Inside: these quick to put on onesies for teenage girl are cozy and cute and perfect for cold days ahead. 

Everyone knows that when it comes to pajamas, nothing quite beats the comfort and cuteness of a good onesie. You can wear them to sleepovers, to pajama day, or just every day for your sleepwear. They are that cool! Not to mention that comfy.

But I think the best part about onesies is how many cute options there are out there. I have seen some pretty spectacular ones, so today, I have compiled a list for you to review. These will help you either find a set that you like or give you some ideas for what you might like. You might be surprised by the sheer variety that is out there.

So take a look through to find out.

Cozy Themed Onesies for Teenage Girl

I made sure to link to every pair, so you can just add them to your cart and be on your way.

Adorable Onesies

I wanted to start this list with a good mix of different kinds of styles and varieties of onesies. This way, you will be able to see what kind you gravitate towards. By the end of this list, you will likely have one(or five) of these cuties in your checkout cart.

So take a look and remember, if you can’t choose, you can always order another set on a different day. So choose the one that makes you happiest now!

1. Cozy Bear Onesie – Have you ever wondered how nice it would feel to have a fur coat during the winter months? Well, now you can get the experience while looking adorable.

2. Tie Dye Onesie – This plush like tie-dye onesie is perfect for slumber parties. It’s comfortable and stylish! So consider this one if you like some color in your life.

3. Classic Onesie with Multiple Options – You can never go wrong with the classics. Take this one, for example, it is customizable in terms of color, and it is beautiful in its simplicity.

4. Simple Sweatshirt Onesie – If you are someone who loves a good sweatshirt, then I don’t think there is a better onesie out there for you than this one right here. Take a look at this and tell me it isn’t perfect. You can’t!

5. Soft Pastel Onesie – If you like light colors and pastels, then check this one out. I especially like it because of how soft it looks and the hood that it comes with. You are ready for any situation.

6. Fuzzy Brown Onesie – Sometimes, you don’t need any extra frills; the fuzziness is good enough. This onesie is proof of that.

7. Colorful Thermal Onesie – I think that color is a must when you are picking a onesie because…why not? It’s not like you are going to be wearing it anywhere serious…so just go for it. Look at this super comfy colorful onesie that would be perfect for nighttime coziness.

Cozy winter Onesies

Cozy Onesies for Teenage Girl

If your favorite things about onesies are the comfiness factor, then you should love this list. I have filled it with the coziest onesies that you will ever see. Some good qualities to look for when deciding on a onesie are fuzziness, bagginess, and the hood. You will find that most of the examples down below have all three, so they are SUPER cozy. Get ready for the winter months, slumber parties, or general comfort…because here you come!

8. Fuzzy Onesies – I have said it before, and I will say it again, fuzzy onesies are the way to go. You cannot knock it until you try it, and there is no better way to try it than with this onesie. If you want another color or style, the ones below are just as good.

9. Teddy Bear Onesie – As if onesies weren’t already cute enough, this one had to go and up the ante. Yeesh! How do they do it? I want to order this one for myself, so take a look and get yourself one before they are gone.

10. Simple Cozy Onesie – Simplicity is a beautiful thing, and when something is simple and cozy? I am sold. I think that a good onesie can make or break a sleepover or just a regular night.

11. Care Bear Onesie – Are you a fan of the care bears? Who isn’t? This adorable onesie is made to look just like the good luck charm care bear. You can also find these with every other care bear, so if you have a favorite in mind, you can find it.

12. Soft Star Onesie – This onesie has a combination of grey and pink stars that will leave you adding to your cart so fast your fingers will be smoking! Okay, all jokes aside, this one is pretty darn cute. See for yourself.

13. Plaid Onesie with Pull Ties – Plaid onesies will forever remind me of Christmas morning. If you are buying your onesie with this in mind, this one is perfect for you. But if you aren’t and you just like plaid, that works just as well!

14. Bunny Fuzzy Onesie – How cute can these onesies get? I feel like that is a question I will regret asking. Take a look at this onesie that is made to look like a bunny. It even has pockets! Doesn’t get much cooler than that.

Themed costume pjs for teens

Themed Onesies for Teenage Girl

For this last list, I wanted to include some funnier themed onesies for teenage girls. These are based on animals, cartoons, movies, and many other things. So take a look and see which ones you make laugh! If nothing else, these will give you an idea of what you are NOT going for.

So are you thinking of something silly or something simple? Perhaps somewhere in between? Find out by looking at the examples below.

15. Perry the Platypus Onesie – Every teen nowadays has watched Phineas and Ferb at least once. This platypus leaves a mark! In every room you enter, you will hear people saying, “Perry the Platypus?!”.

16. Lilo and Stitch Themed – A classic nostalgic character whose love from his fans never dies. It doesn’t get much cuter than stitch!

17. Cute Narwhal Onesie – This is one of my favorite animals, and they look great in onesie form. It’s the perfect mixture of cute and cozy. Take a look!

18. Spiderman Themed Onesie – For all you Marvel lovers out there, we know how much you like to rep your heroes. So here is a Spiderman onesie.

19. Cow Onesie Ultra Comfy – Cow print is in these days, so go for it.

20. Winnie the Pooh Pajamas – Winnie the Pooh will forever be the best onesie to ever exist.

21. Chicken Themed Onesie – This one cracked me up, so I just had to include it!

Themed Onesies for Teenage Girl

Let me guess…you found a whole handful of onesies that you want, right? Because me too…and I’m not even a teen anymore. I hope that you loved this list of the best onesies for teenage girl.

Onesies really are the superior form of pajamas. Not only because they are adorable, but they are the coziest thing you will ever put on your body. Get all of your friends together and have a slumber party, but make sure everyone comes in a onesie… that way, you can have a photoshoot for the gram!