out classic board games, like Monopoly and Scrabble. A little competition is a fun way to heat things up!

39. Bake Cookies

40. Play Boardgames

Playing board games at home or in a public space is a simple date idea. From Monopoly to Risk, Clue, Life, and Sorry, these fun games will keep you entertained for hours.

Cute Stay at Home Date Ideas for Teenagers

41. Binge Watch with Netflix

For the ultimate chilled-out night in, set up a snack table and find a new show to binge on Netflix.

42. Water Fight

43. Do an online escape room

44. Pinterest Challenge

Pick a recipe or craft from Pinterest and see if you Nailed It! or it’s a Pinterest Fail

45. Tie-Dye T-shirts

Cute Teen Date Ideas

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