Inside: So many Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Teens That They’ll Love & You’ll Be Done Shopping!

Teenagers have a poor reputation when it comes to receiving gifts, and they are stereotypically thought to only want extremely pricey electronic devices. We know that a new smartphone or tablet would make their eyes light up, but we’ve also noticed that they’re just as likely to be delighted by the smallest of gestures.

Perhaps you’re past the age where you can see an hour’s worth of entertainment from a dollar store toy in the hands of a toddler. Shopping for stocking stuffers for teenagers, whether for a boy or a girl, can be a lot of fun and an opportunity to show your creativity.

Our top picks for cool teen stocking stuffers. The vast majority of them give teens ample opportunity to express themselves creatively, play with toys and games, connect with friends, and discover new passions.

Stocking Ideas for Teenagers

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Teens

These fun stocking ideas for teens are perfect for your teenager this Christmas. From fun, unique, and practical gifts, all of which make perfect stocking stuffers for any teen.

1. Tortilla Blanket

2. Book of Life Lessons for Teens: This includes everyday life skills every teen should know, like changing a tire or first aid.

3. Pom Pom Slippers

4. Personalized Name Pencils

5. Zodiac Star Sign Socks

6. Mini Simon Says Game

Teen Stockings

7. Small Pom Pom Throw Blanket

8. Yoda Chia Pet

9. Beaded Rings

10. Mechanical Music Box Set

11. Fun Collection of Brainteaser Games

12. Birth Month Guitar Pick

Best Stocking Stuffers for Teens – Gift Card Ideas

Every teen loves free money, shoot, all of us love free money. Gift cards are a great way to add a little stuffing to a stocking.

Expert Tip: Since gift cards are small, I like to wrap them up in tissue paper or wrapping paper for some “extra padding” which also takes up more space in their stocking! You’re Welcome!

Here are a few of our favorite places to give gift cards too!

13. Dunkin’ Donuts

14. Target

15. Visa

16. Starbucks

17. Chipolte

18. Gas Station

19. Favorite Drink Spot (Sonic, Swig, Rocket Fizz)

20. Dutch Bros

21. Xbox

22. Anthropologie

23. Lululemon

24. Shein

13-Year-Old Stocking Fillers Ideas

25. Gamers Candle: Who else has a 13-year-old gamer-loving guy living in their house? Just me? This candle is a perfect funny stocking stuffer for them.

26. Build a Robot Kit

27. Rock Candy Bath Fizzies

28. Dino Lego Set

29. Mini Bowl Game

13 Year Old Stocking Fillers Ideas

30. Favorite Video Game

31. Decor for Their Room

32. Cool Books

33. Fun Card Games

34. Candy or Favorite Snacks

35. Scrunchies or Hair Accessories

36. Gift Cards

Cheap Stocking Fillers for Teenage Girls

This little snippet of stocking stuffers for teen girls is just the start to our list of ideas. Check out more gifts by clicking here!

37. Birth Month Flower Year Necklace

38. Pink Wireless Mouse

39. Apple Watch Scrunchie Band

40. Beautiful Girl, You Can Do Anything Bracelet

41. Retro Rainbow Graphic Tee

42. Terrarium Candle

Cheap Stocking Fillers

43. Blooming Lollipops: These flowery flavored suckers pack more than a sweet punch. The best part is when you are done enjoying the sucker, you can plant the stick to grow fresh flowers.

44. Hair Tie Bracelet

45. Monogrammed Notebook

46. Two-Tone Stretch Bracelet

47. Nail Polish

48. Mini Heart Ring Holder

Ideas for Teen Stocking Stuffers – Electronics + Accessories

What teen doesn’t love a good electronic accessory or techy gift? Here are a few of our favorite ideas that fit perfectly into a stocking.

49. Headphone Adaptor 

50. Clear iPhone Case

51. Tile Square: Perfect for any teen who regularly loses their keys, wallet, or anything else.

52. Kate Spade Apple Watch Bumper

53. Ring Light and Tripod Combo

54. Small Portable Charger

55. 3 in 1 Charging Station

Ideas for Teen Stocking Stuffers

56. USB Pom Pom Keychain

57. Small Drone

58. Playstation Controller Alarm Clock

59. Portable Wireless Speaker

60. Bluetooth Banana Phone

Teenage Stocking Fillers Ideas for Boys

This little snippet of stocking stuffers for teen boys is just the start to our list of ideas. Check out more gifts by clicking here!

61. Anti-Gravity Finger Surfboard

62. Personalized Leather Wallet

63. Carhartt Beanie

64. Gaming Socks

65. The Fidget Pen

66. Bulls Eye Ball Game

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Teen Boys

67. Nike Pack of Socks

68. Playful Sports Mug

69. Favorite Sports Accessories: Goldballs, New Batting Gloves, Basketball Socks

70. Grooming Accessories: Hair Gel, Deodorant, or Shower Gel

71. Merchandise From Their Favorite Influencer 

72. Their Favorite Video Game

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Young Adults

Check out our favorite stocking stuffers for young adults!

73. Mushroom Bandana

74. Floppy Disk Looking Notebook

75. Disco Hanging Planter

76. Celebrity Guessing Game

77. Music Playing Cards

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Young Adults

78. Bedside Smartphone Vase

79. Disco-to-Go USB Light

80. Makeup or Beauty Supplies

81. Accessories for Their Car

82. Candles for Their Room

83. New Notebooks and Pens

84. Mug

Cool Stocking Stuffers for Teens – The Basics

There is nothing wrong with sticking to the basics, they make great fillers for stockings. Plus you can include everyday things that they need as filler.

85. Chapstick

86. Gum

87. Candy

88. Socks

89. Skin Care

90. Socks

91. Lotion

92. Perfume

93. Small Notepads

94. Stickers

95. Makeup

96. Gift Cards

97. Car Accessories

98. – 126. Stocking Ideas specific to girls

127. – 175 Genius stuffer ideas for your teen boys

176. 80’s Movies that you loved

177. Small Games

178. Phone Charger

179. Motivational Calendar

More Fun Ideas for Teens

If you like these fun stocking stuffer ideas for teens then check out a few more of our favorite ideas for the holiday season and ways to have more fun with your teen.

  • Elf on the Shelf Ideas for Teens – No matter how old we get, the elf on the shelf will always remain a magical and most memorable part of Christmas for all of us. Setting up elf on the shelf all through the Christmas month is one heck of a task. But, it will get a whole lot better and easier when you check out these hilarious elf on the shelf ideas that teens will love to join in.
  • Teen Party Game Ideas – Speaking of having fun with teens, these fun party game ideas are perfect for any teen celebration. I love making sure I have a collection of good games for anytime my teens friends are at the house. This collection is full of great ice breakers, entertaining board games, and classic party favorites. Check them out for a full night of fun.
  • Business Ideas for Teens – So the holidays are coming up and your teen may be wanting to get gifts for their friends and family. Encourage them to try a hand at their own business. These ideas are great for young teens without a license to even older ones that are looking to make a little extra cash… You can add snow shoveling to that list too if you’re planning on having a white Christmas season.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Teens