Inside: Fun Christmas Games for Teens + Tweens

These holiday-themed game suggestions are sure to liven up your celebration of the season.

For us, playing games is a great way to bond with our teenagers and have a good time together. Here are some fun Christmas games for you and your teen to enjoy together.

Teens of all ages will find something entertaining on this list, from candy canes and presents to hilarious anecdotes.

Read on to find out which of our recommended Christmas games for teenagers is your personal favorite!

Cool Christmas Games to Play

Fun Christmas Games for Teens

Candy Canes

Take a look at this classic example: If you’re old enough, you may recall the card game “spoons,” in which players race to the center of the table to grab a spoon before the other players. The only difference is that candy canes are used in place of spoons. Bonus: After the game, you can munch on the candy canes.

Saran Wrap Ball Game

Begin by wrapping a large ball of plastic wrap and filling it with smaller gifts such as gift certificates, sweets, money, and more. How you play:  While one player begins unraveling the ball, another rolls dice in an attempt to score doubles. When doubles are rolled, play continues until a different set of doubles is rolled. It’s important to keep rolling doubles as quickly as you can so that the ball can pass to you from the person with it; otherwise, they’ll have to keep unrolling until the player to their right rolls doubles. The gifts you uncover during your turn are yours to keep, so everyone can take something enjoyable home with them.

Fun Christmas Games for Teens

Oven Mitt Unwrapping Game

Similar to the classic game of “wrap the ball in plastic,” in which players take turns unwrapping their mitts until their opponents score doubles, this is the basis for the oven mitt version of the game. Something like a plastic wrap ball, but with Christmas presents and oversized oven mitts. The more layers of wrapping paper, ribbons, and other decorations there are on a box, the longer it will take to locate the prize inside.

High School Holiday Games

These cheery activities are sure to put a smile on any teen’s face and are perfect for brightening up a gloomy day. Take a look at some of our recommended Christmas-themed activities for teenagers that can be played in the classroom or at home.

Christmas Movie Bingo

Give the annual holiday movie watching a competitive twist. Bingo squares on the card feature common elements from holiday films, such as “drinking hot cocoa” and “person building a snowman.” Anyone who achieves a winning streak of five in a row before Christmas Day is declared the winner.

Christmas Charades

Everyone, of any age, can enjoy playing this time-tested favorite. Make a special holiday edition by basing the skit on well-known holiday sayings, songs, and films.

Printable Holiday Ideas for Teenagers

Christmas Feud

Much like the popular game show Family Feud, players compete to see whose team can provide the most accurate answers to Christmas-themed trivia questions. Those with a particularly tech-savvy group of friends may even be able to pull this off via Zoom. There are enough questions and answers included for four rounds of play.

Christmas Games for Middle School

Minute to Win It Snow Man Game

Time yourself for one minute and see who can stack the most mini marshmallow “snowmen” on top of one another. There must be a minimum of three for a stack. Too simple? You could try making everyone eat with chopsticks. Make some cocoa with the leftovers.

Spoon and Ornament Racing Game

Easter spoon-and-egg races are fun, but the winter equivalent is even more exciting: contestants must race to the finish line while balancing an ornament on the end of a spoon. Find a wintry field to stomp through, require each racer to use both hands, or have them race with the spoon held in their teeth to up the difficulty level.

Holiday Ideas for Middle School

Human Christmas Tree

Funny and entertaining, this game requires two or three participants to act as Christmas trees in various symbolic roles. Each “tree” in this Christmas party game will be decorated by a different team using the assortment of holiday trimmings provided. One or more judges will decide which group has the most impressive Human Christmas Tree.

Christmas Youth Group Games

Christmas Carol Pictionary

Make flash cards with the names of these Christmas songs. Set up two teams for the players. An individual is selected at random and given one minute to draw an illustration for a Christmas carol. If their group guesses accurately, they get a point. Keep switching up who draws for the team. Each team takes a turn scoring until one of them reaches twenty.

Stocking Guessing Game

To begin, you’ll require a host willing to stuff a stocking with unrelated items. Once the stocking is full, secure it with a ribbon or string to prevent sneak previews. Have everyone get comfortable and form a circle, then pass the stocking around so they can all have a go at touching whatever’s inside. Provide them with notecards on which they can jot down their predictions. One who correctly guesses the most items is declared the winner.

Christmas Youth Group Games

20 Questions (Christmas Edition)

The “answerer,” or one of the players, chooses a holiday-related item. All the other players try to guess what it is by asking the answerer yes or no questions. After 20 questions, if no one has guessed the item correctly, the person who gave the correct answer wins and gets to choose the next round’s object. Someone who makes a correct guess gets to choose the item used in the next round.

Stocking Fill Up

Split into two groups of equal size. Each group should have a Christmas stocking waiting for them at the far end of the room. The participants will then run to their team’s stocking, drop off their candy, and run back to their team. Each team takes turns at the relay until one of them has filled their stocking and won.