Inside: Creative Business Ideas for Teens {No Matter Their Age}.

From wanting to hang out with friends, go on dates, buy the newest trendy clothes, or expensive electronics, these teens come with a pretty hefty bill. 😉 I totally understand though, they want to do what everyone else is doing. They are searching for that independence that comes with growing up.

Unfortunately, most teens can’t find a “real” job until they get their driver’s license or turn 18. Which is a huge bummer for a motivated teen looking to make their way in this crazy world.

Growing up I remember helping my dad mow lawns in the summer and I was so happy to start making some of my own money. That motivation carried over for me and I actually started my own organizing business at 17. I use to go to people’s houses and help them organize parts of their homes like pantries, closets, and even kids’ rooms. It was a blast, and I was working toward a goal

To help those motivated kids that are finding it hard to find a job to fit their schedule or don’t quite meet the age requirements here are a few of our favorite business ideas for teens.

Creative Job Ideas

Good Business Ideas for 16-Year-Olds

Personal Shopper: For those who enjoy shopping, you can build a business as a personal shopper and help others pick out the best items for them. You can choose to help someone who needs special assistance getting groceries or other necessities.

Car Washing Service: You can also start a mobile car washing service where you visit clients to wash and detail their vehicles.

House Cleaner: Or you can build up a base of clients through word of mouth and offer house cleaning services on a regular basis.

Laundry Service: You can even get more specific with your services and offer to do laundry for your local clients.

Errand Service: You can also offer a variety of different errand services to local customers, including picking up orders, dry cleaning, and more.

Good Business Ideas for 16 Year Olds

Businesses Teens Can Start

Lawn Care: Lawn care is a pretty easy and straightforward business to start. If you have transportation and equipment, you can build a client base of local homeowners in your area.

Packing Service: Starting a full moving service might not be super realistic for a teenager. But you can start a business that helps people pack up their items before moving in order to make some extra cash.

Business Ideas for 13-Year-Olds

For those younger teens that don’t have a car or transportation just yet, here are a few jobs you can get by simply walking around the neighborhood and putting in some hard work.

Simple Business Teens Can Start

Snow Removal: If you want to earn some extra cash during the winter months, you can offer to shovel snow for local homeowners for a small fee.

Leaf Removal: And during the fall, you can offer leaf removal services to those who don’t want to rake their yards on their own.

Pet Cleanup Service: It may not be glamorous work, but pet cleanup is a service that’s really in demand. So you can build a client base in your area and offer those services regularly.

Good Business Ideas for Teens

Academic Tutor: For students that excel in certain subjects, you can offer assistance to other students that need help in that area by starting a business as an academic tutor.

SAT/College Prep Tutor: Or you can get even more specific about your tutoring services and focus specifically on helping students and college applicants prepare for the SATs or other standardized tests.

Child Care: Babysitting and child care services are popular ways for young people to make some extra money. You can accept jobs that don’t conflict with your school schedule or other activities.

Dog Walking: Or you could focus on gaining local clients who are also pet owners and offering dog walking services on a daily or weekly basis.

How To Start A Business For Teenagers

Housesitting: You can also offer housesitting services to homeowners who need someone to look after their homes while they travel.

Gift Wrapping Service: During the holidays or other popular gift-giving occasions, you can offer gift-wrapping services to gift-givers who don’t want to wrap their own items.

Technology Tutor: If you’re a techy teen then you can focus more on teaching clients how to set up their devices or solve other tech issues on their own by starting a business as a tech tutor.

Social Media Strategist: If you’re a social media savvy teen, which most teens are these days, starting a social media consulting business may be the best way to capitalize on your skillset. Social media consulting is one field where youth is valued. Companies run by adults, especially mom and pop shops, know that their expertise may not lie in social media, and they need someone a bit less out of touch to help revitalize their digital presence.

Online Business Ideas for Teens

These entrepreneur ideas for teens are great for this digital age that demands online skills.

Handmade Shop Owner: If you have any art or craft skills, you can open your own shop selling handmade goods to people online on sites like Etsy. This is a great small business idea for a teenage girl that is crafty and creative.

Proofreader: You can offer editing or proofreading services to businesses, authors, or individuals who need help perfecting their copy.

Youtube Channel: Youtube is continuing to grow at a rapid pace. Having the second largest search engine after Google, people are searching for everything. Find your interest and create videos about it. Some ideas to consider include unboxing, product reviews, and lessons.

Online Business Ideas for Teens

Livestream Video Games: This may sound like a dream job to many, and really it may be. Get donations and tips from people watching you play online, or work your way up to a paid subscription.

Video Editing: Video is becoming vital online. Advertisers are posting more videos, Youtube channels are growing, and wedding season is always around. With some simple software and basic skills, you could be employed by various industries to edit videos at your own convenience.

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