Inside: Creative Business Ideas for Teens {No Matter Their Age}.

These teenagers come with a pretty hefty bill, with their desire to hang out with friends, go on dates, buy the latest fashionable clothing and accessories, and purchase expensive gadgets. But I get it; they want to join the crowd. A sense of autonomy that comes with maturation is something they’re actively seeking.

Until they are at least 18 years old or have their driver’s license, most teenagers have a hard time landing a grown up type of job. This is very discouraging news for an ambitious young person trying to find their way in the world.

I remember as a kid being so excited to start making my own money by helping my dad cut the grass during the summer. That inspiration stayed with me, and at age 17 I launched my own organizing company. Before, I used to visit people’s homes to assist them in organizing their closets, cabinets, and even their bedrooms. It was a lot of fun, and it helped me get closer to my goal.

Here are some of our favorite business ideas for teens to help them get started if they are motivated but cannot find a job due to scheduling conflicts or age restrictions.

Creative Job Ideas

Good Business Ideas for 16-Year-Olds

Personal Shopper:  If you have an eye for style and are good at finding the perfect gifts, you could start your own successful business as a personal shopper. If you see someone who needs help getting food or other necessities, you can offer your assistance.

Car Washing Service:  Another viable business idea is to offer mobile car washing services, where you go to customers’ homes or places of business and wash and detail their vehicles.

House Cleaner:  You could also offer house cleaning services on a regular basis and build a clientele through word of mouth.

Laundry Service:  One additional niche service you can fill is washing clothes for local customers.

Errand Service:  In addition, you can provide errand services, such as order picking, dry cleaning, and more, to local clients.

Good Business Ideas for 16 Year Olds

Businesses Teens Can Start

Lawn Care:  Starting a lawn care service is a simple and low-risk venture. The local homeowner market is a good place to start if you have access to a vehicle and necessary equipment.

Packing Service: It could be difficult for a teen to launch a successful moving company. To generate additional revenue, however, you can launch a service that provides packing assistance for people who are relocating.

Business Ideas for 13-Year-Olds

Here are some jobs that don’t require a car or transportation, but can be obtained by walking around the neighborhood and working hard for a few hours a day by younger teens.

Simple Business Teens Can Start

Snow Removal:  During the winter, you can earn some extra cash by shoveling snow for local residents in exchange for a small fee.

Leaf Removal:  In the fall, when most people don’t want to rake their own yards, you can advertise a service to do it for them.

Pet Cleanup Service:  While it may not be the most exciting job in the world, there is a significant need for pet cleanup services. In order to establish a regular clientele in your vicinity and thereby continue providing said services.

Good Business Ideas for Teens

Academic Tutor:  You can start your own tutoring business if you’re particularly good at a certain subject and want to help other students who are struggling with the same material.

SAT/College Prep Tutor: You can narrow the focus of your tutoring services even further by concentrating on SAT/ACT prep for high schoolers and college hopefuls.

Child Care:  Many young people use their babysitting and child care skills to supplement their income. Work that doesn’t interfere with your classes or extracurriculars is acceptable.

Dog Walking: Or you could offer dog walking services on a regular basis to people in your neighborhood who own pets.

How To Start A Business For Teenagers

Housesitting:  Homeowners who are going away on vacation and need someone to look after their homes can hire you to do so.

Gift Wrapping Service: You can make money by offering gift-wrapping services to people who don’t want to wrap their own presents during the holidays or other popular gift-giving occasions.

Technology Tutor: If you’re a teen with a knack for technology, you may want to consider starting a business as a tech tutor.

Social Media Strategist: The best way to make money off of your social media expertise as a teen (which most teens are these days) is to start your own social media consulting business. An industry that values young talent is social media consulting. Businesses run by adults, especially small mom-and-pop operations, recognize that social media isn’t their area of expertise and look to outsiders who are less technologically jaded to help them modernize their online presence.

Online Business Ideas for Teens

These online-focused business concepts are ideal for today’s youth.

Handmade Shop Owner:  Etsy is a great place for people with artistic or creative talents to start their own businesses by selling their wares to customers all over the world. A teenager who is creative and crafty could do well with this startup idea.

Proofreader:  Businesses, writers, and people who just want their writing polished could all benefit from your editing and proofreading services.

Youtube Channel: The popularity of Youtube only seems to increase. With the second-largest search engine in the world, people use it to look up anything and everything. Explore your passions and start making videos about them. Unboxing videos, reviews of products, and instructional videos are all viable options to think about.

Online Business Ideas for Teens

Livestream Video Games:  To many people, this job description will read like a fantasy come true. Make money from people who are watching you play online in the form of donations and tips, or progress to a paid subscription.

Video Editing:  The importance of video content on the internet is growing. More and more commercials are being uploaded to YouTube, there are more and more channels to subscribe to, and spring means wedding season. It’s possible to find work in a variety of fields if you have access to some free software and the ability to edit videos at your leisure.

More Great Ideas Teens Will Love

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