Inside: 23 Good Pets for Teenager to Consider.

Whether it was a family pet or one that I “owned,” I was never without a pet growing up. Having a small pet and caring for it throughout your childhood adds a special dimension to your development.

There are a few things to think about before giving in to your teen’s repeated requests for a new pet or companion.

Since they are no longer kids, your teenagers can take on more pet care responsibilities. What, then, are some of the top pets for teenagers?

As a teen, you can choose from a wide variety of dog breeds, cats, and lizards that make excellent pets. Any teen would be capable of caring for and maintaining any of these pets, even if they have specific needs.

Take a look at our list of 23 recommended pets for teenagers, as well as some things to think about before letting your teen take on the responsibility of a new pet.

Animals for Teens

Best Pets for Teens

1. Cats:  A cat is a popular pet all over the globe. Fluffy and cute, these critters make fantastic pets. They require less maintenance than dogs but are still a significant commitment. Your options for keeping your cat indoors or letting it roam freely are limited only by your willingness to install a cat flap.

2. Birds: Most birds don’t require a lot of attention or space, making them a great choice for first-time pet owners. Parakeets, for instance, are extremely sociable birds that get along great with people of all ages, including teenagers.

3. Fish: It’s exciting to set up your first aquarium, however it can also be quite intimidating. One of the most crucial choices is selecting the fish that will thrive in your aquarium given the other variables you’ll need to take into account, such as water tank, location, filter, lighting, and water pH. Some species of fish are better suited to a beginner’s care than others. Learn about some of the best fish to keep if you’re a teenager, as well as some basic care instructions.

Best Pets for Teens

4. Rabbit:  Rabbits are intelligent and social animals that, if left bored, may become destructive. According to the House Rabbit Society, bunnies have a strong desire to chew on things, so you’ll need to do a lot of bunny-proofing if you want to let your bunny run around the house.

Considerations:  Young children may have a hard time understanding that rabbits, like cats, can be a little different and that some of them don’t like to be carried around.

Good Pets for Teenager (Dog Breeds)

I think we can all agree that dogs are the best. While it’s true that dogs require the most upkeep, once you understand what you’re getting into, dog ownership is truly rewarding.

Taking into account a dog’s breed and temperament, the amount of exercise and space they will require, and whether or not this is the perfect time for one to join your household can help you reduce the amount of maintenance they require. This is a significant time and effort investment that will pay off nicely.

Here are a few great breeds for kids and teens…

5. Jack Russell Terrier

6. Labrador Retriever

7. Pug

8. Border Collie

9. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

10. Poodle

Reptiles That Make Great Pets for Teens

When considering the best pets for teenagers, reptiles are a great choice. It’s possible that a reptile would be an excellent pet for a teen who isn’t interested in spending a lot of time being physically active outside or who lacks the time or energy to properly care for a new dog.

11. Geckos:  Your teen, depending on their taste in reptiles, can pick from a wide variety of geckos. There isn’t much variation among geckos with regard to care requirements and nutritional needs. They can make fantastic pets.

12. Turtles:  Teens can learn a lot about caring for animals from their pet turtle, which can live for 15 to 25 years. A small reptile, like a turtle, could be a great addition to your teen’s life if they prefer to keep their pet close and don’t want to worry about taking it for walks or to the bathroom.

Pets for 13 Year Olds

13. Snakes:  Several species of snakes are ideal for teens because of how easy they are to care for on a daily basis. It’s true that not all parents or teenagers are enthusiastic about having a snake as a pet, but there are many advantages to having one.

14. Frog: For novice pet owners, keeping frogs presents a fantastic learning opportunity. These fish-like creatures are low-maintenance, visually striking, and less expensive as pets than most other types of reptiles. It takes a different set of skills in frog domestication and a variety of diets to care for various species of frog.

When starting out, it’s crucial to select a species that’s right for you.

When it comes to cost and maintenance, not all frogs are created equal, so do some research before committing.

15. Tortoise: The care of a tortoise may be more appealing to some teens than that of a snake. Russian tortoises are known for their placid nature, slow pace, and quiet demeanor, and their long lifespan.

Teen Pet Ideas (Rodents)

16. Guinea Pig:  If your teen is dedicated and has the time to give a guinea pig the care it needs, having one as a pet can be rewarding for both of you. A guinea pig, given the right environment and care, has an expected lifespan of 8 years.

17. Hamster:  In spite of their high energy levels and voracious appetites, owners of these furry companions should keep in mind that their lifespans average only two years. Your teenager will be able to take on more responsibility and play with this cute rodent.

18. Mouse:  Mice are fast and jumpy, but they can become friendly pets with consistent handling. Many mice get used to eating out of their caregiver’s hand. The typical lifespan is between one and three years. Females thrive in same-sex pairs or small groups, but males often engage in violent conflict with one another.

Teen Pet Ideas

19. Rats:  Your teen will enjoy having a rat as a pet because rats are very sociable and require little attention. If well-cared for, your teen’s pet rat could live for two to three years.

Unique Pets for 13-Year-Olds

20. Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches: Insects continue to be utterly fascinating. This is the pinnacle of low-maintenance pets, making them a decent choice for young teenagers. They are large enough to be handled and generally quite docile, but they make no attempt to get anyone’s attention.

21. Chinchilla:  Night owls like chinchillas make excellent pets due to their low maintenance requirements, quietness, lack of odor, and gorgeous fur. When raised with human contact and affection, they develop into docile pets.

22. Hedgehog:  The hedgehog is a remarkable animal and an interesting pet. With a diet that consists mainly of insects, they require little care. The hedgehog’s diet can benefit from the addition of fruits, vegetables, and even pet food. Hedgehogs make great pets if you find one that fits these criteria: early age, good health, and tame.

23. Scorpion:  Scorpions are low-key, tidy, and require little upkeep. Most pet scorpions are relatively harmless.

More Fun Ideas You and Your Teens Will Love

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Good Pets for Teenager