Inside: Top Academic goals for high school students to achieve this year. 

Going to High School is like stepping into the next phase of your life. If you are someone who intends on making the most out of your experience, then it is important that you set goals for yourself.

More specifically, setting both short-term and long-term goals can be highly beneficial to you during your High School experience. If you are just starting out and need some guidance as to what those goals could be, you are in the right place. I have compiled a lost of some of the best academic goals for high school students for you to look through.

academic goals for high school

It is my hope that by choosing a few of these goals, you have a good sense of direction and drive for your 4 years. There are so many awesome things that you can really benefit from by simply making some goals earlier on. So take a look!

Simple Academic Goals for High School

Keeping your goals simple is a great way to prove to yourself that you can actually achieve what you set your mind to. Otherwise, if you set too big of goals from the get-go, you can get discouraged when you are unable to achieve them, which then scares you from trying in the future. This is a terrible cycle that can be avoided!

1. Homework done by 7 every night – This is a simple one, but it will end up giving you structure and allowing for good sleep which will have domino effects on your whole life.

2. Do homework as it is assigned. – This is the best way to beat procrastination.

3. Study for at least one hour per day – Even if you don’t have a test coming up. Get some studying in!

4. Read for leisure – This will train your brain to enjoy reading and absorbing information. Plus, any time not spend on your phone is a plus.

5. Write Everyday – Even if it is just journalling for 5 minutes.

6. Ask for extra credit when you have time – If your schedule permits it, always ask for extra credit. This is how you get to graduate with honors.

7. Research good colleges – This one will depend on what your goals are. To know this, you have to get to know yourself.

8. Get to know your likes and dislikes – This will help guide your career.

9. Explore career options – See what kind of career options are out there that align with your interests.

10. Keep your desk tidy – This will help you stay motivated to study and work.

Class Based Goals

Class-Based Goals

Obviously, you are going to want to work on some class-oriented goals. The list below is full of some of my favorite ones that you should add to your to-do list as soon as possible. If you follow even just a few of these, you are bound to have a good high school experience. So take a look and see which ones you like.

11. Maintain a good relationship with teachers – These are going to be your mentors and helpers throughout your time here. It is better to be on their good side.

12. Be present in class

13. Be respectful of others – This way you won’t get into trouble. The last thing you want is that.

14. No Procrastination – This is easier said than done, but it is a great goal.

15. Pass Your Classes

16. Ask for Help When Needed – Don’t be afraid to ask for help. I was and it really didn’t get me anywhere. You will only succeed when you get help when in need. You are here to learn things you don’t know. Don’t punish yourself for not automatically picking things up all the time.

17. Don’t Copy Work

18. Do Cram Information All at Once – This only results in you forgetting the information while also stressing yourself out.

19. Let go of the drama

20. Write down every assignment, and it’s due date – This way you never forget.

Important Academic Goals for High School

These are super important goals that you can set during your academic year. Some of them may seem small, but in reality, they end up being huge. So check these out and see which ones you think would fit into your plans.

21. Increase GPA – This one will take time so don’t put pressure on yourself to do it all at once.

22. Participate in Class more

23. Take care of your mind and body – This is the only way to truly maximize your High School experience.

24. Don’t touch your phone during class

25. Ask lots of questions – This way, you get a lot of answers and get participation points.

26. Follow what interests you

27. Be 10 Minutes early to school – I know this sounds little, but if you do this, you will never have to worry about running in the halls.

28. Sign up for extra curriculars

29. Take at least one honors class a semester – This will help raise your GPA and will help you with college applications.

30. Notice Your Prime Work Time

Longer Term Goals

Longer Term Goals

And lastly, these are some longer term goals that you can work towards throughout your time at High School. I think that each of these presents its own unique benefit, and it is up to you to choose one that makes you feel good about adding it to your future. Each of these is pretty cool, so you can’t go wrong with whatever you pick.

31. Learn one new fact a day

32. Meet with School Counselors – These are the people who will help you make and achieve your goals; listen to them, but also yourself.

33. Get Straight As – This is a broad goal, something to strive for. But if you do the best you can and still end up with Bs, don’t be mean to yourself.

34. Get 100% on at least one test

35. Do one thing that is out of your comfort zone – This will enrich your life in incredible ways.

36. Don’t exhaust yourself – This is the quickest way to lead to burnout, which is real and very awful.

37. Set a study schedule and stick to it

38. Get good SAT Scores – This one will take a few years of studying, but you go this!

39.  Apply to Colleges Early

40. Take Your Time

41. Don’t forget to enjoy yourself

academic goals for high school

I hope this list of academic goals for high school students inspired you to set some of your own over the course of your 4 years. I think that setting both short term and long term goals is the key to making the most out of your High School experience. This way, you always have something that you can achieve while also having something to strive for overall.

Remember that these are just some of the basic options and you can definitely workshop these to better fit your situation and unique goals. Overall, make sure you have goals for your mental and physical health as well as your academic health as well.

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