Inside: 17 Creative Gift Card Ideas for Teens + How to Wrap Them.

Teens love gift cards! I swear, the number one thing on my teen’s list for birthdays, Christmas, or any other special occasions are gift cards to their favorite places.

Now you might be sayings… “Why not just give them cash?”

One thing I don’t like about cash that I have noticed over the years is teens (like adults) seem to spend it more “carelessly”. Meaning they may use some for a drink, or to grab a treat at the gas station, maybe for lunch and before you know it, they have spent all their gift money on everyday things. Never really getting a chance to buy something special and that they are really wanting.

With gift cards, teens have a specific amount that they can use at a specific place and get something they are really wanting.

So, check out our 17 favorite unique gift card ideas for teens and spoil them for any occasion.

Christmas Gift Cards for Teens

Gift Card Ideas for Teens

These cool gift card ideas are perfect for spending ANYWHERE! Check out a few of our favorite muli-use gift card brands.

  • Happy Teen: Geared toward teens, this general gift card is good at Barnes & Noble, Sephora, Regal Cinemas, Nike, Dave & Busters, American Eagle, or Jamba Juice and comes in $5 increments starting at $20.
  • Visa Everywhere: While regular Visa gift cards are great, these categorized cards allow teens to shop anywhere that fits the category. Options include “Fuel Everywhere,” “Movies Everywhere,” and “Style Everywhere.”
  • Teen’s Choice: Choose a denomination from $25 to $500 in $25 dollar increments teens can use to shop at Regal Cinemas, Burger King, The Cheesecake Factory, Dave & Busters, Nike, Jamba Juice, or Cold Stone Creamery.

Popular Gift Cards for Teens

Teens love going to hang out with friends at the movies, hanging out and watching Netflix, or jamming out to their favorite music. These gift card ideas for teens are perfect for any of those entertainment options.

Best Gift Cards for Teens

  • StubHub: Teens who love attending sporting events or concerts can use their StubHub gift card of $25 to $1,000 to purchase tickets for events of their choice.
  • Netflix: For the teen who loves watching movies and shows at home with friends, a Netflix gift card can help pay for the monthly subscription cost. The lowest plans cost about $9 per month.
  • Fandango: The movie ticket provider has gift cards with collectible designs based on your favorite movie characters. You can also buy special occasion cards with designs for Mother’s Day, birthdays, or congratulations.
  • Spotify: Teen music lovers can use their Spotify gift card to get the Premium version to listen to unlimited ad-free music. Premium plans cost about $10 per month.
  • Google Play: Movies, music, games, shows, books, and more are available in the Google Play Store for teens to pick from with this gift card.

Gift Card Ideas for Teenage Girl

These are just a few of the best gift cards for teenage girls. They include shopping, being creative, and finding their favorite products.

Popular Gift Cards for Teens

  • American Eagle: As one of the most popular teen brands, an American Eagle gift card is great because it can also be used at Aerie stores and features clothing and accessories for teen guys and girls.
  • Hobby Lobby: Available in $10 to $200 amounts, a Hobby Lobby gift card gives creative teens free rein of the supplies they need for everything from clothing design to baking.
  • Rent the Runway: This card is a great gift for girls because they can rent designer dresses for special occasions like homecoming and prom. Rentals start as low as $30 so make sure the card amount is at least that much.
  • Zappos: The popular shoe retailer has gift cards you can buy online as either emailed gift codes or physical cards mailed to you. There are two designs for physical cards and 10 for emailed cards.
  • Target: One of my personal most favorite gift card ideas for teens. Target is perfect for any teen, but for teen girls especially! With their skincare, decor, and fashion, a girl can find anything she could ever want.

Best Gift Cards for Teens (Boys)

Boys are easy when it comes to finding gift card options, plus these ideas game great gift cards for tweens!

Best Gift Cards for Teenage Girl

  • Nike: Nike gift cards are versatile because they can be used online or in stores for shoes, clothes, or accessories from Nike, Hurley, and Converse. With more than 25 card designs they even come packaged in a mini Nike shoe box.
  • Nintendo eShop: Teens who love to play their Nintendo Switch, Wii, or 3DS can use this card of $10, $20, $35, or $50 to choose from over 1,000 new games and you can buy the card in stores or online.
  • PlayStation Store: Teens who own a PlayStation will appreciate this card that can help them purchase games, game add-ons, and movies through their PlayStation account.
  • GameStop: Teens who love PC, Xbox or PS4 video gaming will love getting a Gamestop gift card. Cards come in $25, $50, $100 or an amount you choose. You can buy the cards in a retail store or online with a digital code.

Creative Packaging Options for Teen Gift Cards

Now that you have your favorite gift card ideas for teens, it’s time to wrap them up! Add a little fun to their simple gift with these cool packaging options!

Best Gift Cards for Teen Boys

  • Put it in a puzzle box so they have to solve the puzzle before finding their gift.
  • Buy a gift card box that’s made to hold these little plastic cards.
  • Wrap the card in a small box, then wrap that in a bigger box and continue this way until you have a giant box filled with smaller boxes.
  • String up a mini clothesline at the teen’s birthday party where guests can hang their gift cards using mini clothespins.
  • Make a mini gift basket that shares themed items and includes the gift card.
  • Use accessories like new gloves or socks to hold the card.
  • Place the gift card inside a book like a bookmark.

More Fun Ideas for Teens

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Gift Card Ideas for Teens