Inside: Fun Christmas Activities for High School Students.

With Christmas right around the corner, High Schools are gearing up for the season by planning all of the fun activities for their students. If you are a teacher, a school faculty member, or even a parent of a high school student, you need to keep reading.

I have compiled some of the best Christmas activities for high school students that range from simple, to complex, to affordable. The one thing they all have in common is how much fun they are! The holiday season is all about taking a break from the monotonous grind of daily life.

This season infuses magic into every moment. These games help to enhance that magic.

Christmas activités for high school students

So take a look at these and decide which ones can fit into your classrooms or your homes. There are plenty of options here, so you can choose more than one if you so desire! I myself am planning 2 or 3 to do with my teen siblings. Let’s get into it!

Fun Christmas Activities for High School Students

First up, we have some super fun Christmas activities for High school students. These are super easy to play and they come with all of the necessary items, so you are set for a super fun time. Whether it be in the classroom or at home, you are going to love these activities.

1. 12 Games of Christmas –This is a set of 12 different Christmas games that you can play. I would recommend picking one or 2 a week leading up to Christmas break!

2. Christmas Trivia

3. Christmas Scavenger Hunt Kit

4. Pictionary Board Game – I know this is a classic game, but it is perfect because you can use it for any holiday you want!

5. Kids Against Maturity Card Game

6. Not Parent Approved

7. Minute of Fun Party Games – Minute to win it games are some of my absolute favorites to play around Christmas time for many reasons. The best of which is that they are simple and loads of fun!

8. Santa’s Tongue Twisters  – Another fun one that will have everyone laughing together.

9. Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

10. Holiday Charades Game – You can never go wrong with charades. This is a kit that is already put together, so it makes your life a little easier.

Simple Christmas Activities

Simple Christmas Activities

Sometimes the best games are the simplest ones. Otherwise, you get caught up in the mechanics of it all, and most of the fun seeps out. So these are some straightforward activities that your high schoolers can participate in to help enhance their holiday spirit!

11. Holiday Printable Games – Printable games are best for school because they are simple, have minimal cleanup, and they are really easy to understand.

12. New Indoor Christmas Treasure Hunt

13. Cute Scavenger Hunt Cards – Having a scavenger hunt never gets boring. I don’t care how old you are; they are loads of fun.

14. Christmas Advent Calendar

15. Cute Christmas Crafts – This craft is just too cute; I couldn’t leave it out.

16. Christmas Friendly Feud – This one will be perfect for a classroom. Plus, it is already all put together for you, I love that!

17. Printable Christmas Games

18. Bingo Cards – Bingo might sound a little boring, but if you just add some prizes, then you are well on your way to a super fun time.

19. Christmas Printables

20. Cute Activities Jar – Every week you can pick an activity for you and your class to do. How cute is this?

21. Holiday Mall Scavenger Hunt

Affordable Christmas Activities for High School Students

When you have a bunch of students who are going to be participating, it can be hard to get the funding for a huge, super-expensive activity. These are some activities that would easily fit into any budget, and they are super fun. So you can relax, and they can have a blast!

22. Ring Toss on Antlers – You never really get tired of ring toss games, this is a fact of life. Even the funny Christmas inflatable ones. Arguably, these are the best.

23. Christmas Puzzles – These word puzzles are a great way to get your teens brain juices flowing while they have Christmas fun at the same time.

24. Wood Slices Kit – This kit comes with little wood slices that your students or teens can decorate and put on the tree at home. It makes memories and works their artistic muscles.

25. DIY Wreath Kit – Making a wreath is so much more fun than you realize. Especially when it is a kit that is already all put together for you.

26. Cute Christmas Ornament – Making ornaments is a great way to go.

27. String Art Kit – This string art can be super fun for teens. You can have people break off into groups to make them since this one is a little more spendy.

28. Cute Charm Bracelet – Making bracelets is something that you do when you are really young, but I think that it should be more normalized for High Schoolers.

29. Wooden Marble Run Kit – If you are a science teacher, this is the one for you.

30. Ornament Decorator  – I don’t think this one needs an introduction.

Embroidery crafts for high schoolers

Embroidery Crafts for High Schoolers

Lastly, I wanted to add this category because embroidery is perfect for teens. I know that sounds hilarious, but it is true! Not only is it fun, but it engages your brain, and it is an act of mindfulness. You can have your students make small ornaments or other things that go along with the season. Take a look at the ideas below. These are kits too, so that will save you time.

31. Beginner Christmas Tree 

32. Snowcapped Mountain – This one is too cute! It would look so great with winter decorations.

33. Simple Christmas Tree – You can’t have Christmas without a Christmas tree!

34. Cute Snowflake Embroidery – These are super simple to make, so it would be perfect for a classroom.

35. Christmas Themed Designs

36. White Snowflake Ideas

37. Different Mini embroidery Ideas – You can have each student pick one of these to create. I love the little animals!

38. Cute PDF for Embroidery – This one is more for you at home with High Schoolers. It’s a PDF for an adorable Christmas theme!

39. Little Snowman with Bird

40. Little Wreath – If the real wreath DIY wasn’t you style, how about this tiny one? It’s too cute!

41. Realistic Christmas Tree

Christmas activities for high school students

I hope that you loved these awesome Christmas Activities for High School Students. I loved finding them because they gave me many more ideas for activities I could do with my younger siblings this year. It can be hard to find things they will participate in, so I am very excited.

If you want to keep this Christmas fun going, then you must check out some of the other ideas we’ve come up with. The Christmas season is my favorite time to write because it gives me so many more awesome ideas, and I love to share them with you.

And remember: The most important part of the holiday season is having fun. So whatever game you choose for the kids, make sure that you get involved. After all, you are never too old for Christmas cheer!