Inside: Powerful self esteem activities for teen girls that will help rebuild confidence.

Self Esteem is one of the most important things we have. That might sound crazy, but it truly helps us as we go through our day-to-day lives. It helps us to try new things, feel good about ourselves, and it helps us to maintain a happy baseline.

But self-esteem is a hard subject for many teenagers seeing as they are in the most confusing portion of their lives. They are in a constant state of growing and comparing as they figure out their place in the world. Without the proper care, their self-esteem will plummet.

This can have ripple effects throughout their life if they don’t get help repairing and working on building it back up now.

Free Self Esteem Activities for Teen

There are so many ways that you can do this, and in this article, I go over a few of my favorites. So look down below and choose a few, or as many as you like, to incorporate into your life. You deserve to be happy, and you deserve to feel good about yourself.

Powerful Self Esteem Activities for Teen Girls

This first list is full of printable pdf worksheets that are geared toward building self-confidence. These are powerful tools when taken seriously and can be so much fun. You get to get to know yourself on a deeper level before, and that is what life is all about!

So take a look at these worksheets and courses to see which ones you might like best. Regardless, this is a great place to be because you are finally shifting your awareness to treating yourself better!

1. Self-Love Workbook

2. Compassion Cards

3. Validation WorkBook

4. Printable Bundle of Worksheets

5. Self-Confidence Work

6. Therapeutic Worksheets

7. How to Crush Self Doubt

8. Self-Care Planner

9. Codependency Bundle

10. 30 Day Self Love Course

11. Build Self Trust

12. Overcome Self-Doubt

Free Self Esteem Ideas printable PDF

Free Self Esteem Activities for Teen Girls

I understand that not everyone can have access to buying pdfs and things, so this is a list of free activities that you can do that will improve your self-esteem drastically. Though some of these might seem simple, know that they pack a big punch. You will not be sorry to have tried these.

I recommend picking two or three to do weekly, if not daily. That way it becomes a part of your routine, and that is how you will start to benefit from it. Doing these just once might help a little, but nothing compared to how they will after a few weeks of repeating them.

13. Journalling – Journalling is recommended by therapists because it helps to calm the mind and make sense of your thoughts. By keeping a journal, your teen is more likely to be able to identify the negative thoughts that are in their head.

14. Meditation – Meditation has been proven to alleviate depression and anxiety. When you feel like everything is just getting to be too much, it can be so helpful to have a regular meditation practice to turn to.

15. Yoga(Moving Meditation) – For those of you out there who can’t stand the idea of sitting still, try yoga. Yoga is a form of moving meditation, so you can calm your mind while moving your body.

16. Affirmations – Affirmations are a powerful tool for changing and redirecting negative thoughts in the brain. You can train yourself to let go of these negative words and beliefs by retraining yourself with powerful words of positivity.

17. Gratitude – Every day before you get out of bed, think of 3 things that you are grateful for. This will create a shift in awareness that will lead to you feeling happier with who you are and the life you have.

18. Trying New Hobbies – Trying new hobbies can prove to you or your teen that they are capable of doing new things. This can not only help them get rid of their fear of trying but show them that it is okay to fail without it being a direct reflection of their worth.

19. Ted Talks – There are many ted talks out there on how to cultivate a good sense of self-esteem. It is something that is built over the years, not just something you find overnight. These kinds of videos will help you learn how.

mediation activities for teens with examples

20. Self-Help Books – These books are great for improving your self-esteem. Without them, we would just be blindly feeling all of our emotions without understanding where they are coming from. And more dangerously, just believing them at face value.

21. Accepting Compliments – Every person with self-esteem problems struggles with accepting compliments. If someone says you look nice, you say no. This needs to stop; teach yourself that you are worthy of compliments, and your life will get better.

22. Limit your social media – Social media is a breeding ground for bad self-esteem. Everyone is only posting the best, edited version of their life, which makes you compare their best to your worst, and that is not what it is like in reality. So you can take a break from social media or at least limit the amount of time you spend on it and who you follow.

23. Write a letter to yourself – Write a letter to yourself saying all the things you want to say. Be kind, and show yourself the kindness that your unconscious thoughts don’t have the ability to do. You deserve it.

24. Set Goals – By setting goals and working towards them, you have a renewed sense of purpose which directly affects how you see yourself. This can be anything from small tasks like taking the dog for a walk every day to bigger ones like getting into your dream school. You got this.

Self Esteem Books and Resources

Lastly, one of my all-time favorite ways to raise self-esteem is to raise awareness about self-esteem. The most dangerous thoughts are the ones that sit below the surface of our awareness, the unconscious ones that make up our day-to-day lives.

These thoughts can tell you horrible things like, “I am a mess up,” or “I am not good enough,” and you will believe it because you don’t have the awareness to know better. By reading some of these books below, you are giving yourself the ability to become more aware of those thoughts.

25. Overcome Self-Doubt

26. DBT Skills Workbook

27. A Teens Guide to Self Acceptance

28. Self-Esteem Habits for Teens

29. Ultimate Self-Esteem Workbook

30. Self Love Workbook

31. Achieve Your Goals

32.Mindfulness for Teens in 10 Minutes

33. Self Esteem Tools

34. Hey Girl! Self Love

35. Limitless Confidence

36. Conquer Negative Thinking

self esteem activities for teen girls

I hope that you found these resources helpful. Please add as many of these things to your life as soon as possible because you deserve to be happy. Self-esteem can make or break many of your experiences. It can cause you either great harm or great help, depending on the state that it is in.

Everyone struggles with their own from time to time, but learning these tools as a teen will help to ensure that in the future when you experience something that sets you back, you’ll know exactly what to do. Be kind to yourself, be gentle. You only have one body, one life, one you. So try and live it the best you can. You are doing great.