Inside: Trendy nail ideas for teens, plus answering the question are acrylics a good idea for your teen to have?

Trends. Love them or hate them, they come into our lives in full form and sweep the internet and media just waiting for us to jump into them. From high-waisted jeans, middle parts, chunky shoes, or crop tops, we have all seen some trends that might be a tad questionable.

One trend, for me I can fully hop on is this colorful nail art hype. I mean, what’s not to love? They are colorful, creative, and totally fun. Now don’t get me wrong, there are still some challenges when it comes to this trend and teens, like cost, maintenance, and should I allow my 13-year-old to wear acrylics?

All valid concerns.

Lucky for you, we have come up with the ultimate list of fun nail designs that won’t break the bank, will look good on any age of teen, and don’t require talon like nails to be done.

Check out our favorite nail ideas for teens and how we combat the nail salon drama.

Acrylic Nail Inspiration For Teens

Cute Nail Ideas for Teens

Let’s start short, shall we? I know the trend right now is a coffin shape “claw” nail. This is not totally realistic for teens if I’m being honest. There are several reasons that teens might not be able to pull off those colorful daggers. From sports, musical instruments, and possibly overall maturity. But just because you don’t have long nails, doesn’t mean you can’t participate in the trendy nail trends. Here are a few of our favorite cute nail ideas for teens with short claws.

1. Hand full of Daisies

2. Bright Color Block

3. Rainbow Tips

4. Colored “French” Manicure – I love that you can do any color for this simple but trendy nail art.

5. Colorful Abstract Nail Art Design

6. Abstract Lines

Cute Nail Ideas for Teens

7. Speckled Texture Idea

8. Mix and Match Color Block

9. Animal Print Design – You don’t need nail “claws” for this feisty look. 😉

10. Lightly Spotted

Teenage Nail Ideas

11. Colorful Plaid Design

12. Smiley Faces All-Around

13. Colorful Dots

14. White Stars

15. Colorful Flowers Collection

Nail Designs For Teens

Nail Designs for Teens

Now that we have covered the shorter nail size, let’s check out a few more designs that can work on any length of nail. There are so many different trendy designs and ideas that work well with nail art, from cow prints, stars, smiley faces, and bold colors.

16. Covered in Colorful Stars

17. Different Colored Tips 

18. Bright and Bold

19. Matte Blue Swirl Design

20. Pastel Swirls

21. Neutral Tones with Butterflies

Cute Nail Designs for Teenagers

22. Unique Colorful Collection

23. White Flame Tips

24. Different Design on Each Nail

25. Groovy 70s Vibe

Trendy Nail Art Ideas

Teen Nail Ideas They’ll Love

There is one trend that I continue to see, and also personally love. The idea of each nail being a little different is something I can totally get down with. With all the colors and designs semi-going together, but all a little different, this creates a unique look for each style.

26. Trendy Prints and Designs

27. Modern Patterns

28.  Mix and Match Collection

29. Different Colored Swirls

30. Summer Collection of Designs

Colorful Trendy Nail Styles

31. Subtle Designs on Each Finger

32. Trendy Nail Trend

33. Colorful Flames

34. Pastel Collection with Cow Print

35. Eclectic Combo

Cute Nail Ideas For A Teen

Let’s Talk Acrylics

That was a crazy fun list of nail art ideas, personally, I have stopped and added a few of those ideas to my personal list for my next nail vist. I guess that makes me trendy, huh? 😉

What you might have noticed, are some of those nails are long and acrylic. This is a touchy subject in our house, should teens wear acrylic nails? My daughter desperately wants some professional acrylic nails. And I get it, it’s popular and everyone has them but is it realistic?

Acrylic Nails for Teenage Girls

There are several reasons that some teens just can’t have acrylic nails. Here are a few for us:

  • Sports – There are sports like softball, basketball, and even tennis that acrylic nails can be dangerous. Let’s think about it for a second, some of these nail trends are SHARP. This could be a hazard to other athletes or themselves when it comes to close contact sports. Plus we have all broken a nail, now breaking an acrylic nail is a whole other level. So one wrong move when it comes to sports and you can rip off a whole nail, including your natural nail. So in my opinion, when it comes to playing a sport, acrylic nails to be a negative.
  • Musical Instruments – Have you ever tried to play the violin in long nails, it’s not fun. This will have to be up to the teen to decide if they can continue to play their instrument well with long clinky nails.
  • Cost – Here is a big one, maintenance on acrylic nails costs money. So is that something the teen can keep up with? Once you get them put on, you will need to get them filled every couple of weeks. So, if they are committed to that, then I don’t see why not.

Luckily, with nail trends surging, there are SEVERAL ways to get around having to get trendy teenage acrylic nails. You can hop on Etsy and find dozens of amazing nail artist that create stunning fake nail sets. With just apply nail glue, you can create the same look of acrylic nails without any of the cons attached. Plus there is no nail damage or long-term commitment.

Here are a few of my favorite nail sets from the talented artists on Etsy.

Claw Collective – Pink Glitter

Nails by Elle – Heart Tips

TranquiliteLondon – Smiley Faces

Fake Nail Shops

There are so many more amazing shops out there. Simply search “fake nail sets” on Etsy and you will find everything you could ever want.

More Fun Trends Teens Will Love

If you’re loving these nail ideas for teens, then check out a few more fun trends that teenagers will love.

  • Tinsel Hair Extensions – Another great trend for teens, these tinsel hair extensions are fun and unique for parties, proms, and pure fun. They add the sweet little spark of teenage whim that we are all looking for. Check out how you can create your own tinsel hair look with some awesome products.
  • Hairstyles for Teens – From beachy waves and messy buns to epic braids and super straight sleek hair, there are literally hundreds (and hundreds) of hairstyles to inspire teen girls! So, if your favorite girl is looking for a new hairstyle this season, we’ve gathered the cutest hairstyles around to give her the inspiration she needs!
  • Cute Date Ideas for Teens – With their nails and hair done, these teens obviously need a reason to show them off (other than Instagram of course). What better way to show off your new style than on a date. These fun teen date ideas are perfect for those teens that may or may not be able to drive or lack in the money department. Each is still a blast and makes for a great first-date idea.

Nail Ideas for Teens