Inside: Fun Teen Party Game Ideas Everyone Will Love. 

So you have a big teen birthday coming up, maybe it’s finally becoming a teenager or finally getting that driver’s license. No matter the age they are turning, throwing a bumpin’ birthday bash is a must.

There is a lot that needs to be done to plan a party that teens will love, for instance, food, music, location, maybe even a theme. But another one of my favorite ways to turn up the good time is by making sure to have tons of games readily available for when there is that awkward low in the party.

You know what I’m talking about. After they hello’s and insta photos are shot, when the boy and girls just look awkwardly at each other waiting for the others to do something.

Throwing in a game helps break the ice and get all the teens involved in the fun. From board games to classic teen fun here are our favorite hilarious teenage party games.

Teen Party Games

Popular Teen Party Game Ideas

Codenames: This is a fun social word game that pits each player as master spies struggling to avoid an assassin. Like a game of charades, this game requires strategy and critical thinking, but most importantly the ability to let lose and put your acting skills to the test.

Telestrations: This is a visual version of the “telephone”(whispering in one another’s ears in grade school) game. No drawing skills required, stick figures, and a sense of humor necessary, this game will have everyone laughing and is sure to spawn inside jokes that’ll last for years! I have never hear our teens and their friends laugh so hard as when they are playing this game.

Apples to Apples: The hilarious game of wacky comparisons is a huge hit with teens. This game is fairly straightforward so it’s perfect for larger groups at birthday parties.

Popular Teen Party Games

Ice Cool: This game is one of my all-time favorite board games! The teens will love it, that’s a PROMISE! Game your own here! Just make sure to have enough space for these teens to run around a table, this game can get a little intense.

LRC (Left, Right, Center) Game: Left, Center Right is a fast-paced dice game that includes 3 dice, 24 playing chips, and a list of instructions. Players compete by rolling the dice, passing their chips and aiming to take home the center pot full of chips. I like this game for teens because with it’s fast-pace it makes for a fun and intense time.

Board Games to Play at Teenage Party

The Voting Game: Similar to “Who’s Most Likely To.” Players take turns reading questions while the other players vote on who that question applies to best.

Catan: This is my all-time favorite game! Totally one of the best board games of teenagers! This popular civilization-building board game of harvesting and trading resources definitely takes some time to get used to — but once it clicks, you won’t want to stop playing!

Scramble Twister Game: This game combines two fan favorites in one. The classic fun of Twister and the pensive challenge of Scrabble will get everyone moving in no time. Spell words on a giant mat filled with letters and watch your friends get tied up — literally!

Games to Play at Teenage Party

Party Bowl: Party Bowl is bound to become an instant hit with your teens. In this game, players split into two teams, come up with words about themselves based on prompted cards, then toss them in the Party Bowl. Next, each team tries to guess the person behind the cards.

5 Second Rule: If you’re looking for a funny and fast thinking game that everyone will enjoy – The five Second Rule is it! Often the best games are simple games and this game couldn’t be easier to play. All you have to do is name 3 things from a chosen card in 5 seconds. That’s it. Sounds easy, right? But think again, it’s harder than you think and full of laughs.

Hilarious Teenage Party Games

Ping Pong Shake: This is THE FUNNIEST game ever! Team up and each person straps on an empty tissue box filled with a ping pong ball. Each player has to shake what their mama gave them till their tissue box is empty!

Toilet Paper Icebreaker: To play, pass a roll of toilet paper around and have everyone rip off how much they would usually use. Everyone will probably think you’re crazy. When the toilet paper makes it all the way around the circle, have everyone count their squares. The number of squares each person took is the number of fun facts they have to reveal about themselves.

Fruit Roll-up Game: Teens LOVE this game! To play, you take a fruit roll-up, hang it out of your mouth, and without using your hands you have to eat the fruit roll-up as fast as you can!

Hilarious Teenage Party Games

Popular Teen Party Games

Bring up the fun a notch with these popular teen party game ideas.

Balloon Pop: Blow up a bunch of balloons and fill them with fun questions. Each person has to pop the balloon without their hands and then answer the question! It is so hilarious to see each person pop the balloons, especially without using hands!

Saran Wrap Ball Game: To play you must keep the ball on your lap at all times and unwrap it as fast as you can while the person to your left keeps rolling the dice until they get doubles. Once they roll doubles the dice will pass to the person on their left and the saran wrap ball will pass to the dice roller. Once the person to their left rolls doubles the ball gets passed again. This is one of our favorite Christmas Party icebreaker games for teens.


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Games to play for teenagers

Classic Games to Play at Teenage Party

Two Truths and a Lie: Every guest writes down three facts about themselves, two true facts and one lie. Next, read aloud each guest’s facts, and the other party guests need to figure out the lie.

Would You Rather: Create a jar full of questions of two options to the question “would you rather…”. Options can be realistic or not, and the only rule is that the players must choose one of the two options to the question.

Activities for Teenagers

Truth or Dare: Parents, I’m sure you know this game and Teens I’m sure you love this fun classic game.

15 Questions: The number can be however old the birthday boy or girl is turning. They make a list of questions about themselves, and all the attendees fill it out. This is the game of who knows them best.

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Teen Party Game Ideas