Inside: 57 Funny Elf on the Shelf Ideas for Teens.

The elf on the shelf is one of the most enchanting and unforgettable traditions we’ve ever celebrated as a family, and that won’t change no matter how old we get. Years ago, when our children were much younger, we began a tradition that they have always looked forward to. Having “the elf was watching” was also a great way to ensure that household duties were completed and that arguments were kept to a minimum. (Oh, for the good old times!)

The elf’s novelty has worn off a bit now that my children are teenagers, but he’s still a big hit with the family.

In fact, last year we all took turns putting the elf in his or her proper spot. The next day, when we found out what the elf had been up to, we all had a good chuckle at his antics.

The fact that my children are now old enough to be considered part of the fun is one of the many things I enjoy about their development. Do you get what I’m saying?

Anyway, now that I have made myself weep about my littles getting big…. let’s talk more about the elf on the shelf.

It’s a huge hassle to keep the elf on the shelf in place for the entire December without a few ideas to motivate you. The following list of humorous and witty Elf on the Shelf ideas for teenagers.

Christmas Ideas for Teens

What is Elf on the Shelf?

For those who aren’t familiar with the “elf on the shelf” concept, here’s the backstory of how a mother and daughter came up with the idea. Elves are required to leave Santa’s workshop at The North Pole every night and report back to him the following morning. Santa can use this to find out if the kids were good or bad. If you touch an Elf, they will lose all their magical abilities. Additionally, they wake up in a new location every day.

Funny Elf on the Shelf Ideas for Teens

Now let’s start with some classic and funny elf on the shelf ideas. I feel like what makes these ideas specific to teens is that you can get away with some more innuendo that younger kids may not get, more pop culture references, and a few more mature jokes. (depending on your teen)

But let’s be clear, any elf on the shelf can be geared towards teens. It’s all about having fun and making them laugh.

1. We are Lit! – Elves wrapped in Christmas Lights.

2. Thanos Attacks Elf

3. The Office Inspired Elf Prank

4. Elf Pranks Teen Photos

5. Don’t Swallow Bubblegum

6. “Lemonade” Stand

7. Elf Plays with Printer

8. Save Them From Shark Attack – This is a cute idea to hide in your teens’ shower to surprise them.

9. Elf Playing Mini Golf

10. Funny Kissing Booth Idea

Funny Elf on the Shelf Ideas for Teens

11. Hanging Out in the Bathroom 

12. Rock Climbing in the Kitchen

13. Elf Swinging in the Doorway – Another fun idea to surprise your teen when they walk out of their room in the morning, making them smile before they start their day.

14. “Ur Mom is Hot”

15. Elf Dressed as Harry Potter

16. Pooping Chocolate Kisses for Cookies

17. Elf on the Shelf Taking a Selfie

18. Elves Built a “Gingerbread House”

19. Ball Pit for Elves Only

20. The Elf Making S’mores

Elf on the Shelf for Teens to Enjoy

I love sticking the elf in common places that I know my kids visit in the morning like in the kitchen cabinet by the cereal, in their shower, in their shoes, or sometimes even in their car!

21. Popcorn Movie Night Elf Idea

22. Wrap Up Their Shoes

23. Saran Wrapped Toilet

24. Game of Tik Tac Toe on Mirror

25. Elf with Some Vending Machine Money

26. Hanging on the Mirror and Writing Funny Sayings

27. Elf Climbing on Bookshelf

28. Listening to Music with Teen Headphones

29. All Nice and “Toasty” 

30. Please Clean Your Room Joke

Holiday Activities for Teenagers

31. Hiding in your Teens Car

32. Elf Sleeping in the Fridge

33.  Shaving Elf Idea

34. Elf Playing with Teens XBox

35. Playing with Teens Makeup

36. Elf Coming out of Ice Dispenser

37. Milk Has Gone Bad Joke

38. Roller Coaster Staircase Railing

39. Taco Tuesday Wrapped Elves

40. Elves at a Drive-In Movie

Easy Funny Elf on the Shelf Ideas for Teenagers

Now every day doesn’t have to be a huge elaborate show, these simple elf on the shelf ideas for teens are great to just throw together and still get a good laugh.

Again, as our teens get older it’s honestly just to make everyone smile and have fun for a few moments.

41. Sleeping in Shoes

42. Turn the Whole Family into Elves

43. Elves Hitting a Christmas Pinata

44. Gift Wrapped Toilet

45. DJ Pipsy The Elf on the Shelf

46. Rock Climbing with Gift Bows

47. Elf Hiding in Snowman Toilet Paper

48. TP’ing Hammock in the Bathroom

49. Elf Clipped to the Fridge

50. Roasting a Marshmallow

Easy Funny Elf on the Shelf Ideas for Teenagers

51. Packing Peanut Igloo

52. Elf Stuck in a Whisk

53. Finding Treasures in the Couch Cushions

54.  The Floor is Lava

55. Elf Hanging Out with the Coffee

56. Making a Flour Angel

57. Hiding in the Cups

More Fun Ideas That Teens Will Love

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Elf on the Shelf Ideas for Teens