Inside: Trendy nail ideas for teens, plus answering the question are acrylics a good idea for your teen to have?

Fashionable ideas and trends will always be around. Whether you’re into them or not, you can’t help but encounter them as they sweep across the internet and social media. We have all seen some questionable fashion trends, such as high-waisted jeans, middle parts, chunky shoes, or crop tops.

I’m not usually one to follow fashion, but I’m totally on board with the colorful nail art trend. The question is, “What’s not to love?” They are bright and original and have a ton of character. I want to be clear that there are still obstacles to this fad among teenagers, such as price and upkeep.

All legitimate worries.

You’re in luck, because we’ve compiled a detailed list of creative nail art ideas for teenagers that won’t put a dent in your wallet, can be worn by teens, and don’t call for claw-like nails.

See some of the best nail art designs for teenagers and how we avoid the pitfalls of the nail salon.

Acrylic Nail Inspiration For Teens

Cute Nail Ideas for Teens

Shall we begin with the briefest possible introduction? Claw nails, which resemble a coffin, are very popular right now. If I’m being completely honest, this isn’t very plausible for teenagers. Teens might not be able to rock the colorful daggers for a number of different reasons. Being involved in  activities such as being in athletics or playing an instrument, or being involved in cheerleading. However, if you don’t have naturally long nails, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the latest nail art trends. Some of our favorite cute nail art designs for young ladies with short nails.

1. Hand full of Daisies

2. Bright Color Block

3. Rainbow Tips

4. Colored “French” Manicure – This nail art is great because it’s easy to do but looks great and can be done in any color, but it’s most commonly done in peach and white.

5. Colorful Abstract Nail Art Design

6. Abstract Lines

Cute Nail Ideas for Teens

7. Speckled Texture Idea

8. Mix and Match Color Block

9. Animal Print Design

10. Lightly Spotted

Teenage Nail Ideas

11. Colorful Plaid Design

12. Smiley Faces All-Around

13. Colorful Dots

14. White Stars

15. Colorful Flowers Collection

Nail Designs For Teens

Nail Designs for Teens

Since we already discussed designs for shorter nails, let’s look at some more universal options. Animal prints, stars, smileys, and bright colors are just a few of the many trendy designs and ideas that translate well to the nail art medium.

16. Covered in Colorful Stars

17. Different Colored Tips 

18. Bright and Bold

19. Matte Blue Swirl Design

20. Pastel Swirls

21. Neutral Tones with Butterflies

Cute Nail Designs for Teenagers

22. Unique Colorful Collection

23. White Flame Tips

24. Different Design on Each Nail

25. Groovy 70s Vibe

Trendy Nail Art Ideas

Teen Nail Ideas They’ll Love

There’s one development I keep witnessing, and I happen to adore it. I like the idea of having slightly different nails on each hand. This creates a one-of-a-kind look for each fashion because the colors and patterns coordinate somewhat, but are still distinct from one another.

26. Trendy Prints and Designs

27. Modern Patterns

28.  Mix and Match Collection

29. Different Colored Swirls

30. Summer Collection of Designs

Colorful Trendy Nail Styles

31. Subtle Designs on Each Finger

32. Trendy Nail Trend

33. Colorful Flames

34. Pastel Collection with Cow Print

35. Eclectic Combo

Cute Nail Ideas For A Teen

Let’s Talk Acrylics

Wow, what a crazy fun list of nail art ideas! I know I will be putting a few of those on my own list for my next manicure. Apparently that makes me a hipster, right?

One thing you might have noticed is that some of those nails are extremely long and made of acrylic. In our household, the question of whether or not teenagers should use acrylic nails is a hot potato. My daughter has been begging me to get acrylic nails put on her. I mean, I get that it’s trendy and all your friends have them, but is that really the case?

Acrylic Nails for Teenage Girls

For various reasons, acrylic nails aren’t an option for some teenagers. Just a few examples:

  • Sports – Acrylic nails pose a risk in contact sports such as volleyball, basketball, and cheerleading. ome of these new nail styles are seriously pointy. In high-contact sports, this could endanger both themselves and their opponents. In addition, everyone has broken a nail, but an acrylic nail is a whole new ballgame. In addition, cracking a natural nail is common, but cracking an acrylic nail is a different story. Therefore, all it takes is one misstep to tear off an entire nail, including your natural nail. That’s why I don’t recommend acrylic nails for any sport.
  • Musical Instruments – Have you tried playing the guitar with long fingernails? It would be very painful and would be easy to damage the nails too. Most kids won’t like how it feels either.
  • Cost – There is one major downside to having acrylic nails: they are expensive to maintain. Can the teenager maintain that pace? Once you get them, you’ll need to return every few weeks to have them refreshed. That can really add up quickly, so that is a huge consideration.

Several options exist other than getting acrylic nails, which are currently popular among teenagers. There are dozens of talented nail artists on Etsy who make beautiful fake nail collections. Nail glue allows you to achieve the look of acrylic nails without the drawbacks. You can remove them anytime and tend to be better on your nails than acrylics.

In honor of Etsy’s amazing artists, I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite nail sets.

Claw Collective – Pink Glitter

Nails by Elle – Heart Tips

TranquiliteLondon – Smiley Faces

Fake Nail Shops

Countless other fantastic stores are waiting to be discovered. Do an Etsy search for “fake nail sets,” and you’ll see a huge selection.

More Fun Trends Teens Will Love

If you like these teen nail art designs, you might also like these other trendy looks.

  • Tinsel Hair Extensions – The ’90s trend of tinsel in one’s hair is making a comeback. Hair tinsel isn’t just for the performers or individuals with super cute hair; anyone can benefit from it. Your teen probably shares my sentiment that “more is more” when it involves fashion. Go wild and mix in some unique style, color, and fun to your hairstyle with some creative tinsel hair extensions! Not only will your teen love this tinsel look, but you may also even love it too!
  • Hairstyles for TeensThe modern young woman has it made. Nowadays’ kids and teens have a lot more options than we did when we were young when it comes to attractive, adorable, and on-trend hairstyles. The hairstyle options for adolescent women are practically endless. To help you figure out what to do about your favorite girl’s hair this year, here are some of the season’s loveliest styles.
  • Cute Date Ideas for TeensWe remember how difficult it was for us when we were teenagers. Whether or not you have a driver’s license, we have some great date ideas that are suitable for teenagers. It may be difficult to find satisfying pursuits outside of school, depending on one’s personal situation. Yet, with some creative thinking, you may arrange some great dates that will keep you from growing tired of each other. And it won’t cost you an arm and a leg! Your adolescent can make an impact without breaking the bank by going on low-key but memorable dates. See the 45 fun and creative dating suggestions for teenagers.

Nail Ideas for Teens