Inside: Teen Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas + Inspiration.

The hilarious sweaters that guests wear at an ugly sweater party are a major highlight.

Sadly, it can be difficult to find a traditional, classic ugly Christmas sweater due to the trend’s rising popularity. Not that you should let that stop you! You can easily make your own ugly sweater using the fantastic ideas provided below and a glue gun.

Read on for some of our favorite DIY and store-bought ugly Christmas sweater ideas for teenagers.

Teen Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Ideas

Fashion Show:  Make the teenagers parade around in front of a panel of judges (parents, other party guests, etc.) while wearing their most hideous Christmas sweaters. Hold a contest where people vote for their favorites (ugliest, tackiest, brightest, funniest, etc.) and give out small prizes to the winners.

Make Your Own:  Group teenagers together and provide them with plain sweaters and an assortment of tacky decorations like glitter, ribbons, garland, ornaments, stickers, and holiday pins. Put them on the clock and challenge them to make the ugliest sweater possible.

Sweater Unraveling Race:  Split everyone up into two groups. Cut off the bottom of an ugly Christmas sweater and have one person from each of the teams wear it. Tell the kids to start pulling on the sweaters and start the timer. At the end of the allotted time, the team with the lengthiest string wins. Alternatively, teams can compete to see who can unravel the ugly Christmas sweater the fastest.

Ugly Karaoke Christmas:  Encourage partygoers to wear their worst attire “on stage” and perform songs that reflect their taste in attire. That is, let them loose on some bad karaoke renditions of seasonal classics.

Pin the Ornament on the Sweater: Put up a Christmas sweater (the uglier the better) on the wall. Put a blindfold on the teens and spin them a couple of times and let them place the ornament on the sweater.

Teen Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas

Let the ugly Christmas sweater festivities begin. Let’s kick off this list with some of the best and ugliest sweater ideas.

1. Knitted Colorful Christmas Lights Sweater: This is a simple, color, and fun ugly Christmas sweater DIY idea.

2. Make a Wreath with Your Arms: I audibly laughed when I saw this fun sweater design. It’s so clever, fun, and hilarious! Maybe one of my most favorite ideas.

3. Throwing Up Reindeer

4. Elf the Movie Themed Christmas Sweater

Teen Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

5. The Tackiest of Gingerbread Houses: When they said to make an ugly Christmas sweater, this one takes the Gingerbread cake.

6. DIY Snowman Sweater

7. Fireplace Sweater with Hanging Stockings: Another funny sweater idea is this fireplace scene with hanging stockings on the arms. It’s a show-stopper for sure!

Simple Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas

Ugly Christmas sweaters don’t have to be a huge production that costs tons of money or requires tons of time to make. These simple holiday sweater ideas are the perfect amount of simple and fun!

8. Easy Candycane Covered Sweater Idea

9. Add a Reindeer Face: This one is so simple but still cute! By just adding a few characteristics of a reindeer to your favorite sweater you can transform your outfit into the perfect holiday look.

Simple Ugly Christmas Sweaters

10. Tinsel Wrapped Sweater

11. Tinsel Shaped Christmas Tree on Sweater

12. Big Santa Head on Sweater: Another fun and eye-catching sweater idea is this massive Santa head design. Its fun texture and silly design will make all your friends envious of your style.

Teenage Girl Christmas Sweaters to Buy

Sometimes “ugly” isn’t really what we are searching for. If cute and a tiny bit tacky Christmas sweaters are more of what you are looking for, then check out these holiday sweater ideas.

13. Glittery Christmas Lights

14. Santa Stuck in a Wintery House

Teenage Girl Christmas Sweaters

15. Fab-Yule-Us Glittery Christmas Sweater: This pun-inspired ugly Christmas sweater is perfect for any ugly/fabulous holiday party!

16. Funny Elf Quote Sweatshirt

Funny Christmas Sweaters

Everyone loves a funny Christmas pun and these sweater ideas are the perfect way to give all your friends a silly holiday laugh.

17. Grinch Please!

18. Ginjas – The perfect combination of gingerbread men and ninjas.

Funny Christmas Sweaters

19. Dreaming of a Pink Christmas

20. All the Jingle Ladies

21. Oh Deer Holiday Sweatshirt:  A fun little reindeer joke for the holiday party.

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Teen Ugly Christmas Sweater